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Courtesan. Confidant. Commander.

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Name: Orenna Komnenos
Clan: Toreador
Also Called: The Dreamweaver, Lady of the Dawn, Ladybird, Orenna the Black
Founder of: the society Ex Tenebris
Abiding Status: Acknowledged, Confirmed, Established, and Privileged.
Fleeting Status:

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  • ?: Embraced in India.
  • 1847: First record of the name Orenna Komnenos, in Hong Kong.
  • 1860-1890: Orenna travels extensively, especially in Asia, supporting the few Camarilla strongholds in the Far East. She makes a few, short visits to Europe.
  • 1890: Branching out into new cultures, Orenna arrives in America, travelling across the country to expand her client base and entertain herself. She eventually settles in San Francisco, where she often meets in social circles. She continues frequent travel to clients around the globe.
  • 1935: Orenna relocates to Atlanta on a permanent basis. She works to rebuild the entertainment industry tattered by Prohibition, the Temperance movement, and the war of the Tremere and Malkavians against the Setites.
  • 1939: Orenna hosts a private party celebrating the premiere of "Gone With the Wind." The celebration proves wildly successful, with rumors spreading about the night: feeding from cast members, a lead actress auctioned off as a ghoul, and Orenna herself arriving in the famous burgundy birthday party dress are all whispered to have occurred behind the bash's closed doors. After, invitations to future events become highly sought after in kindred circles.
  • 2009: As tensions mount in Atlanta, Orenna cashes in boons to become Keeper of Elysium, spending years and her fortune to maintain the sacred places of peace in the middle of a war.
  • 2014: Orenna travels frequently and resettles her home in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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  • "I look upon her and see my heart walking in the body of another." - Alexander Konrad
  • "The key to unraveling the mystery of a riddle is to grasp the simple fact that the answer lay hidden behind one's own preconceptions and assumptions. Strip away what you believe you know and focus on what remains; and what was once obscured will be as clear as the moon on a cloudless night." - An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave †
  • "Her beauty beguiles mortal men, but she devastates Kindred by reminding us all of our longing for the lives we lost and left behind." - Adeline Bellamy †
  • "She is a mystery to me as of yet. My first impression is that she is a woman who seems to allow her actions to speak louder than her words. This is a promising characteristic. And so I continue to watch... as many others do." - Clé deMontes
  • "Sometimes you have to indulge." - Sigil aka Byron Lancaster
  • "There is nothing more dangerous than underestimating the mind that lies behind a pretty face. Of course, you will anyway. Orenna has a way of making those around her forget themselves. I would say that at least you won't make the same mistake twice, but it would be a fleeting comfort. I don't think you'd thank me for it." - Desdemona Gonzaga
  • "A witty woman is a treasure; a witty beauty is a power." - Pierrot le Fou †
  • "Forbidden fruit is always the sweetest, no...?" - Lochlann MacAllan
  • "Don't let the pretty face fool you, as the rose has thorns, that is one dangerous lady." - Roane †
  • "Some great predators rely on camouflage, pack tactics and stalking their prey while others just have bright shiny dresses." - Simon Striga †
  • "While Miss Komnenos' social qualities make her a treasure to spend an evening with, it is her dedication to tradition and propriety that mark her as an invaluable asset to the Ivory Tower." - Benjamin Sharp
  • "There are those who look upon Lady Komnenos, and her profession, with disdain. But these prudes mistake virtue for vice, clinging to old Gods and mortal attitudes. In this, my dear niece knows the game, and she plays it on her own terms." - Einhardt Wagner
  • "A recent acquaintance -- I was struck by her calm reserve. It is possible that I have recently seen past those still waters to the genuine warmth beneath. Or, it could be merely another petal of this rose. Or, I could be entirely a fool." - Benedict d'Holbach
  • "She has a tongue that cuts like a knife, but cauterizes the wound and leaves fresh, new, beautiful skin behind" -Lydia Brooks
  • "This One knows that all Roses have thorns... but some pains are pleasures in disguise" - Kopaki
  • "Ms. Komnenos is what every toreador should aspire to: beautiful, graceful, knowledgeable, captivating, deadly. Wise is the man who seeks out her counsel. Remarkable is the man that can keep her by his side." - Maxwell Jacobs
  • "Defined by a lover's heart and a laborer's hand, she proves a poet to be prophetic indeed." - Arden
  • "One kindred I would think it best never to cross. The greatest of battles are seldom won with blades, but conquered with tongues." - Elena Hellenbach
  • "She's the epitome of beauty and grace. Atlanta is lucky to have someone like Orenna in our city." - Isabella Marie
  • "What do I think of Orenna? A harvest moon in fall. Why do you ask?" - Oliver Mayne †
  • "Mdme Orenna is a rare flower, delicate, beautiful and poisonous. I would not cross her were I you, it would be most... unfortunate for you." - Adalina Durante †
  • "In a sea of Kindred whose conversation cannot manage beyond discussing petty gossip or the weather, Orenna is always a delight. She is as intelligent as she is beautiful, and I for one value what she brings to our society." - Kristian Vasa
  • "She inspired me to write a play. What higher praise could I possibly give?" - Jacob Hastings †
  • "I'll be direct. You fuck with her, you get fucked with. And I won't even be first or worst in that line. Meditate on that." - Hawthorne
  • "Don't let Orenna fool you with that "butter won't melt in my mouth" smile. I mean, butter might not melt in her mouth because she IS technically dead. I have never actually tested it. What was I saying? Orenna makes the best bathtub gin. It might have a negative impact on your neurological functioning though." -Poppy
  • "She would make an excellent Nosferatu, and that's probably the highest compliment I can give someone." - Jimmy Farrington †
  • "If the past year were offered me again, and choice of good and ill before me set, would I accept the pleasure with the pain, or dare to wish that we had never met?" - Edward James Crowe, MD †
  • "Before that instant, I had never missed the passing of a moment between the tick of a second hand." - Lucien
  • "She is as charming and graceful as ever, Orenna is immutable in our society." - Clarence Charles Merrick
  • "Speaking as one who has always preferred the male aesthetic, her presence reminds me how humble I should be, and grateful, that not all mysteries are knowable." - Franziskus Winter
  • "Welcome Beauty, banish fear, you are queen and mistress here. Speak your wishes, speak your will, swift obedience meets them still." - Goodman Goring †
  • "I know what it is like to be unable to sleep in the long night. Orenna reminds me it is easier to do so knowing a friend is near." - David Daniel Steiner
  • "I find the patterns of her actions holds many of the internal consistencies of the celebrity phenomena within our society. Oh, how they love her, than hate her, and then love her again. Yet, she has the attention of kindred who hold my esteem, and thus I wonder if the object will emerge as the actor - we kindred live long lives..." - Chandra de Soissones
  • "She was fiery as hell, wearing a lot of black, though probably not as much as she should have been. It was love at first sight, but only in the way that a Rabbit loves a rattlesnake." - Calvin Hastings
  • "Orenna? Yes, we traveled across this continent back around 1900. A boon companion on such a trip at a time where talk was the entertainment unlike today's bountiful trivialities. The art of conversation can be a pleasant thing and includes, at times, silence." - Uror
  • "Orenna has taught me many wise lessons since we first met on the open road...including how it takes getting everything you ever wanted and then losing it to know what freedom truly is." - Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek †
  • "Ms. Komnenos is a formidable guest, but not an unwelcome one. Few wear their joys as well as she clothes herself in her sorrows." - Rand Ryan
  • "Truly, I was captivated. At first meeting one can tell that this face, these eyes and this voice have ended lives and honor." - Jillian Renard
  • "Each time I have had the opportunity to enjoy Councilor Komnenos's presence she surprises and delights me more and more. Never have I seen one speak their mind so freely and brightly." - Xavier Guard
  • "Very few women surprise me as she did when I met her in Milwaukee. In my line of work, surprise is an invaluable tactical advantage that cannot be ignored and should most properly be respected in any tête-à-tête." - Archon Samuel Vesper †
  • "I kill with my words, but this woman is special. Without vulgarity, which is my usual knife, she can make you want to kill yourself from disappointing her. Clever, witty, and beautiful." - Dax Forte
  • "Her? Well, what can I say? When I put a smoke signal up in the Lakes-Mississippi Heartland for a hand with some unsavory types in our town, she's the only one who dropped me a line. Hell, that says a shitload about her, don't it now?" - Alvar Stava † of Bloomington, Indiana
  • "You're the Commander in this. Yours is not to commit the act, but simply give the order. Trust me that's worse than the former." - Goodman Goring †
  • "Yeh she knows wot shes doin' alrite. tactical genius, Xpert marksman, all that. full package. i'd follow 'er into a fite any day of the week. fing is tho, she ain't exactly the life of the party, no wot i mean? guess thats why shes got me!" Ollie Ellsworth
  • "Truth? The woman terrifies me. However, the more I knowledge I glean about her, the more I find I also strive to be like her." Eris Sonatia †
  • "Perception is everything, she is one of the few I know who understand the purpose of the monkey." Jack
  • "Alas that my heart, fettered by bonds of duty and honor, is not mine to give." Captain Sawyer
  • "How I have lived up until this point without her in my life I do not know. But, I know I do not care to return to the life I had before I knew her. Her heart is the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed." Baron Cimetiere †
  • "She is, um, nice. Yes, nice is a good word to use. Now can we talk about something else before she shows up?" Spencer
  • "In a world of Masters and Mistresses of Arts, none were as skilled as the one that created...Her." Sebastian Frost
  • "Many consider Orenna quite the fetching creature; however, it is not her physical form that intrigues me. I am far more interested in her words...her actions, her soul." Martin Shallow †
  • "She is my light and I am her shadow, where she goes I surely follow..." - Goodman Goring †
  • "The red is what they notice. The black merely frames it and keeps it from overwhelming the senses." - Walter Jones
  • "Do you want the very definition of 'uncomfortable attention'? Try walking down the streets of Hong Kong with a fiery red head and watch heads whip around. That said, totally worth it... Who was it? Pfft, you'd call me a liar." Calvin Ames
  • "There are gardens worth planting because of a single, spectacular specimen. That makes all other flora in the garden pale in comparison. Then there are gardens not worth planting, for they lack such a splendorous rose. I know which Elder Komnenos occupies." - Jack Mitchel †
  • "Thank fashion for Lady Orenna." - Addi Bell
  • "A curious creature. Possibly more powerful- and dangerous to her enemies- outside her clan of embrace than in." - Edith Boese
  • "Often when friends reunite they dote on each other with gifts. For as long as I have known Lady Orenna she always give me the same gift, a valuable gift that I could never repay. Each time our paths cross, she gives me hope."- Pagan Ajay †
  • "She is a wondrously rare creature of the night whose inner virtue is seen by few as her mystery distracts and leaves the less astute puzzled and lost. A discerning eye though allows one to appreciate what is often overlooked because of her pulchritude and social charms. Woe unto those who seek to take such pleasant company from the Tower as I believe they shall find no friendly faces remaining for the remainder of their very short existences." - Clanhead Mal Walker
  • "Someone may have once said 'tis many a slip twixt a cup and a lip', but he didn't know her. Everything calculated and smooth ... you have to admire it. Every good Southern boy knows that a lady with a smooth whiskey and smoother words has something on her mind, and seldom good ... but what a way to go." - Abel Carter
  • "I like her most of all when she acts as a bridge between me an' somethin' important that came before me -- an' yet, she's always just out of reach. I can see why somebody could long for that. She really does it just so." - Kasserine Powell
  • "With one gentle touch, she sunders all my defenses." Captain Sawyer
  • "We have much in common she and I. I am in awe that with two whispered words she made my heart beat again." Reading Gaol
  • "She is not a Toreador. She is The Toreador." - Elder Cristiano Mondego
  • "Elder Komnenos has a certain poise and wit that is hard to find, in these nights. She speaks with such conviction and strength that I pity anyone who comports themselves foolishly enough to discover the edge to that silver tongue of hers." - Elder Serafina Durante
  • "She reminds me of every unattainable, perfect love interest I've ever seen in the films I grew up with. As it turns out? Emotions like that really don't resolve themselves in under 120 minutes. The things you learn." - Abraham Mayer
  • "I don't care what you call her, I call her fabulous. Oh, and Auntie." - Toby Dior
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  • While Orenna is patron and muse to many artists, only one painting of her is known to exist. Stolen from a private collection decades ago, it is rumored to circulate the black market, stolen again and again as "the face that could launch a thousand thieves."
  • A member of Atlanta's court discovered an elaborate shrine to Orenna during an investigation of rogue kindred wandering the city.
  • Orenna is the originator of the phrase "lady in the street and a freak in the bed."
  • Even if it isn't visible, Orenna always wears a silver orchid-shaped timepiece, a masterpiece from a certain elder watchmaker.
  • Orenna was given field command of the Battle of Chicago on less than ten hours notice. Some placed bets that she would remain in Milwaukee, giving orders from a distance. However, on the night of the battle, she entered Chicago on foot with a Brujah, two Gangrel, and a Caitiff, and the promise to "clear things up" with the lupines. Everyone in her party returned, unscathed--and the lupines cleared the way for the kindred.
  • During the ball in Nashville, Orenna dressed in her signature black sari--with her left hand defiled with theatrical paint to look like blood. When asked how that strange gesture fit into the ball's theme of the future, she only replied "I will be in the future as I am, now--a bit of grace, some elegance, perhaps, but always with a hand willing to commit violence against those who threaten the Ivory Tower."
  • Orenna knew she would be ejected from the Toreador clan ahead of time...and she didn't mind a bit. After all, Lilly Belle needed to do something to appear like she accomplished anything as clanhead.
  • When Dax Forte said she could kill with words, it wasn't just a metaphor. All her students of humanity are success stories because they fear failing her more than they fear the Beast.
  • During the national conclave in Washington D.C., Orenna dared to approach Rafael de Corazon alone, and without so much as an introduction. She walked away smiling and starry-eyed.
  • When one of her lovers betrayed the ideals of humanity, she sent him a message through a third party. He killed himself shortly thereafter.
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