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Accord PC

Player: Cris H.
Creature Type: Bastet
Division: None
City: Miami, FL
VST: Eddie S.

Character Information


Name: Sydney

Creature Type: Bastet Rajanya

Notable Traits: Striking Looks 4

Title or Positon:




Heartrippericon.png 1994 - Parents start training her in combat, she picks up on this rather quickly, seeming a natural at hand to hand

1996 - has to be pulled out of school and home schooled because the school believes her to be too aggressive and violent for public or private schools

2005 - Acquires her GED

2006 - Attempts to join the military, despite how she was raised but is turned away by every branch after failed psych evals indicating issues with authority and aggression.

Mid-2006 - First Change

Late 2006 - Meets Ben Wallace and tries to hide that she’s a Changing Breed from him, not knowing that he's a Lucifuge. She fails miserably after finding out that he used to be a soldier, greeting him in primal form the next time he comes by to see her. He leaves, knowing she’s about to attack him, but she hunts him through the city for days. When she finally catches up with him again, he is fighting an abomination. She helps him take it out before turning on him, but he somehow manages to overcome her and knock her unconsciousness. Waking up to find herself restrained, she fights the restrains and threatens Ben for several minutes before finally relaxing enough for him to tell her what they had fought and the Accord. She reluctantly joins the Accord, but doesn’t tie herself down to any particular cell, instead choosing to roam for a while.

2007-2014 - Wanders for a while, trying to stay close to rural/wood areas of cities, trying to come to better terms with her Nahual and her new nature. Continues to hunt Ben from time to time, since she can’t kill him now, to help keep him on his toes.

Dec. 2014 - Decides to settle into a cell finally and relocates to Puerto Rico on Ben’s advice that the cells there can use more combat-ready agents, and that there are other changing breeds there.

March 2015 - Transfers from Puerto Rico to Miami.




DungeonCrawlBadge.png Operation: Heart of Darkness Operation: Lightbulb ParagonPhilippines.png


  • "She's okay...don't like how she looks at someone else's dude...but she's okay." - Ridley St. James
  • "You know who'll fuck you up? Sydney'll fuck you up. It's not just the claws - it's the attitude. I don't think about the aftermath of the war much, but she's someone I'm actively avoiding pissing off, just in case." - Shkira Kushnir


OOC Information

Player: Cris Hundley

MES Number: US2002022255

Location: VIR-SC-C, MES Virtual