Sylar Montecriff

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There is not much public about Sylar Montecriff. Many things he admits to, many things he claims, and rarely things he denies. Sylar claims to have once been an anarch before the real movement fell apart and the Camarilla rose. Out of scorn for the ways of those who denied the Camarilla Sylar joined, falling into a routine of membership at the edges. He has shown up in many cities, dabbling in the area for a decade or two before becoming bored. If rumors are true he loathes being bored, yet plays everything as safe as he can. Rumors occasionally crop up that Sylar is not a Toreador at all, which is one of the few rumors he comments as being untrue. He dabbles in working with metal and welding, yet rarely shows his work. He is publicly prone to conversations of convince or carnality. He is also well known for stating his negative opinions of individuals whenever he feels like.

Some may consider him useless, yet he survives...and really what is the measure of a kindred outside of the ability to survive, and likely profit.

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sacramento, CA
Player: David Majesie
Storyteller: Ron Edens