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Accord PC

Player: Christina Bryan
Creature Type: Changing Breed
Division: None
City: Miami, FL
VST: Eddie Sanchez

Character Information


Name: Tabitha, Tabby, Bl4ckC4t, Tabs
Creature Type: Changing Breed
Breed: Bastet
Species: Klinkerash
Accord: Sun-Chaser
Accord Status: 1
Joined: July 2015

Notable Traits:

  • Large bright yellow eyes, dark brown hair.
  • Unassuming, a bit petite, and oddly cute even when she tries to be serious / Kitten-like
  • Always seems to be familiar to her surroundings
  • Smells of Smoke... Or that could just be the cigarettes.



Liked Weirdos:

Decent Weirdos:

  • Other People
  • Unless you pissed her off you can add yourself here

Would Sparkle their Facebooks:

  • That jerk who sent her cat litter
  • Cat Haters
  • People who use Windows ME


  • Hackers - The Movie
  • BlackRose - .Hack Franchise
  • Grumpy Cat
  • Parker - Leverage
  • Kyo Souma - Fruit's Basket
  • Sassy - Homeward Bound


  • This
  • Will
  • Have
  • Music

Rumors and Quotes


  • Maybe definitely loves a boy. Maybe definitely doesn't want that boy to know.
  • Gets real pissy if you grab her by the scruff.
  • Singlehandedly tackled the Miami Citadel's mouse problem. What a hero!
  • Was a black hat hacker who sold government secrets to the Russians before she changed. She's either stopped or gotten better at hiding it since.
  • Has more diamonds stashed away than Blofeld and that chick from Moulin Rouge! combined.
  • Add any and all rumors!


  • "I hope she's just dumb enough to chase what she wants. Or drunk enough. Just no demons, okay? That's way past the 'too dumb' line." - Shkira Kushnir
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