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Tamerlane, the Astronomer
Teach me your mood, O patient stars.
Who climb each night, the ancient sky.
Leaving on space no shade, no scars,
No trace of age, no fear to die.

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Persian astronomer. Brujah individualist. Has history with the Assamite clan, but does not often speak of it. Zoroastrian in religious preferences. Does not get along well with most other Brujah. Seems to have a protective obsession for individuals capable of oracular divination. Nearly went into wassail in 1923 in Chicago, and thereafter withdrew to reside with her broodmate, Tobias, in Seattle. Very knowledgeable about Paths of Enlightenment (and has been censured by the Camarilla for such knowledge), but she is not personally on a Path. Currently serves as Seattle’s Brujah Primogen for the city of Seattle.

Timeline Tam.png

Tam sat.png1419-1449 — Born in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, at the site of the Ulugh Bey Observatory.
Tam sat.png1449 — Ulugh Bey Observatory destroyed by Christian fanatics; she is kidnapped and ghouled in the commotion, and presumed dead.
Tam sat.png1453 — Assists domitor to save books from the fall of Constantinople to murderous Ottomans.
Tam sat.png1510 — Embraced at the Black Monastery.
Tam sat.png1500-1670 — Continues her studies. Backs the Ottoman takeover of Tabriz and places Shah Tahmasp into power in 1524. Spends time studying Paths, learning about kindred psychology and the Beast. Becomes more and more disenchanted with the Brujah Clan and its leadership.
Tam sat.png1670-1750 — Disgusted by the Brujah who create the Path of Evil Revelations [SHS,p49], Tamerlane walks out on the Brujah. Spends the next century murdering people she disagrees with, and being generally grumpy.
Tam sat.png1750 — Travels to the New World with one of the few Brujah she still trusts; Dark Selena. She uses her astrological knowledge to pilot the ship. this ends poorly, and Dark Selena promptly betrays her. When they reach the port of Philadelphia, Dark Selina arranges for Tamerlane to be captured and diablerized by the Sabbat. Tamerlane escapes.
Tam sat.png1800-1880 — Heads south to battle the Sabbat in Mexico. When Mexico falls in 1850, she loses focus and purpose. Defeated and disheartened, she spends time wandering the frontier with a Gangrel posse.
Tam sat.png1881 — The Camarilla’s Conclave requires Assamite Sorcery to be registered with the Tremere.
Tam sat.png1920 — Prohibition-era Chicago. While fighting on the Camarilla’s behalf, Tamerlane experiences a personal trauma. After the event, she determines to try and regain her lost humanity; to leave behind the warrior and focus on her life as an astronomer once more. Looking for a safe place to grieve and regain her humanity, she heads for Seattle, to seek haven with her elder brother, Tobias. At Humanity 1, she is not a frequent attendee to kindred societal events. By 1934, with a more stable humanity, Tamerlane becomes Sheriff of Seattle.
Tam sat.png1946 — Is a staunch anti-Anarch voice at the conclave in Boston. Her perspective is confirmed by the Conclave vote.
Tam sat.png1959 — The Camarilla's Conclave in Vienna. Tamerlane attends the gathering, and presents a pro-path treatise, using the Path of Harmony as a talking point. Her point of view is overruled; paths are forbidden in the Camarilla. Because of her vocal opposition at the Conclave, Tamerlane is brutally investigated by individuals who claim to work for a Justicar, to ensure she is not teaching or fostering those on Paths. They burn her personal library, including most of her research on various subjects. Her expressions of rage thereafter cause her Humanity to fall again to a 1. In 1962, she retires from the Sheriff's position, relapsing into to her old ways of murder and mayhem.
Tam sat.png1969 — When the Setite, Geb Shadid (NPC) is assassinated in 1969, Tamerlane is one of the prime suspects in his murder. Rumors fly, but she is never proven to have been involved.
Tam sat.png1990 — Tamerlane accepts the Brujah Primogency in Seattle, and is public with her support of the Tremere’s activities regarding Prince Reginald Cornell’s death. Her humanity has again been restored to a 2, but seems on shaky ground.
Tam sat.png2013 — Modern nights.

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Lineage of Blood

The Black Legion claims descendancy from the Mistress of the Black Monastery. However, the apex of the line is not a member of this household. For her crimes against the Camarilla, Lady Meridie de Chancie has been struck from the records, and is not considered a part of this Brujah line. Her childer, grandchilder and other descendants proudly remain loyal to the Ivory Tower, and unified in their disdain for her actions.

The third, and youngest-known childe of their Sire, Tamerlane is a bit of an enigma to the line. Embraced because of a private deal between herself and their Sire, it took centuries before Tamerlane was fully accepted as a member of the Legion. While the Lady of the Black Monastery was in good graces, Tamerlane seemed distant from their line and founder. Strangely, now that their Sire has fallen on hard times and been exiled, the Astronomer seems the only one with a good word to spare for the Lady Meridie.

"Some people — and I am one of them — hate happy endings.
The night does not coddle the weak. Nor does it reward virtue.
Peace is a curse, and happiness a burden.
Hope exists only so we have farther to fall."

Viktor Cantemir Alister MacArthur Captain Sawyer Einhardt Wagner David Steiner Ora
Canaan Espina Chandra de Soissones Amaris Ingram Richard Adams Kristian Vasa Dieci
Ligeia Loxley Benjamin Baker Chapel Evelyn Atwood Alister MacArthur Roane Lazuli
Laszlo Bako Phillip Avery Redgrave Eileen Vargas Alexis Godot Guibert Murmure "Charlie"
Eva Wolfner Vincenza Longhena Selene de Lorraine Sevynn Tyler Vaughn "X"
Matoxtli Pisanob Ally Ally Ally Ally Ally

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Tam jup.pngClan Assamite has a long-standing contract out on Tamerlane, just waiting to be fulfilled.
Tam sat.png"War is a game for the young because with age comes the acceptance that death is a true unknown and thus begets terror as only the void can. It is no wonder that those who survive war become philosophical to one degree or another. Those who fully grasp the concept of death rarely have the nerve to move toward it. So one must wonder at the strength of conviction of a being that sees the certitude of nothingness and yet still stands, sword in hand, in the face of it." — An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
Tam sat.png"Tam. I have spent hours, sitting and watching the way her mind works, fascinated by it's many facets. And while it is true, I have seen my baby sister kill with her bare hands, I would cleanse a city myself not to see her forced to do such again."Eirik Alexson
Tam sat.png"True elders are inscrutable. They needn't hide their secrets, or obscure their motivations. They can wear their hearts on their sleeves, but to one who hasn't paid the same toll of centuries, it beats with an alien cadence. Only a fool would mistake their own lack of comprehension for a lack of passion on the subject's part."Captain Sawyer
Tam jup.pngI've never known anyone to hate another vampire as unwaveringly as Tamerlane hates Dark Selena.
Tam sat.png"I like you."Dieci
Tam sat.png"Dear Lady Tamerlane is the necessary calm in the passionate ranks of her family, the steadying breath before the next interlude begins. It is no surprise to you or I that one who gazes upon the stars also hears the distant footsteps of their endless march."Ligeia Loxley
Tam jup.pngShe slaughtered her last lover in Chicago, in the 1920s. She killed him in cold blood because he was going to betray the Camarilla.
Tam sat.png"I'm never actually sure if she's trying to help me or actively hindering me, and her eyes are the wrong color, and she moves with a sort of dignity that's almost feline, like, she could trip over a Ventrue and make it look both intentional and proper, and what's more she could probably make it look really attractive too. Err, I mean, what?"Alexis Godot, whispering loudly to a Masonic painting.
Tam sat.png"It is said in my home country, that one cannot ride two horses while sitting in a single saddle. But, deus in caelis, she does try."Eileen Vargas
Tam sat.png"Tamerlane seems to be a balance between the clan's two great souls, of warrior and scholar. For this she does her clan great honor and shows what we can be. Not that she has always agreed with the Brujah, but what family does not disagree from time to time? Especially one as passionate as the Brujah." ' — Laszlo Bako
Tam sat.png"I see in her the sort of redemption that draws even the vilest of souls back from the brink of oblivion. She is a study in tenacity — an elegant triumph. I see, in her, all the things that the foulest of us can become when they abandon inhumanity and embrace what raises us above the Beast. I am thankful, in truth, that she has done so. While I cannot live in the light, she is a promising hope to envy from the darkness."Benjamin Baker Chapel
Tam jup.pngTamerlane's library is guarded by a giant beast with the upper half of a woman and the lower half of a lion. Those who find this library are made to forget that such a place even exists.
Tam sat.png"As one gains perspective, you find solace in places you would have never thought to look earlier in your journey. Whatever roads lead us to this place, I am glad to have found solace with her."Viktor Cantemir
Tam sat.png"Elders always seems to have a view of the world that isn't quite right. Tamerlane has proved my theory wrong, she views the world for exactly what it is: in need of explanation. Her drive to examine and analyze the world is awe inspiring, she is a constant inspiration for those of an investigative nature. Brawn and brilliance have never been paired in such a lovely package; I mourn for anyone who is foolish enough to cross her path, and I am thankful I am able to call her an ally." ' — Alister MacArthur
Tam sat.png"The Ivory Tower, like any city or civilization, is strengthened through pain. Every war, or flood, or fire, or act of God, strengthens the foundation in blood. For the Camarilla, Tam is that act of God."Einhardt Wagner
Tam sat.png"I've never been one for mysticism, but it is clear she can see more of the world than I can. I'd be more comfortable heeding her advice if I could gain any sense of what she wants of this world." ' — Richard Adams
Tam jup.pngTamerlane protects oracles because she was once a prophet, as well. They say the gift was stolen from her by the Embrace...
Tam sat.png"A good ally to have at your back. Make sure you are her ally, for you do not want her as an enemy."'Roane
Tam sat.png"She speaks the language of numbers, and moves with purposeful step, toward a cause held close to breast. All factors that trend toward successful outcomes - auspicious, even." ' — Chandra de Soissones
Tam sat.png"I could try to say something insightful about her, but despite all my training and experience, she remains largely a mystery to me. Her body language, where it exists at all, seems more practiced than genuine. In any given interaction I can never tell what she is really thinking or feeling, and it seem the height of rude imposition to plumb those depths with Auspex." ' — A. Winchester
Tam sat.png"Meeting her was of the best things that has ever happened to me. Spending time with her has lead to SUCH fun!"X
Tam sat.png"We are fellow scholars and fellow Primogen. And of clans that have not historically been led by their female scholars. We have much to talk about, and seem to understand each other. But she is much older, stronger, and colder. I watch her and wonder: is this who I will become?"Charlotte Hammond
Tam sat.png"In my time spent with Tamerlane, I have known many falls - Mexico, Evelyn, and dare I say nearly her own. But in so knowing her, I have seen her pull back from the chasm of grief and begin to soar above it. It pains me greatly know that, should her wings falter, this yawning abyss might swallow her whole. It pains me, too, to know that I was complicit in digging that grave..."Vincenza Longhena
Tam sat.png"So, the first time I met her one very clear thing came into my mind... "When I grow up, I want to be like her."" - D
Tam sat.png"She and I have an unfinished dance. One day, our music will play and it will end in silence."Atlas
Tam jup.pngFor over a century, Tamerlane has claimed to be a "Grandee" of Madrid. The loyalties this status implies are a mystery to most Kindred of the New World.
Tam sat.png"...She owes me a bar fight. I plan to collect." ' — X
Tam sat.png"The briefest of moments spent with her could not have left a better impression. As a Sheriff and as a Kindred I find any gathering she attends to be far better for it." ' — Gawain Croy
Tam sat.png"She moves in sync with the world. The casual stride of a predator." ' — Sevynn
Tam jup.pngShe must be of royal birth. Only one born to the throne could command the attention of a room as she did — without speaking a word.
Tam sat.png"Often times I consider what might have been with Elder Tamerlane...but that is a conversation for another time. So far as my observations of her and advice for you? Simply this: Serenity doesn't always imply peace."David Daniel Steiner
Tam sat.png"You cannot see it, or hear it, or taste it. It cannot be read, it cannot be spoken. You cannot even touch loss; you can only feel it. And then you must endure. That is what she taught me, and I am grateful."Selene de Lorraine
Tam sat.png"She is wise to know the stars. I would not be the least bit surprised if she were in my homeland, long ago, studying alongside my people. One day, if she asks, I will show her the spheres across the cenotes, so that her considerable knowledge can grow ever greater. All she needs to do is ask."Matoxtli Pisanob
Tam sat.png"In subtle ways, they seemed to move around her like so many stars, in orbit. I, for one, will not forget the tale she has told."Cross
Tam jup.pngWarned in Seattle? I believe it. She acts so high and mighty, any Prince could see she's just angling for the throne...
Tam sat.png"Your quote here!"Character Name
Tam sat.png"Your quote here!"Character Name


Standing: 5
in the city of Seattle

as an Elder

Holds the Fleeting Status:

Further, considered
as Primogen of the Brujah
for the city of Seattle
and known as a
of the City of Madrid

...O, I defy thee, Hell, to show
On beds of fire
that burn below,
a humbler heart,
a deeper woe.

— from the poem 'Tamerlane,'
by Edgar Allen Poe

Historical Appelation:
Saphea Temur bint Shahrokh


Player: Ree S.
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Brujah
Sect Status: 5
Domain: Seattle
VST: VST Seattle

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Pantea Arteshbod (Female Persian Commander of the Immortal Army, c. 559 BC).
Lyudmila Pavilchenko (Most successful female sniper in history, c. 1950)
Omar Khayyam (Persian astronomer, mathematician and poet, 11th century).
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