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Don't Close Your Eyes.

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The Important Thing Is To Know Your Enemy.

Creature Type

Darkling Mirrorskin Changeling, of the Winter Court

Mask: Tsura seems to be constantly covered in body glitter that never rubs off.

Mien: Behind the mask, Tsura retains her feminine figure, but seems to be made entirely of quicksilver. Her 'skin' seems to shift with the light and her movements, and her emotions can be a bit hard to make out. When she has made herself look like someone else, the quicksilver will take on their features instead.

Home Cell

Charleston, SC: Dead Cell


Notable Traits

Nationality: Russian


  • Black Hair.
  • Black Eyes.
  • Athletic Figure.
  • Mid to Late Twenties.
  • Pale Skin.
  • Appears to be covered in shimmering body glitter.
  • ((SL4))


  • Quicksilver Knights etched, sewn, or ironed onto the back of most of her jackets.
  • Wears heavy biker or combat boots unless she has a reason to wear heels.
  • As of 10/19/14: Wears a diamond ring with a glittering band on her ring finger.

Other Traits:

  • Carries a number of weapons and an array of strangely colored tonics.
  • Cold to the touch.
  • Drinks vodka on a regular basis.

Operation: RadarOperation: The TowerOperation: Black IceAccord250px.pngQSK Badge.pngSeeming-darkling.pngCourt-autumn.png

Accord PC

Player: Liz N
Creature Type: Changeling
Division: Quicksilver Knights
City: Charleston, SC
VST: VST Karmen
DST: VST Matthew C

Player: Liz N

Location: Charleston, SC

Liz N

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