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Name: Sydney Menerski
Creature Type: Ghoul
Regnant: Bruce
Accord Cell: The Third Lantern

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      Sydney is a striking beauty who walks with the bearing of one who is well aware of that and well practiced on how to use it to her advantage. Mortal eyes are drawn to her and many may wonder why she is working in Boston instead of in Hollywood. But those with even the simplest knowledge of the supernatural can rightly guess that there is more at play here than the simple allure of a pretty face. Although Sydney registers as a human under most tests, those with sufficient means know that she has an impressive array of vampiric abilities her disposal. Powers of the blood that she has honed not only for mere months or years, but many decades.

      The manner in which Sydney acts in a room is wholly dependent on who else occupies that same room. Among humans, and even most supernaturals, she treats others with a level of equality, and simple curiosity among beings she is unfamiliar with. However she also gives off a slight sense of arrogance knowing that her lot in life is preferable to many creatures and of course far superior to that of ordinary humans. Although this arrogance is heightened and even lashes out in the form of hot anger if her station is challenged or insulted. In a room for of Kindred, Sydney's demeanor is completely changed. She knows her position in a gathering of those superior to her, and endeavors to treat them with the utmost respect and reverence that they deserve.

      And most important of all is Sydney's disposition towards Bruce. Her attention is always focused on him when he is near, and even when he is not present, it's often obvious that he is always in the forefront of Sydney's mind. Her topics of conversation are likely to turn towards him at any point. She regards him with the obsessive love, sick devotion, and borderline worship that is a clear indication of a blood bond to any with the knowledge to recognize it. And she is not ashamed of her affection in the slightest. Whenever anyone pities or degrades her position as a slave she quickly turns defensive, arguing the important of hierarchy in society and the benefits from having a clear place in it. And when pressed about her blood bond, Sydney is well aware of it's existence and power over her, yet she will explain how it provides a backbone of strength and is not something to fear or despise. She is forever grateful for Bruce's hold over her and always looking for more ways to strengthen it.

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• "Although slavish and ridiculously "in love" with Bruce, she is strong, powerful, and kind. I hope she is freed one day, so that she may pursue her powerful deposition on her own."
• "I understand hunger. However, she will need to be careful. Not everyone does." David Shattuck
• "Quote"
(please feel free to add your own)

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Bruce - My regnant! My savior! My life!
Tom Noir - He found me at my lowest and first brought me to Bruce. Thank you Tom.
Nikolai - He provided some much-needed counseling and a shoulder to cry on when I first arrived.
Valentina - She's cool, but I worry she might be after my Bruce.
Jason Harvick - The disappointing creature that in a way is also my nephew. It's not a nice thought.

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What follows is generally out-of-character knowledge, unless you are Bruce. However much of it can be discovered if your PC wants to put some work into researching it.

      (Backstory coming soon! I'm still working on the initial draft.)

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A song list that sums up Sydney to me:

      Bring Me To Life - Evanescence (perhaps cliche now, but still quite fitting)
      I Want You - The Beatles, Across the Universe cover (short, sweet, and right to the point)
      Warrior - Beth Crowley (and my latest favorite that even has a positive vibe)

      ---- I'm still searching for more fitting songs, and I'm open to suggestions.

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Accord PC

Player: Pamela B.
Creature Type: Ghoul
Division: None
City: Boston

Player Name: Pamela B.
MES Number: US2014060061
Title: Domain Coordinator for Boston's Shattered Antiquities
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