Tales of Face First

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His birth was a curse
By his mother he was nursed
His friends by his side at his worst
In the Umbra he traversed
Blood of the Wyrm being his thirst
In battle, he is well rehearsed
His name by all is conversed
Pay heed to . . .
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This is me, Tnegraes Rejam known as "Face First". This page isn't about my past, or why I am who I am. It's about my experiences, present and future. These are the stories about the Sept and friends of the Sept as I have witnessed them. If you like my stories of our deeds, please leave a comment below.

Introduction to a Caern - 06/09/13

How we all got there is irrelevant. What was important was why. For me, it was because being a metis in a world of homid/lupus sucks, but being a metis cub is 5 times as worse. I needed my rite of passage worse than a Bone Gnawer needs soap. Garou from all walks of life attended, most of them visiting to show support for all the cubs.

There was a cub named Lavendar. She seemed shy and kinda scared of me the few times I met her, and she really liked being in wolf form. Tru, an obvious Child of Gaia canidate, meaning she was all tree-huggy and poppy. Shawn, a beer (or anything above 0 proof) drinking irish lad. Agnar was reserved, kinda like someone who lived thier life in the mindset of "Better to be silent than talk and possibly make a fool of oneself". There was Mor'Tag, a hot tempered cub always looking like he's trying to control his own anger. Dianna, a girl who I didn't even know was there until... well we'll get into that later. Last but not least, there was Small Claws. I'm not exactly sure what is name is, that's just what I call him. More on that to follow.

So Indu, our Den Parent / Rite Master, sits us down and tells a story "A long time ago in a Caern far, far away...It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory..." Well perhaps not like that, but it was none-the-less boring. Words like Umbra, Bawn, Sept, and Moon Bridge come out as normal language yet none of us cubs understood them. She then led us out into the forest. We felt something interesting, Indu called it passing the Bawn. I call it passing the creepy tingly sensation.

We came to a stone with a little hole in it (click one of the tabs at the top to see it). She says it's time to show us the Umbra. She asks who'll go first. Lavendar, the quiet one walks up and disappears instantly. I jumped up saying "That seemed easy, I can do that." So I started staring into the little puddle. 5 minutes later I felt pain. Like my soul was ripping out of me. I couldn't really move, just feel. I was there for a minute until I felt a pull. Indu said I was stuck in the gauntlet. I didn't know I was putting on gloves, but I just went with it because the pain was just too much to argue. Slowly, cub after cub came through. Indu did a quick count and noticed Dianna was missing. She said she'd be right back and dissappeared. At this time Mor'Tag and I got into an argument, which was quickly disrupted by Tru. I stared him down to show I wasn't scared of his punk ass. Indu jumped back over, with Dianna being dragged behind her. Dianna immediately started screaming at the top of her lungs. Kinda like when someone steps on your frozen toes.

So, Dianna was a new cub. Like really new. While most of us were led here or at least knew where we were going, Dianna didn't. She was just a scared child. While Indu calmed her down, the other male cubs and I started talking shop, and grab assing about manly stuff. Lavendar walks over with a bit of a upturned nose and interjects with a "Hey you guys should listen, Induis talking about this place." Of course, none of the cubs listened, either because they didn't care, or because they couldn't hear Lavendar talking. She's really quiet.

Indu ends up succeeding in calming down the scared cub and starts leading us on a walk. The place is in tecnicolor and there's a wierd sway to everything. We didn't walk long and all of a sudden some giant looking bee-like insects started staring at us like we stole thier honey. Mor'Tag pulls out a bow and Small Claws pulls out a gun. I thought to myself "A gun? He must be compensating for something" Hense the little nickname I gave him. Anyway, with the bees from hell looming toward us, shots went of and that arrow flew like an inch past my face. I transformed into my usually form and started clawing. I'm not a big biter, I had a feeling they tasted bad anyway. It might be worth mentioning that Dianna booked it to the nearest exit at first sight of these things. Lavendar and Tru stood thier ground and took down 1 or 2 of them. Before the battle was over, I took a bite in the arm. They were easy, just good practice. Like killing slow moving zombies.

Indu congratulated us and led us back to the normal world and back with the other visiting garou. We were all chattering about our epic heroic tale, well all except Dianna when Eye of Anubis starts looking at me like I pissed in his cheerios. I was about to show him who's boss when Indu pulls me a side. She said I smelled of worm taint. I said "Are you crazy, I don't find worms attractive at all, why would I get anywhere near thier taint?" Needless to say, I had to sit in a circle while Indu flicked water on me for 10 minutes chanting.

Our first of many Adventures to come.

Rite Of Passage - 6/23/2013

So there we were. Innocent cubs looking forward to a evening of splendor as we sit awaiting direction on what will be required to enter garou society.

The Rite Master Indu calls us up one by one. "Here, take this and find Grain." She hands me 3 seeds. I missed my dinner that day and my first thought was to eat them like in that movie where the guy has to put a huge fire out with a glass of water to get a knife to save the rare yellow precious metal child. Luckily, Mor'Tag must have seen the same movie cause he turned to me and said "Don't eat it." What would I do without him?

Once everyone got thier tiny seeds, we were off into the Umbra. Everytime I enter that place I hope to see a house that landed on a witch and a chick with red shoes. Not this time though. We found ourselves in a field. In the distance was a forest. No food in sight and those seeds were looking mighty tasty by now. After about 5 minutes of staring back and forth at our 3 seeds and the fertile ground, Lavendar, in a quiet voice as not to draw much attention whispers "we should plant them." We all agreed, but no one had a shovel. I could tell by now that this group isn't going to get very far in life. After another minute of the cubs failing at the simplest of tasks, I used a claw to make a hole to plant the 3 seeds I had. Once all the seeds were planted, Mor'tag put his hand to the ground and passed some magic hoopla into the seeds. Everyone followed suit. The umbra suddenly went into fast forward. I became worried that my years of ruggedly good looks would instantly pass me by because of a few seeds. That made me irritated.

When time seemed to slow back down the seed grew to knee length. A little redhead toddler appearred in a basket, which also just appearred. She giggled and didn't do very much. Inspiration took me and for some reason I ask if her name was Grain. I would have called myself Grain if it'd get me a pork roast and potatoes. While I was conteplating eating Lavendar, the cub in lupus form (I know it's wrong, but so isn't making someone miss dinner to go farming), vines started growing out from around the field. "Food!!!" I thought to myself and ran to it unable to control holding homid form any longer. I hacked at the vine a few times with my claws and it dissapaited. Tru screamed "They are killing the plants!" Considering that the other cubs seemed upset that the hard work of putting 3 seeds into the ground was about to go waste, and because other garou being mad at me could prolong the wait for the chance to eat, I decided to start attacking all the vines within reach. My comrades also attacked whatever came close. Mor'Tag, Agnar, and Shawn formed a protective circle around the grain, while Lavendar and Tru stayed by the little girl protecting her. While we were fighting, some got through and were quickly dug up by the female garou. When the pollen of battle cleared (<--- Se what I did there?), we were all still standing, but we lost a few grain stalks. Time sped up again.

The stalks were now about elbow high, and the redhead girl looked about 12. I was about to make a remark that we need to sit her down and talk to her about the birds and the bees, but was interupted by a bolt of lightning and a loud crash in the distance. A tree on fire started belching out little fire sprout thingy's and a salamandar. They came running at us. My hunger at this point was beyond words. I started to get angry that we'd have to spend all night playing red rover with fire spirits. I thought to myself "These must be bad fire spirits because good spirits would be roasting a pig for me." This enraged me. Last thing I remember was an arrow flying REALLY close past my head (That's the second time he's done that!). Next thing I knew, there were 5 spots of singed earth around me, it was raining, there was a wierd stone hand protruding from the ground holding the slamandar in place, and all my hair was burnt off. My hands felt as if I just pulled a meatloaf out of the oven without mits on. Smelled like it to. Mmmmmm. Time sped up.

The redhead, whom somewhere along the road told us her name was Grain (I knew it!) was 16. Developing quite nicely for a girl rasied in a field. I started wondering what the age of consent in the Umbra was. My thoughts were again diverted as this huge fire thingy came up from the ground. Anyway, I was hurt, but more importantly devilishly hungry still, and swiped feverishly at the thing, but never really connected. While Argnar, and Mot'Tag swiped at it's feet, it started throwing what I imagine to be firey poo at Lavendar. Anything that didn't hit her directly turned into small bad guys of themsleves. Tru ran up to the front line trying to touch me, and when she did, my hands felt better. Finally, the evil poop flinging fire monster died and time went fast again.

This time the plants we planted were really tall. The redhead was now definatley at the age of consent, which would have meant something if I wasn't so conserned with making bread out of what we planted. Lavendar used her ponytail ribbon to tie up some bales of grain while Shawn was tieing them up with extra stalks. Grain handed us each a coin and sent us on our way. A coin. We saved her ass from razor plants, flicks of fire, and Mr. Fire Godzillia and she hands us an Umbra penny? "Screw this" I thought to myself and left the Umbra.

Immediatley I saw food, oh ya and Indu was there. She asked us what we were given. I handed her the coin thinking she can keep it and help buy a new leg from some leg giving spirit. I was about to get upset that my rite of passage was interupped by a red haired time warping chick and a few annoying pests when Indu said "You are no longer cubs, welcome to garou society".

Post Script: The galliards came out to give us deed names.

  • Tru received the name "Healing Rain". - I imagine the rain that came down on the fire earlier was her doing. While I'm sure that her intentions were honorable, water on my third dergree burned hands was quite painful. "Healing Rain" my ass, more like "Scalding Downpour"!
  • Mor'Tag received the name "Burning Aegis". - What's an Aegis? Is that the section of skin between the ass and nut sack?
  • Lavendar was bestowed "Soft Truths". - Seems to suit her. She does look fluffy. Like the bears in the commercials that sell toilet paper.
  • Shawn's name became "Two Fisted" - His tribe must find him VERY talented.
  • Agnar received the name "Bulwark" - Remind me to look that word up. It reminds me of a moose in a cartoon.
  • My name became "Face First" - The must have seen me dive into the feast, post passage.

Packing Up - 6/29/2013

During the past week I've been speaking with a few new cliaths, like myself, and trying to gage where they stood on forming a pack. Burning Aegis, Healing Rain, Bulwark, and Two Fisted all seemed to have the same idea that I did. I am glad because I know my anger can get me into trouble and I need people around to help me control it if I even go to far. We sat thinking about what spirit would fit 3 Fenrir, a Child of Gaia, and a Fianna. Healing Rain said her totem Unicorn created a war side of himself called Black Unicorn. We decided to have a chat with him. I already knew this was going to be rough. Spirits and myself don't have a good history of getting along.

We sit in a circle and call forth the spirit of Black Unicorn. He appears. He begins to speak to each of us about his conserns. I guess he doesn't much like the Fenrir as he asked us so many questions. He believed we'd have an issue with a female leading the pack. He asked me if I had a problem with it. I said "While I would prefer her to have a penis, I believe under the circumstances, she woulf be the best fit." While a bit crass in my response, it seemed to please him. He also turned his attention to Burning Aegis as he has a history of having trouble following the orders of his leaders. I don't recall what he said, but Black Unicorn also seemed content. Bulwark seemed to shy up real quick when addressed by our chosen totem. That's a nice tactic. I could learn a lot from that.

All in all, after a few spirit alicorn jabs to the chest (Yes it hurt), Black Unicorn allowed us to gather in his name. Our packname became "War and Peace".

Thrall of the Metis - 7/01/2013

Don't let the topic name scare you, I'm fine and all my packmates are fine also. This takes place just hours after packing up and finishing the Rite of Passage. Our Sept was again visited by members of the Sept of Shrouded Spring. FYI: These guys don't have a Sept of thier own so like to come down. I like to throw our Sept into thier faces every once in a while. Notable names include Soft Truths, Eye of Anubis who's kinda creepy (take a look at his page), Flutters in the Wind who is Alpha of the Sept, and Tells the Old Kin's Song who is the Den Mother of the Sept.

As the feast and celebration winded down, we saw dogs in the distance in the forest. They could have been wolves. I'm not much of a vetinarian. They seemed very mad and they were on our land. In moments my packmates formed up, changed to lupis form and we instantly gave chase. I hate lupis form. No form makes me feel more inferior than this form. Flutters in the Wind and his group ran side by side us. I want to mention again that I'm not a big fan of being a wolf as I don't have a good ability to track, no ability to be exact. My nose is for breathing only and I cannot smell. Anyway, these dogs must be fast cause we ran after them for hours before we found even the slightest hint of getting closer. We entered a clearing and it took my breath away.

Inside the clearing was a few tents with flags flying. The flags were blue and gold. They looked like this "Flag". There was blood all around the place. Children, they were children. They were killed for no reason other than they were there. This enraged me. I can't make a joke as much as I know you want me to. I looked around hoping to find the cuprits so I could rip disembowel them and make rope from thier intestines! To my disappointment, they were no where around. While my pack contines to follow the tacks, Soft Truths, and Eye of Anubis stay back to check for survivors. They found them and called 911, or so I'm told.

As we were all running side by side, 2 packs in formation with me on the right outside, I felt a sharp pain and fell rolling on the ground. I may have yelped a bit, but I didn't cry. Those tears were because I got dirt in my eye as I fell, I swear. My front paw was trapped in a bear trap. I got angry and was about to change forms to pry it off when in the distance I heard "Hey, Bubba, we got one!" Ohh crap... "This is not going to be good," I though and stayed in wolf form. Healing Rain, Bulwark, Two Fisted, and Kin Song changed into homid form. Kin Song engaged in dialong telling the hunters that I was her dog (... I know right, me a dog. She must not be much of a vetinarian either) and said we were fine and that they were going to take me to the vet (Most likely to check to see if I was a dog or a wolf). Two Fisted had me in his arms and passed me off to Bulwark who carried me back the way we came until we were out of sight. If it wasn't for the Litany, I would have tore those hunters a new asshole. I wouldn't have killed them, but I would have taught a valuable lesson on trapping in the forest. That was more humiliating than anything the Garou society has done to me yet.

We tracked for another few hours. We passed a dead hiker, and a few other bodies that just seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. We eventually came to a "T" in the tracks. It seems the dog pack spit up. There was very little talking happening. Eye of Anubis could be seen trying to detect something in the air and looking closely at the tracks. In a moment thier group were off one way running up a hill. Our group took the cue of taking the other path. We followed the path to the edge of the forest treeline. Just outside were a bunch of wolves stalking upon a tent of celebrating homids.

Looks like we caught up to them in time to save these people. Instantly I felt the common sign of myself about to lose control. I reared back and was about to pounce out and attack when I felt the urge to stop from Healing Rain. I looked around me. All my packmates took formation behind me. I'm not sure why noone was up by my side, but that just means I can have first crack at them. All of a sudden an arrow shoots past my head (Burning Aegis and I are going to have a talk after this). The arrow misses the dogs, but it does succeed in getting their attention. They come barreling toward us. I feel the spirit of Black Unicorn enter me and I feel more resilient. I take this as the start of combat and lunge forward. As I got close they transformed into doglike Crinos forms. I took on 3 of the 5 right away. I clawed each one doing massive damage within seconds, dodging and countering each attack with a claw to whatever part of flesh was open to me. Healing Rain took position right behind me getting ready for the inevitable healing I'll need. Burning Aegis and Two Fisted took the rear and were fending off 2 of them. Bulwark took position next to me to assist. I decided to let Bulwark take one off of me (Why leave all the glory to myself). He engaged it while I fended off the other 2. I went in for an attack again, but this time I missed and recieved a claw to my arm. Healing Rain patched that up instantly. The other also came at me and again I missed my counterattack. I started losing confidence in my ability to kill these 2 (I really didn't, but it sounds better in the story for a good excuse). I was thrown back and forth between them. All of a sudden, a claw ripped my stomach up into my chest. I fell, bleeding profusely my breathing became difficult. Things went dark. I started remembering the parents that will never again see thier children. Mothers that will never again be able to kiss a little boy/girl goodnight. I saw red, literally. Then... nothing. This is the first time I don't have any memory at all. I don't think I fell asleep and it wasn't the normal forgetfulness I suffer in my rage. It's like my mind was wiped. The next thing I remember was looking at Healing Rain who was looking back at me with complete fear. I'm not sure why or how I got up, nor why I was facing Healing Rain, but I felt calm. Behind me leaped one of the wolves to Healing Rain, it was the one Bulwark had. I looked and saw Bulwark seemingly lifeless on the ground. While Healing Rain played the role of community chew toy, I tried my hardest to pull one off her. I clawed again at one and he fell lifeless. I took a step and clawed another and he too fell. Two Fisted and Burning Aegis seemed no worse for wear, I wonder if they were eating popcorn and soda while I was getting my ass handed to me. They dropped thier targets with relative ease. I'm going to have to rethink my strategy. Mainly cause I like popcorn. Healing Rain was able to patch me up. She was also able to revive Bulwark.

We eventually made it back to camp. I recall feeling extremely scared and depressed. I don't know why. Again I had Wyrm Taint on me. Which is odd because I was not the only one to suffer damage from these hounds. Miss Indu sat me down to do another "flick water at me for 10 minutes" thingy she does. Before she could begin, Grain approached handing me a shot. She said "A rite of cleansing would not be enough, but this should help you young Cliath". Instantly I felt better. I had the feeling something strange happened. In the distance I saw something else... Black Unicorn staring at the pack and I, calling us over. This wasn't going to be good I could tell...

The Phallic Totem- 7/01/2013

So continuing on, Healing Rain and Burning Aegis went to talk with Black Unicorn while I, hmmm... I don't know what I did. Ohh I know... I didn't go talk to Black Unicorn, that's right. After a few minutes Healing Rain came and got me. I noticed she was keeping at least an arms length from me the whole time. Anyway as I approached, I noticed that Black Unicorn looked different. He was human, but more than that. He was a human wearing 13th century Fenrir Armor, a flask by his side, and a big alicorn on his forehead. Yes, I couldn't help but notice that very long, very phallic looking horn on his forehead. I hope he didn't expect me to take him serious.

Black Unicorn was just finishing up talking to Burning Aegis. It seems that Burning Aegis believed he didn't protect Healing Rain like he should have. Black Unicorn siad he should have more confident in his abilities because he did nothing wrong. Burning Aegis bowed and backed up a few feet.

He asked me if I know what happened. "Of course, we kicked some dog mutant asses!!" That was of course not what he meant. While we were fighting, he felt the wyrm enter me through my own rage. He told me about the different types of thralls. A human will get so angry that they will consume the flesh of other humans. A lupus would get so angry that they tear a body apart until there is very little left. "I'd hate to be them, that's the worst thing I ever heard. I'm sure Metis can't be that bad." I was wrong. Black Unicorn went and described in great detail the horror that is unleashed by a frenzied Metis. They will kill a target and defile the body sexually. In essance, hate f*ck the dead body in any oriface... even new ones made by the metis. He said "If not stopped, this would have happened to Healing Rain. "Holy Gaia!!" I said. I promised to work on it. I gave myself 1 full moon cycle to better control my rage.

That wasn't enough for Black Unicorn. He asked me to be a teacher to Burning Aegis to help him learn how to follow. I can't even get that guy to stop shooting arrows by my face, how am I supposed to get him to do anything? Perhaps I can get close enough break his bow.

After that, Black Unicorn walked away. I could have sworn his foot prints looked like hooves. Spirits are creepy things. Anyway... I was left there with Burning Aegis and Healing Rain. Burning Aegis wanted me to feel how Healing Rain felt when I attacked her. Instantly, I felt a bit of fear and disappointment, nothing to bad. I asked if he wanted to feel what it was like to be a Metis. He said sure. He removed his weapons and placed them on the ground. I think he knew what was coming. I touched him and pushed all my pain, all my loneliness throughout the years into him. I made him see a world where no matter how hard one tries, they are still only considered mediocre. I swear I saw Burning Aegis shed a tear. He opened his arms for a hugs and was flatly denied with a "Get away from me you pansy!"

Returning from Disneyworld (...or a Caern building) - 7/03/2013

There was a quiet peace that flowed through the Caern, the Sept of Flowing Courage finding little need of its courage in that day. Suddenly there was a commotion at the Caern's heart when a bright shining light erupted forth, a bridge from within spanning across countless leagues of Umbral passage. From within the Moon Bridge steps three individuals. Magnus, Eye of Anubis and Soft Truths. Magnus head off to take care of business shortly after the arrival, leaving the other two to play the social game.

Eye of Anubis was first of the remaining two to exit the Moon Bridge. He was in his lupus form, padding just ahead of Soft Truths... but his gait was stunted. His left foreleg had a large bulge in its upper part, very obviously a sign that a wound had not healed properly, and his limp carried that visibly.

Miss Indu greeted the two of them, but wouldn't stop any of the Caern's children from making their greetings or questions from the "wayward warriors" who had just returned from one of the most deadly events a Garou can attend.

Face First, himself, looked no better, walking shirtless in homid, planting seeds randomly around the caern, he has a visible gash travelling from his belly button and slowly getting worse until it stopped above his breast. He sees the returning warriors, noticing Eye of Anubis's troubled gait, and approaches. "I was going to say you missed all the fun stuff, but it looks like I may have missed it. Soft Truths, seems like you, also, didn't escape unharmed."

As the Caern was not officially his home, Zylo "Eye of Anubis" felt it proper for him to howl his introduction as normal, though he was too tired to tack on the hour long litany of his ancestors. Instead he merely made the presence of him and his pack beta known. When Face First approached, Zylo gave a respectful nod to the Ragabash. "This one did not miss much he thinks. He was very lucky to be here at all. Caern Building was many times harder than he expected, even from all the tales he has heard."

Offering a look over the Get, he spotted the scars that had been hidden the first night he received them. "This one also sees your battles shed some of your blood. Does Face First have a tale of Glory for this Galliard?"

“No, not of glory. It is from my first true brush with the wyrm within myself. This is not a tale. This is a lesson. So long I have relied on my instinct to guide me through battle. Last week I learned that I cannot learn if I cannot remember or control my actions in battle.”

The Strider was taken aback by the very forward admittance from the Get. Of course, he knew their tribe was one that usually didn't beat around the bush, but proclaiming a lesson to learn from a brush with the Wyrm... that took balls. Hesitant at first, the Lupus offered a toothy grin. "Is a lesson you learn well from?"

Lavender padded through, tired and exhausted. If Face First looked closely, he would see the tiny star burst scars peppering her back and down the back of front her legs. Tiny patches of hair were missing over these scars. But the rest of her thick fur covered up this at a distance. She nodded to the two of them and flopped on top of the millstone, curling around the water in the center, just soaking in the calming essence that flowed around her. "It was a tough battle. We almost died" Then she blinked at the admission from Face First and spoke softly, "Perhaps he is ready for lesson I have from Warder of the Caern"

Zylo nodded toward his omega's statement. There was no reason to hide the fact. "We had in fact nearly died. The Black Spiral Dancer and Fallen Shadow Lord had nearly ended this one's life... the drain of energy from the Caern nearly sucked the spark of Gaia right out of Lavender, and Magnus might just have fallen had he not been such proud Get warrior, when acid melted through his flesh like flame through a wax candle. But we were victorious, slaying more enemies between us than we ever expected to."

"What lesson? Cause if it's anything like the one I just had, no thanks, I'll be recouping from this one for a while" Face First takes a few deep breaths, and wheezes them out while holding his chest.

"Lesson is from the Shadow Lord Metis, Claws Rend to the Truth, Warder of the New Caern." She stopped speaking and nodded sagely.

Face First is noticeable more reserved than before. A more serious, yet still tactless, set of words coming from his lips."A Metis Warder? Honor like that cannot exist for Metis." reflecting on his upbringing of always not being able to play reindeer games.

Again Zylo nodded toward his Omega. "Yes. Claws-rhya had much to teach, in his own way. So many taunt him for being a Mule, but on the night of Caern Building, his was a stoic and capable, trustworthy and competent Warder. Truly showed signs of great leader too."

"Lesson is the simple fact that he proudly holds his head high and retains lofty position of the Sept. An inspiration to the rest of us. He worked harder than most and got very praise. I was happy to have been there to take care of him." She continued to bask in the warm of the stone, offering essence of the Wisdom Caern to the Caern of Courage.

Zylo nods "Look at this one's packmate. Her words outshine even this Galliard at times. She is very correct. Nobody challenged Claws-rhya's right to hold the position after all was said and done. He proved his worth more than well. Earned his place in a way nobody could dispute."

“Perhaps one day Gaia will see me fit enough. If it is possible there, perhaps my future can hold equal worth.”

Offering a smile that turned more into a painful grimace as the jackal-wolf padded forward, he shifted up into his Hispo form to be able to bear a little extra weight on his other limbs. The sound of his leg shifting led to an audible snap as it realigned. "Face First. Not all tribes view Mul... Metis so negatively. My tribe typically holds a Garou to their own merit. If you make yourself Great, then you are Great. Nothing your parents did can ever take that from you. The same goes for your failures, as well. We are all Garou. We fight for Gaia. If we fight in earnest and resist the whispers of Apep, then the soul of Greatness is there within any of us." The Strider Galliard's words bore a wisdom that seemed appropriate for a traveler of the roads and singer of tales from distant lands. His words were both inspiring as well as cautionary.

Face First's rising spirits are becoming noticeable in his speech “I agree… Since the Red Star, the tribes have changed. They are sparser than they once were. Traditions and teachings are crossing clan lines more and more. With so many elders dead, the need for warriors continues to grow. My kind holds a balance with Gaia. For me, I am faster and stronger than a homid of my rank. However, when something is given, something else must be taken. I don't care so much. I am a Fenrir. My goal is to be a warrior and die holding the name of Gaia close to me. That's it. Well…that and to make sure I watch the last season of my fav TV show. The one where that guy kills a whole bunch of bad guys and works for the police department. Called Poindexter. That show is worth being a constant reminder of the failed Litany.”

"I've never seen that show. Don't get to watch much TV" The omega was showing her exhaustion more and more as she lay there on the stone.

The Strider lowered his head as he heard the expectations that the Get had. Of course he had the idea right; they were Gaia's chosen warriors. Chosen to fight and ultimately to die for her... but that was never the ultimate goal. Perhaps this one had never been inspired further? Or perhaps it was simply what the Get wanted from their lives.

"This one is not of your Tribe... and he cannot speak for Fenris Wolf. But this one has learned from Owl that we must look ahead, not only toward death, but toward our mother's Salvation... and ours. He thinks that as a Get, you should know well that we will need the strongest of our Warriors if the Apocalypse does come. This one thinks your kin know this as Ragnarok?"

Face First nods “Yes... the Ragnarok. Many believe we are already in it. This is why I hold the view I do. Perhaps, years ago garou had a better future to look forward to. We however, can only guarantee death, glorious death perhaps, but death none-the-less.”

"For living in a tribe such as the Silent Striders, you might be surprised for my outlook to be a bit different. Less nihilistic. This one believes that Gaia can still be saved. That we do not know all the truths yet. We battled the first Scion of the Apocalypse, the Red Star and we won. It took the sacrifice of a Legend of this one's Tribe to do it, but we did. We may have lost the eldest among us, but that does not mean we face certain death. But it is true that should death be on our order, we must face it with glory and honor. When Gaia calls us, we will be there. But this one finds hope in the unknown."

"I cannot say that your words about Claws-rhya fall on deaf ears. They do not. They are enlightening and welcomed. I tread lightly, and while my main goal is in the name of Gaia, I do maintain my own goals. While not as important, they are worth exploring. Hence why I'm planting these" Pulls some seeds out of his pocket.

He watched as the Get withdrew the seeds from his pocket. "Face First is tending to Grain? This is wise. Good way to find stronger connection with Gaia and with Caern spirits." Of course, Zylo didn't know for sure that was the reason, but it seemed as good a reason as any to the exhausted Galliard.

“Yeah. . . tending to Grain, making a salad. . . po-ta-to, pa-ta-to” Face First said wittily.

"Don't eat the seeds" The omega mumbled as she closed her eyes.

Shaking his head, bemused by the Ragabash, Zylo found he just didn't have the words for a retort. "Is good to see you carry good spirits, even in lieu of your new wound. This one however finds worry that his will impact his hunting prowess. Slow wolf is not good hunter."

"Yeah... well as long as Dominion-o's still delivers, I'll be fine. I've never been much of the hunter type. I am ill equipped to hunt prey that is looking to escape. Another one of those Gaia balance things. You also look a little battle gimped. Like a good whack on that arm could really do a number on it."

Zylo nodded his head. "This one believes your assessment may be correct. It will surely make his life as a warrior much harder to be effective. But it is the lot that Gaia would have him draw from. He will give all of his limbs and his life if it is her will."

"How can you be balanced in the eyes of Gaia if you are not comfortable in all of your forms?" said Soft Truths talking about an earlier admission by Face First that he didn’t like being in lupis form. The Omega gave a muttering and then a yawn and then curled up to her tail. It was said almost as if remembering another conversation. Face First turns to Soft Truths. Hearing her words but deciding to let that one go. She could probably use a rest before she gets back to the Psuedo-Sept. Zylo pondered momentarily about shoving his half-asleep packmate into the cool waters to wake her up... but then he thought different. She had earned her rest.

The pack bond between them was strong and her ear flicked towards the Strider as she muttered, "I heard that."

The Strider chuckled softly at his Omega. "Yes, I'm sure you did. You also must have felt my care in letting you rest. You did more than could be expected of a Theurge who passed her rite of passage less than a week prior... to take part in the rite to build a Caern is a rare honor. And this one is proud of you. Very proud."

The Theurge mutters something soft, "You and Magnus did more" and then goes back to sleep dreaming of battles and wyrm. And every so often muttering "I am not a coward"

Noticing the strider say "I" instead of "This one" for the first time made Face First do a double take. There must be a level of etiquette he's not aware of. The truth was, Zylo was trying to learn better how to use the homid tongue, but it wasn't natural to him. His first "language" was a dead language, taught only as part of his legacy, so slipping into grammatical pitfalls wasn't hard to do.

"We may have killed more... but without your efforts, there would be no Caern. And the rest of the ritualists would have given their lives." A moment later he slipped over to lay down next to Soft Truths, his head laying over her neck in a protective manor. "No, you are no coward... do not let those visions overtake your mind again."

"Yea, she looks like she could use a rest. I also should be on my way. I have to speak with Indu about going into the Umbra. You get stuck sideways a couple times and it's like the end of the world."

Chuckling softly, the Galliard offered a thought. "At least you did not earn your Deed Name for that. It had been whispered that your name might have become 'Stuck Sideways.' " Another guffaw and his head was feeling heavier as his need to rest bore down upon him too. "This one and his packmate will rest here before going on to the Greenville Protectorate. If the Wyrm strikes, give a call and we will be there in a moment."

"I'll be sure to do that" Face First says as he walks away raising his voice as if talking to someone far away "Hey Indu! I wanna go into the Umbra again. Are you going to hobble out to watch me or do you need me to carry you?"

A Story of Love and Respect, the Rotagar Way- 7/14/2013

Another beautiful day at the Sept. We all gathered to hear the news of the day, mainly because the lupus have trouble understanding the talking magical box we call the TV. There are whispers around the gathering that fires have begun to break out all over the town, and even in the middle of forests. Considering my recent experiance with weak ass fire spirits, I thought that may be a great way to start the day. Here are some other things were talked about, but they were obviously less important as no one around seemed to care.
  • We all had the same nightmare that keeps reoccuring
  • Some famous guy dissappeared and was last seen at a frat party
  • Drinking related accidents are up 300% at college dorms
  • Some big ass spirit came saying "you're welcome" for cleaning up the pile of dead cub scouts. Ohh he also threatened to kill us if it happened again.
My fellow packmates and I came together to discuss pack tactics. It seems my normal tactic of running up blindly and attacking everyone was decided not to be the best plan. Healing Rain mentioned something about harnessing my fierceness for maximum effectiveness. I will be trying for suprise attacks while Bulwark will be taking the hits and trying to not let people hit me. I like talking pack tactics. I love my pack. We also have a pack home in development. I hope they don't mind my extreme sleep apnea.
David, Small Claws for those who read my stories, approached me and asked to speak with me. David is a police officer by trade, and received word about the fires saying the excuse was BS and he didn't know what to do. I am so glad he came to me. Finally someone see's my extreme wisdom on these kinds of situations! Anyway, inspiration took me and I thought that we should contact a fire spirit. I called my favorite Theurge, my Alpha Healing Rain, and discussed the situation. I may have also noted that David came to me and not her. She brought us to Miss Indu and asked to go speak to a fire spirit. I was ready to step sideways when both Healing Rain, and Miss Indu exclaimed in unison "No Face First." I was to stay back and watch the Sept why they went (taking a few cubs might I add) and talk with the spirits. They believed that because of my fierceness in killing those fire spirits during our Rite of Passage, it would be best if I wasn't present. I tried to reason with them that that is exactly the reason why I should go. You think a fire spirit wants to mess with the same garou who kicked it's ass last time again? Of course not! However, Healing Rain gave an order and I obey'd.
I sat listening to stories from the galliards for a time. While I was listening to the stories, we kept getting interupted by visitors to the Sept. This Sept is like garou catnip, I swear! Anyway, Kin Song was telling a story about her hidden sept and how some female spirit told her a story about her and her family was cold and her baby almost died if it wasn't for the help of other garou. I was thinking to myself "Fire spirits just wanna fuck with everyone, don't they?" When the story was over, Healing Rain and everyone was back. I was also greeted by 2 garou; Erin, and McIntosh. Erin is the daughter of our Beta. She came from Ireland and brought a friend with her. He was a lupus (if you question whether someone is a lupus or not, just look for the tell tale sign of trying to lick thier own genatials in homid form). Mcintosh started talking in some wierd language. Everyone else seemed to understand him except me. He switched to lupus form and started talking lupus "My name is Defiler of the Wyrm, I'm gay lick" Lupus have a weird way of coming out to everyone. After I explained that what he does on his own time is his own business, we all sat down for one of Erin's stories. I got bored and asked Miss Indu if there was anything that could be done in the sept. She said we could bring some of the cubs around on a bawn patrol.
With me was David, Kin Song, and another. We approached Uncle Jebs house on the outskirts of the bawn and started hearing some arguing. Some outsider was upset that Jeb was brewing moonshine and threatend to call the police. David says "I'm an officer, I'll take care of this" and changes to homid form. He started walking when Kin Song and I realize that he is naked. David never talismen dedicated his stuff to him. I always seem to get in the group with the dumb people. . .
Kin Song gets all garou on this businessmans ass. I'm she my yelling "YOU TELL 'EM NIKKI!!" Helped her keep her composure and add a little Fenrir courage. The man eventually leaves. During this time, David managed to get some clothes on and radio'd to the dispatcher that he'll look into the case. I stayed and helped Uncle Jeb take apart his still just in case someone else wanted to come snooping around. I think I may have broke something, but Uncle Jeb didn't seem to mind. He had quite a calmness to him, kinda like a ferret jumping around a snake calmness. We decided to finish our patrol then head back to the caern.
When we get back, the other members of the caern return also. Diane is looking a little crispy. They act a little angered toward me for upsetting the fire spirits. It seems all these random fires was because I was instructed to protect Grain. Sometimes I don't get these people. Miss Indu says we have to perform a right of contrition to appease the spirits. The whole time I have very little clue what they are talking about. After a few minutes of explaining it to me, Miss Indu tells me to go get something special to me to feed the fire. My first thought was to throw Miss Indu into the fire as she means a great deal to me, but thought it may not be appropriate. Then inspiration takes me as it occasionally does. I recall seeing a spare wooden leg in her house the other day. I bet the fire spirits would love that!
I snuck my way into Indu's house and promptly grabed the wooden leg. I turned to walk out and Burning Aegis was there looking at me. He asked "Did you get what you needed for the Rite?" I reponded that I did and showed him the leg. He took off to collect his sacrifice. As I was heading back to the Caern, I noticed Erin and David getting ready for a rite of thier own. Erin spoke up with "Oi! boyo, you wanna perform this rite for me?" I start performing the dedication rite as I was taught it and Erins speaks up saying that I need to make him feel uncomfortable. I start walking around him in clock-wise manner and start slapping his ass and groping him. He does turn a shade of red. I wonder if doing it that way works better? After we are done, Erin asks me about the wooden leg and she gives me a grin as I tell her what it is and what it's for. "Right.. good luck with tha' I'll be on th' other side o' th' bawn."
So after the little rite, I headed back to the caern. Everyone was already there. I decided I wanted to suprise Miss Indu, so I kept my sacrifice behind my back and sat down in a corner. Miss Indu asks all the cliaths if they are ready. We all agreed and everyone threw in thier sacrifice one by one. I stood up, said "My sacrifice is Miss Indu's spare wooden leg. There was an uproar as I threw the leg into the fire. Liam tried to stop it from going in, but it looks like luck is on my side that day. The leg hit the middle of the bonefire and went up in flames almost instantly.
The new gay licking garou, who's name was McIntyre asked what a wooden leg was. I stood and walked over to Miss Indu, pulled her leg off and went to McIntyre. Being a lupus, he couldn't control himself and snatched it out of my hands. Diane ran up and struggled with McIntyre tryint to get it out of his mouth. The both managed to win and both were rewarded with half a leg. Diane walked to me and smashed the leg over my head splintering it into pieces.
The fire rises and a large face appears. It's the same fire spirit we defeated during our Rite of Passage. He spoke "I am pleased with all your sacrifices" SCORE for me! He said all the fires in the area will stop and disappeared.
I won't get into to many details, but Indu has a couple legs on the way, and I get to go work on the Farm with Jeb for 2 weeks. I was told to stay in homid so I wouldn't be breaking any Litany rules.

I'm excited to get back to work!

Going Down On the Farm- 7/15/2013

Jeb gets Face First up well before dawn. "BoyI hear you are mine for the next two weeks. This ain't gonna be no walk in the park. Now git yer ass up and lets get movin'. I got cows that need to be fed, a stable that needs to be mucked and then we are gonna get that still put back together." Jeb doesn't wait for a response, he just turns and walks outside heading toward the barn.
Face First gets up smiling as he is reminded of his childhood. Something about being yelled at constantly always seems to perk his spirits. He sits up in bed recalling the events the night before. He thinks to himself "Indu is so nice to have seen his overwhelming respect for her to reward him with working with some kinfolk!" He rushes to put on some clothes and steps out into the dark new day looking for Jeb.
Jeb puts Face First to work with clear instructions on what he wants done. The list of chores includes: Feeding the cows- Feed in the Tack room. Cup for measuring the food is in the gain bin. No more no less than the two level scoops. One feed pan for each cow. After the cattle have been given feed the tack room is to be cleaned. Everything is to be taken out. The leather cleaned with saddle soap. The sacks of feed are getting low and more should be brought down from the hay loft. (Jeb will remind Face First not to break his fool neck toting bags of feed down the ladder) After the tack room is cleaned the cows are to be let out of the barn into the fenced pasture. Then the stables are to be mucked. There is a manure pile out back and to the side of the pasture area. Once the mucking is done, lay fresh saw dust down on the barn floor and then a thick layer of fluffed hay.
Jeb walks out of the barn and calls back over his shoulder with the sun just peeking over the horizon beyond, "I'll be back to git you fer lunch, boy. Have it done by then 'cause yer list is just gonna get longer if you don't."
Face First starts work. Luckily, remembering all the instructions was an easy enough task for him.
Feeding the cows: He walks around the barn looking for a room called "Tack". Nothing... That won't deter him. Face First can adapt and overcome. He looks around for some cattle feed and finds the grain bin. "This must be the Tack room." He proceeds to etch the words "Tack Room" in big bold letters above the entrance. "At least now, no one else will be confused." he says to himself. He looks for the cup in the grain bin. It's not there. "How much do cows eat?" He peeks outside looking and listening to see if anyone is around... There is a boy about 12 years old looking after a particular cow. Over the stall are 4-H ribbons.
The tack room is about 15 foot by 10 foot with a large wooden bin about 5 foot long, 3 ft high and 3 ft deep. There are harnesses, bridles, and a few tools hanging on hooks on the wall, a large tool box in one corner and three grain sacks on the floor. The measuring cup is hanging on a peg above the grain bin and there is a stack of galvanized metal buckets and another stack of black plastic round food pans just inside the door. The food bins have bits of crusty grain inside.
"... There's a little boy. Well, there goes the idea of changing to my breed form and dumping the whole grain bin into the cow pen." He heads back into the Tack room smiling as he passes the etched name above the door. He notices a cup above the grain bin and decided that might be the measuring cup Jeb was talking about. He fills up a few feed pans, 2 level scoops each, and carries them out to the cows. Task 1 done! This is fun!
Cleaning the Tack Room: Of course the first thing to do is take everything out. Saddles, helmets, horse feed bags, the grain bin, tools and sacks of grain. He picks up a broom and set out to clean all the cobwebs. "Start from the top down" his mother used to say. He sweeps everything into a pile and then looks around to find a trash can. "hmmm. . . Jeb sure isn't clear on his directions." Face First starts bringing everything back in one by one. Before he brings in the grain bin, he sweeps the dirt pile under the location of the grain bin, then sets the bin on top of the pile.
Sacks of Feed: Face First climbs the ladder and inspiration hits him. He throws down bag after bag of feed. Only a couple broke at first until it provided enough cushion to support the rest comming down. "How much do I bring?... I guess I'll just fill up the bin" He climbs down the ladder and picks up a few bags and places the bags in the grain bin. Little trails of feed can be seen from the bottom of the ladder all the way to the feed bin.
Cleaning the Saddles: "Where's that saddle soap?" Adapt and overcome Tnegraes! He saw a movie on spit shining leather and decided now's a better time than any. He pulls a cloth he found while cleaning the room and sets to spitting all over the leather. They shines up niceley, but time is going by faster than he thought. He get's about halfway done and decideds that the cows need to go out.
Taking the cows out of the barn: Face First opens up the barn door and starts pushing all the cows out. Nothings happening... Not a single cow moved. He moves to the back of the herd, kneels down below all the cows and changes to lupus. He then bites one of the cows in the rump, taking a small chunk and it moos barrelling into the cow in front of it. Face First quickly changes back to homid and watches as all the cows start running into the pasture. "Look at that" Face First thinks "I got them all in the pasture and grabbed breakfast at the same time"
Cleaning the stables: Deciding this is the easiest, he grabs a shovel and pail and starts piling all the muck into the bucket. He spots a pile of crap on the side of the barn and starts piling it up there. He comes back, sees the sawdust and shovels some onto the ground. "Easy enough". He then grabs a bale of hay and slams it with all his might on the ground. It bursts open and sprays the entire area with hay. Still having a rather large pile in the middle, he picks it up and throws it up above his head hitting the ceiling before seperating again and raining down hay. Job done! Jeb is going to love this!
The young boy perches on a stall rail to watch the goings on. He doesn't speak, just watches with his legs swinging lazily. The boy watches as the sacks of grain are tossed from above and the leather is spit polished and still keeps quiet. He smirks watching as Face First struggles with getting the cattle out of the barn and gets vary wide eyed as one of the steers goes running past leaving a trail of blood on it's way out the door. Having seen enough the boy hops down and goes into the tack room. He gathers up liniment and the vet first aid bag and goes to tend the injured cow. Once the steer is no calmed, cleaned and treated with antibiotic ointment, the boy heads off to speak with Jeb.
Jeb's face is shinning with anger as he comes back to the cows. He inspects the bitten cow and finds the bite mark without any trouble. He strides into the barn and glares at Face First, "Git the HELL Out! NOW!" The old man takes a breath then points toward the Cairn. "Liam and Connor can deal with you now, boy." Jeb strides off cussing and grumbling.
Face First runs after Uncle Jeb. "Wait Uncle Jeb!! I apologize to the people of the farm. My behavior has been improper and I accept the consequences. I ask my fellow kinfolk for their patience and understanding. Life here can be difficult for me. After all, I am the only one of my kind. You deserve better from me. I can be better. I will be better. With the right training I coulda been great! You don't understand. I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am, let's face it..." Face First lays all his TV knowledge to the situation with intense feeling and emotion!
Jeb continues walking as Face First keeps talking. He doesn't speak. The more Face First talks the darker red Jeb's face gets. He reaches his house and goes inside closing the door behind him.
Face First follows Uncle Jeb to the house. Uncle Jeb is quiet and looking a bit like a lobster by the time they reach the house. Walking closely behind Uncle Jeb they reach the door and Face First gets the door shut in the face making his nose bleed momentarily. Face First picks up the welcome mat and wipes the blood off his nose. He sets it down carefully back in it's exact place as if undisturbed and ponders for a moment, then speaks up "Uncle Jeb, does that mean I can stay? I like helping, it's fun. Just stay inside if it's ok for me to stay and I'll understand. . . Also, you mentioned something about lunch earlier."
Face First hears the sound of a riffle having a round chambered. The door opens with Jeb pointing the gun at Face First. "Boy, you head back to the Cairn or I'll send you there the hard way." A hint of a smirk appears on Face Firsts face. Today was turning out just like his childhood! However, I don't believe Uncle Jeb has the same durability that his ability required to put up an adaquate fight. "ok, ok, I'm going." he turns and walks back to the Caern. As he passes the little boy he sticks his tongue out and gives the little boy a rasberry. He's gotta go talk to Liam now. Perhaps he'll stop by Indu's to see how she's been doing this morning first.
Face First walks by Indu's house, or what passes as one in this area."Miss Indu!?! Are you around? How's the new leg? Has it come yet?" There's no answer from Indu and the house appears as if no one is home.
Face First starts looking around the Bawn for Erin and that Gay licking fellow.Both Erin and McIntyre are likely not too hard to find at some point throughout the day. Undoubtedly they would be sharing a few drinks, kicking back by one of the storage areas of the Bawn. On Face First's approach, McIntyre had just been seen turning to scowl at the air to his side, seeming to growl at it in his Homid form. "Shut up, Horny." When he saw the approach of the Metis, he elbow-nudged Erin and got her attention to the arrival of the other. "Oy, ah see Miss Indu 'asn't killed ya yet. 'at's a good sign, ey?"
Upon closer inspection, Face First had blood around his mouth, reeks of cow shit, and is covered with pieces of hay..."Mind if I get one?" Asking as politely as he can for a little bit of drink.
Before Erin could speak up, he grinned poured a double-shot of Single Malt Highland Scotch for Face First. As he saw it, it was obvious given the smell that he'd had his nose to the grindstone, perhaps literally noticing the blood. It would be entirely inhospitable to not offer something to him. He held the glass out to the Metis, the scent of heather smoked scotch wafting through the air, along with the collection of other scents from Erin and McIntyre - most notably a menagerie of alcoholic scents. "Boyo', ye smell like ye've been doin' some... well. Shit work. Good thing fer ya. Helps one to appreciate all that Gaia offers, wouldn't ye agree?" The grin remained on his face as he waited for Face First to take the double-shot.
Erin was leaning over a cloth covered lump. It was a good sized lump, but she was pulling off the tarps and covering. One such time the lass was bent over, her ass in the air when her pack mate elbowed it, causing her to unbalance and sprawl over the lump. Standing back up she pushed her deep red hair out of her eyes and growled "Hey there ya bleedin' moron. I dun wanna scratch this. Wha' in th' hell are ya elbowin' me fer?" The Galliard finally turned around, the last tarp in her hand, ripping it off to reveal a very sweet looking deep green 2004 Kawasaki Prairie. The ATV looked almost brand new. Her eyes looked to both the male and she snorted and wrinkled her nose. "Well, Boyo', wha' th' hell have ya gotten yerself in ta now? Ya smell like ya met th' north end o' a south bound skunk" She turned back around to the ATV and stroked it lovingly a sad look crossing her face. Before slipping onto it, straddling it. With a twist and turn she started the thing up with a bit of sputter. It roared to life and she smiled.
Face First looks at the ATV and smiles "Well, Uncle Jeb didn't seem to like the job I did helping him out on the farm, athough I don't understand why" Face First tells them the story of his tasks and his perceived cleverness at completing each job, followed by Uncle Jebs uncalled for reaction. "So now I'm preparing to go see Liam shortly, but wanted a little bit of a break. You guys seem to get me... at least a little bit."
McIntyre "Rends the Defiler with Drunken Claws" took a moment after listening to the story Face First had told before he seemed satisfied with his understanding of what had taken place. Try as he may, he couldn't find anything specifically wrong with what he'd done, but then, he wasn't the most profound thinker the Garou nation had ever seen. After offering a bit of a shrug to the Metis, he spoke plainly. "Well laddie, this is as good'a place as any ta catch a bit o' rest and relaxing. From what ye've told me, I can't say that I saw anything wrong with the job ye did. But if Jeb has issue with it, maybe the man's got his reasons? I'd be willin' ta bet he just hadn't had the proper start ta' the marnin'."

When he spoke of the proper start to the morning, McIntyre motioned to the bottle that he'd poured the drink for Face First from, giving a knowing grin. "But eh. At least yer doin' somethin' to earn yer keep. S'more than some can say, ain't it laddie?"

Erin glanced at the two of them and rev'd the engine on the ATV. She listened thoughtfully and then shook her head. "Well, if'n ya made Grandda mad at ya, ya better be makin' yer apologies, boyo. An' if'n ya need ta see Uncle Liam, better come on. We'll head up ther'. Th' sooner th' better with Da and Liam. Ya don't need th' kinfolk angry wit' ya, lad." She jerked her head and motioned to the rear of vehicle. "Ya like it? Hop on, it was me brother, Neil's. When he died, Malachi had it, an' now, well .... it's me own."
There wasn't a moment's hesitation as the daredevil Ahroun found himself leaping at the chance to hop aboard. Once he found a comfortable seat on the back of the ATV, he glanced over at Face First and grinned before turning back to his alpha. "I don't know a thing about it yet, but if it moves fast, ah'll like it just fine. Do tell me it goes fast, right?"McIntyre sat on the back end, happily holding his position there as he waited, albeit impatiently for motion to spark. Face First pouts a bit as he never gets to use forward motion weaver tech. He shrugs it off and turns into Lupus to run along side them.
The Fianna smiled at the metis and then spoke to her beta, "Hold on ta me waist, wolf." With that she gunned it, turning the wheel and heading down a small game path. She was reckless as she flew down the trail bumping along, and making a few nice jumps. She slowed down for a bend in the pathway. This would go on for a few minutes as she tried her best to scare her Ahroun out of his mind. It didn't take long for them to reach the large farm house. To which she pulled up to the house and cut the engine, letting out a howl for her uncle. She slipped off the atv and patted it. Perhaps she should get that thing awakened... an ATV in the umbra that would be down right fun."Uncle Liam!!! Th' mule pissed off Grandda. He needs yer help"
The Ahroun never found himself even remotely scared - which was either brave and carefree, or possibly foolhardy. Maybe all three at the same time. But as he held on to Erin's waist, he found himself hooting and hollering as the ATV made its way along the trail. Finally when it had come to a stop, he hopped off after his alpha had, almost dropping into a sulky look for a moment. The adrenaline hadn't left his system and he hadn't wanted to stop. Turning to wait for the Metis to catch up, when finally he did, McIntyre said, "Boyo, you're gonna need to catch th' next ride on that thing wi' Erin. That was every bit as much fun as anythin' ah've ever done before."
Connor comes out of the house only wearing a pair of jeans. The scars that riddle his body are numerous and strech for all the skin that you can see. His red hair tousled in every direction, he squints at the three with a foul mood on his face. "What is it that you rouse me for? What has the metis done now?"
Erin blinked in surprise to see her father answer the summons. Then her face lit up like a christmas tree. "Well good mornin' ta ya, Da. Ya look like hell. Ya shoulda joined th' party I had last night wit' McIntyre. Then ya migh' na look like th' wrong side o' th' Gaffney Peach, turd included."
The Ahroun swallowed a bit, feeling that another beating was in his near future. As he watched the scarred man come walking out, he took note of the number of scars that he had, a respect for the Adren welling up within him as only another Ahroun could feel. But still, he had a task ahead of him. "Aye, ye should'a been there. Er. Well, maybe not. Ye've been very busy, ah understand. Wouldn't want to take away from yer sleep with a few hours'a drinkin' an... well, other things."

Snaping is eyes and full attention to the lupis, "What other things? I swear if you so much as think about touching my daughter, I will skin you and have your hide as my cloak." Turning back to Face-first, "Speak up boy, I don't have all day." Connor cringes at the enthusiasm and volume of Erin's voice. "I had my own issues to deal with." Looking to others, "Now it seems that I have the metis problems to deal with this morning. Speak up mule, what did you do now?"

He looked at Connor for a moment, piecing together what he felt were the proper words.

"Not that I'd try an' deny ye a new cloak, since by the looks o' the one ye had on th' other night ye might need a new one some day... but ah don't think throwin' away the life o' someone who's here to help protect yer Caern and to fight fer Gaia would be the best o' decisions. Besides, I ain't harmed yer daughter none. Even got her out of some trouble a hand full o' times before gettin' back ta this Caern." With that, he waited for Face First to answer for his part in this, hoping it might take some of the aggro off of himself.

Face First looks at Connor with surprise, but more for the expectation let down then any form of fear. He brushes off a few pieces of straw, bends his knees to seem as short as possible and speaks as respectful as possible "Good..." looks up at the sun and then back down "...afternoon Connor, Alpha and most repected garou of the Sept. I'm not quite sure what the problem is. I believe Uncle Jeb thinks my talents lie more in the sept than tending cattle and cleaning. I've come back to see what I can do to help. Helping the sept is, of course, my main goal. I..." He pauses thinking about what to say. He decides not to waste Connors time with trivial details. Then nods as if to say he's finished, even though he knows it's a bit awkward to stop talking mid sentance.
Connor's eyes flare as the metis speaks. When he trails off, Connor moves like lightning. In one motion he shifts to crinos, grabs Face-first by the throat, and pins him to the earth. Bearing all of his teeth, he growls,"I suffer not fool lightly. Speak in clear words the deeds you did that brought you here. Jeb would not send you hear unless you have wronged the Sept. And before you give into your moon, know this. You have one.... last.... chance.... " Staring the metis in the eye, "Speak."
Face First speaks calmly, head facing down as respectful as he can in the current position. There is not a tense muscle in his body as he lays throat showing to Connor "I can be nothing but my moon just as you, but I will try. Jeb woke me up and we both went to the barn. He rambled off a list that was to be done before walking off. I remembered each instruction and performed them as asked. I fed the cows exactly ask asked, cleaned the tack room, shined most of the saddles, sent the cows into the pasture, brought more feed down without breaking my neck, and mucked and refreshed the stables. That's when Jeb walked in and told me to come see you and Liam. This is why I responded and still do with confusion."
Still holding him by the throat, the Alpha looks to his daughter,"Erin, get Jeb so I can get the real story." That said, he throws the metis against the house. "Stay there and don't move till Jeb gets here. McIntyre, you are so eager to ward. Make sure the bastard doesn't move til Jeb or I says he can move." Shifting back to his breed form, he walks back into the house with a slight limp in his left leg.
Luckily, Face Firsts head hits the house first and cushioned the blow. He doesn't stand because he knows this routine well. This was what happened when he didn't meet up to his fathers expectations. He shifts to wolf form and huddles where he landed, doing his best to look small and dreadfully uncomfortable. He starts preparing himself mentally for the inevitable assault. He must not move, he must not howl, he must be still and accept it fully. He prays to Gaia quietly to see him through as he waits.
McIntyre found himself nodding to Connor's request, moving over to lean against the house where the Metis had adopted his lupus form. Thinking he might be a bit more comfortable with similar company, he shifted down to his own Lupus form - for all intents and purposes it looked like a fiery red blaze was set about the fur of a near-direwolf. The Fianna guise was menacing, but he hadn't expressed any volatility. He just sat there, performing as he was tasked by the Adren. He still hadn't figured there was much hope of getting out of the situation with all of that lovely fur in tact, so he felt he should get some use of it while was still able to. Then he heard Erin speak and blinked, wondering if anyone would have any fur left.
She moved over to the two lupus and stared at the Metis. She knelt down and scratched his head. "Are ya alright ther', lad? Anything broken? Ah'm gonna get Grandda. McIntyre, do na let me Da hurt the boyo." Her face was set in a scowl as walked back to the Atv and hopped on. The engine fired up and as she guided it through the forest, down the game trail, towards Jeb's house. She pulled up to the house and cut the engine. Vaulting off of it, she ran up to the house, yelling... "Grandda, Da is abou' ta kill Face First. He wants ya up ther' ta tell yer side o' th' story."
Jeb looks up from a near empty mason jar of clear liquid and shows obvious signs of being well into his cups. He shakes his head and takes another swig before speaking... "Well good for him. Last thing we need around here is that there metis. Indu said I should give him a chance and I did... he bit one of my cows. I don't mean he just bit 'em on the ear either. He took a right big bite outta that rump. Ifin' I loose one of my cows because of that sad excuse for a Garou he better hope yer Da killed him cause I won't be so kind." Jeb takes another big swig almost emptying the jar. Even in his chair he wobbles a little from side to side.
"Well wha' did ya tell him ta do, Grandda? Exactly? Ya know how stupid a metis can be. If'n it will make ya feel better, Ah'll tend ta th' chores this afternoon an' finish 'em. The poor lad, is so confused like he dun know wha' he did wrong. Ah'll teach th' city boyo how ta do 'em properly." The galliard offered as she went inside and retrieved a second mason jar for the old man. She handed it to him and smiled brightly. "Ah dun wanna see 'im breakin' the litany. Tha' will lead 'im down th' wrong path."
Jeb cracks a grin at the sight of the mason jar. Opening the lid he drinks down a good shot then wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. "Yer such a good lass. I always knew ya would be. Since ya was a youngin' ya always know how to make an old man smile" Jeb, looks down at the jar and back up at you, takes a deep breath and starts. "Indu said the boy was supposed to help me. She wanted him to build some character and wanted me to baby sit his fool ass. I told her I would but he had to stay in his human state. I ain't dealing with my cows gittin' all spooked with him shifting into a fuzzy hulk. So's I gave him very clear instructions, but I knew he was a city boy so I made double sure he knew what he was expected to do. I told Jacob to stick around the barn and answer any questions the fool asked. I told the boy not to interfere, just answer questions unless the fool did something that endangered the cows or the barn. Well, Jacob come and got me a couple hours later. It seems that the Metis, took ta bitin' one of my steers. Jacob took care of the steer before comin' to git me. I checked the steer before goin' off on the idiot. The bite mark was from a wolf. I ain't havin' it!" Jebs voice starts to get louder and he wobbles a bit in the chair. Taking a big gulp of the shine he squints his eyes at the door. "So I told him to get the hell outta my barn and to go see yer da and uncle. He didn't do what I told him. Noooo. That damn fool follows me. Starts spouting nonsense and drivel tryin' to get on my good side. I came back here and he just stood on my porch spouting more crackpot shit. Well I chased him off with 'Ol Betty there." He nods to the rifle next to the door. "An' I ain't seen him since. Be better if'in I don't. I ain't got no use for that shit." Jeb kicks back rocking his chair onto it's two rear legs and laces his fingers over his chest.
Erin leaned against one of the posts as the old man spoke, crossing her arms over her chest. "Thank ya Grandda, Ah'll go handle it. An' if'n ya are willin' Ah'll handle th' chores afterwards. Ah still think th' boyo needs ta learn how ta do 'em. Is ther' anythin' tha' might be a good way ta say he's sorry ta ya? Perhap mowin' the yard, gettin' th' firewood chopped? Ah'll baby sit 'im. Ah'm sure he meant well." She cringed at the thought of that last one, he would owe her for cleaning up this mess.
Jeb makes a disgusted sound and puts the lid back on his jar. "An' I don' need help doin' the chores. I been doin' 'em before you were a trickle down yer Da's leg." Jeg gets up. Steadies himself then grabs his hat and heads for the barn grumbling and only staggering slightly as he goes.
"Thanks, Grandda" Erin smiled and nodded, she watched the old man totter off and ran back to the ATV. It didn't take her long to come back to the Farm house and dismount the dark green vehicle. "Da! Grandda basically said ta kiss 'is arse"
Face First perks an ear to hear Erin's words. He would never speak that way to his alpha, but something inside him tells him to stay quiet. He recalls the order from the alpha to get Jeb here and is confused. Face First would have put him kicking and screaming (or mumbling in Jeb's case) into a sack and carried him here against his will before he ever thought to not fulfill a direct order from the Sept Alpha. While still in the same position as before, his ears perk slightly as he listens intently for the alphas response. "There could be a lesson here" he thinks to himself.
Looking back at the metis with disgust,"You took a BITE out of one of the cows? What in all the bloody hells where you thinking? Did you not get enough to eat? You have to destroy our livestock to fill your gut?" Turing his back to walk to the other end of the house as the Rage tries to over take him. After a moment he turns back around and walks toward those that are gathered. "You have taken Indu's legs and burned them. You may have destroyed Jeb's livestock. The way I see it, you have two strikes against you. You know what happens if you get three strikes, or do I have to explain that one to you?"
3 Strikes? ...Face First knows this! With a small raise of his snout Face First speaks up with a squeeky submissive lupus voice "3 strikes... means I made a turkey?" looking at Connor's feet for approval. Luck my be going his way thanks to his knowledge of bowling. He'll never forget that!
"Turkey.... you will wish you were a turkey." Turning to head in the house. "Take him to Liam. If he pisses off Liam, he will have no place in this Caern." Connor slams the door shut.

(To Be Continued...)

6/15/2013 - While I was a cub, I was punched in the face by a Cliath while trying to stop a very menacing wolf from running away. Grudge created. More to follow on that. I'll get his name.

6/30/2013 - One of our cubs raped a wyrm tainted snake spirit. No he's not a Metis, and no he wasn't frenzied.
6/30/2013 - Eye of Anubis, and Soft Truths, both left to help open a Caern in Florida.
7/11/2013 - The new Cliath den parent from Sept of the Shrouded Spring told an Adren to fuck off, and that he was a Nazi, and wyrm tainted. Sounds like a great role model!

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