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Who is Symeon's Family

Who knows Symeon

Who is Symeon's Students


Character Information
Auspice: Uzmati
Tribe: Forest Walker
Changing Breed: Gurahl
Breed: Homid
Pack: None
Sept: Sept of The Golden Door
Rank: Sorne
Glory: ••••• ••
Honor: •••
Wisdom: ••••• •
Player: Jennifer Marks
Storyteller: VIR ST
Symeon in Bear Form

About Symeon

Name: Symeon

Auspice: Uzmati

Tribe: Forest Walker

Position: None

Domain: Peurto Rico

General Impression
In the mortal World:
As she puts it, she is a naturalist, using the content of the land to help others to heal. She is a Licensed herbalist and owns her own alternative health shop/coffee shot. Most people think she

is wiccan, but not quite . Along with her herbs, she makes good luck talisman for those who are down on their luck. Most come around for her stories and the different coffees and teas she offers.

She is very well liked in her little corner of the world.

To those of the super natural; who do not know her:
She seems to be a mortal plus more. Is she kinfolk? She doesn't have any of the traits to be one. IS she a Fera? well if she is, what kind? Simeon is a complete mystery to everyone. They known she

is friendly and knows how to make cool stuff, and will offer her services as a healer if need. She is almost like an old medicine woman.

To those who know her well:
Need to ask her player at

Symeon's Timelines

Symeon's Permanent Renown


  • Dutiful for going out on patrol once a day to protect the forest around her home in Juneau
  • Just as she stood up for a Gurahl who was brought to justice incorrectly, quoting the tenant that was missed used.


  • Nurturing as Symeon took a hurt fawn , nursed it back to help and let it go within the same woods it lived
  • Generous as she gave of her own personal belonging to a Garou in need.
  • Gentle as she helped a Sept of Garou overcome a small illness.
  • Supportive as she gives aid to those in need and never ask for anything in return.
  • Encouraging as she remained on the back line of an invasion of the Wyrm, healing children of Gaia to continue the fight.
  • Helpful with the member of the Sept of the Golden Door.


  • Wise in treating a stream that was polluted with some unknown substance
  • Scholarly as she learned about her own kind though research.
  • Spiritual as she teaches the next generation of Gaia's creatures in the ways of a Healer.
  • Respected as a Storyteller among her own kind.
  • Scholarly as she goes and learns from the spirits, to help those of Gaia's children
Symeon in Bear Form

Rumor or Fact about Symeon

  • Symeon is a decedent from the Spirit Bear
  • Symeon has stated she will help any Children of Gaia that ask for it.

Symeon's Friends and Family

Who She Knows

Soundtrack of Symeon's Life

Looking For:

  • Friends from her Travels
  • Anyone she might of healed on her travels
  • Anyone who she might of raised as her own adopted children.

Please email me at [] for more information</div>

OOC Information

Jennifer Marks

Jennifer Marks

Cam Number: US2002021178
Location: MES Online Game

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