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Character Information
Clan: Nosferatu
Sect: Camarilla
City: Charleston, SC
Player: James Johnson
Storyteller: Matt Carter

Taka Below

Information Known to the Camarilla

Name: Taka Hayashi

Clan: Nosferatu

Social Class: Neonate

Status: Favored (Caroline Hunter), Favored (Kopaki), Loyal (Lilliana Grace), Loyal (Elijah Hunter), Courteous (Montgomery Demonte)

Positions: Former Master Harpy of Charleston, SC, Talon of Raleigh, NC, Talon of Savannah, GA

Mask: Taka rarely covers his face with Mask of a Thousand Face. If he can be seen in public he usually is wearing a nose and mouth cover hiding most of his deformity. To those with a keen eye they can tell he is of Japanese decent.

Lineage: Unknown

Concept and Notable traits: Loremaster, Information Broker and Hacker. He stands as the stereotypical Nosferatu and he is proud of that. Taka usually types and speaks in the third person. No one knows why though most assume it has to do with some sort of mental instability. Unless he is on the job Harping usually he can't be seen. Gathering secrets and knowledge most don't want others to know. Taka is very young. He is only 2 years a vampire but must have had a very good mentor. He seems to know a lot more than his years.



  • "It is good to see one so young and as ambitious as Taka. Without talented, organized, and self-motivated neonates like him, this clan will never maintain its reputation for knowing things before the other clans know they need to know them." - Serratus
  • "I don't hang out with Taka a lot but when I do it's hard drinkin' hard rockin' and hard partyin'... wait, I don't think I've ever hung out with Taka" - Styx
  • "I won't pretend to know much about this technological marvel that Taka has mastered, but I must admire the adroitness in which he uses it to suss out things that would have taken us years to discover in the past. Knowledge is power, but it is also dangerous, which makes Taka one of the most dangerous among us. We shall watch him closely." - Benedict Crane
  • "Taka is everywhere. Just call his name and he appears." - Runa
  • "I've had the distinct pleasure of seeing Master Harpy Taka flourish into the role he so majestically navigates with the stroke of a pen. I knew, even in those first nights upon his emergence, that he would grow into something special in our society." - Montgomery Demonte
  • "Taka is polite, disarming and appears out of no where with precision timing. Never think you are alone if Taka is in your city for I promise you, he is everywhere you don't want him to be. What a fine Nos, indeed." - Yelena Davydov
  • "Taka is a severe pain in the ass, and I like the hell out of him. Anyone wants a go at him will have to answer to me." - Hanzel Kralle
  • "Taka is astute, knowledgeable, and inquisitive. He is like a perfect concrete recipe- is quick to learn, will mold correctly, and refrain from chipping away with the elements. I look forward to every chance I have to interact with him." - Danielle Ropchan
  • "He knows what's up." - Kasserine Powell
  • "Once I was proud to know him. Once I wanted him to never speak in my presence again. We will see what the third brings and I will decide then" - Penny Dreadful
  • "Taka is brilliant. He's one one of the few kindred outside of my own clan that I'd listen to regarding technological issues. Very smart, very sharp." - Trevor Rodgers
  • "Knowledgeable. Clever. Efficient. What more could one wish for?" - Antonia Orsini
  • "Talks in a Third Person, Gathers Knowledge and complies it, and spits it back out for easy read. Seriously, I wonder where the Nosferatu hide all these guys." - Papa Aquitaine
  • "Such an intelligent young man. I might even have to take him seriously on the importance of technology." - Edith Boese


Rumors or the Ugly Truth?

  • There is a growing rivalry between Taka's group and The House of Monsters
  • Taka wants to be an Archon, but can't quite make his lips get into the butt-kissing shape.
  • Taka eats babies.
  • Taka is playing the Camarilla for fools, he shares his information with the Sabbat as well.
  • Taka is Goodman Goring's long lost childe.
  • Rumor has it that Taka is a member of some secret Nosferatu Information network called Trajan's Web.
  • Taka invented bitcoins