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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.




Clan: Brujah

Alias: Lady Valentine, Eleanor Duvall, Tempest Ironheart

Offices/Station: Prince of Toledo, OH; Knight of the Camarilla; Cultural Attaché to the Toreador Clan Head Clé deMontes

Abiding Status:

  • Acknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
  • Confirmed as an Ancilla
  • Authority as Prince
  • Commander as Prince
  • Sovereign as Prince

Fleeting Status:

Previously found to be:

Appearance: A mixture of the ideal body during the Italian Renaissance and Victorian England. She wears blouses and tops that tease at what is beneath as she has ample to large breasts for her frame. Desirably plump, she is a full figured woman of an apparent age of 21 years. Her curvy hourglass figure is highlighted by her love of corsets and skirts designed to accent her larger posterior. Don't let her soft appearance mislead you because she has toned arms and muscles to support her violent streak. Her hair is a dark brown with bright purple streaks through her wavy locks. She often has a weapon or two hidden on her person.

Notable Traits: Temperence dresses in clothes with obvious and/or subtle nods to her pirate background. Along with the silver family crest medallion she is always wearing a jewel encircled Golden Medallion that she toys with often to keep her hands busy.

Concept: She is a former Courtesan, not for the love of the trade but because it was the best option for her to survive. After she loses someone of great importance she falls into a deep depression and searches for an outlet for her anger. She abandons her comfortable life, becoming a Man-hating Pirate, to search for relief and vengeance.





  • 1684: Born in Birmingham, England to a widowed, former Courtesan. Her father drank away her inheritance before his passing. She was educated by her mother.
  • 1699-1704: Her mother died in 1699 of an unknown illness. She had no prospect of marriage and no inheritance. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she turned to the life of a Courtesan at age 16 to support herself. She was naturally skilled at her craft and became the city's reigning "Venus". Her sensual dancing was well known. While excessively successful, she began to loathe the touch of a man, her heart was never in it.
  • 1704: She fell into a deep depression and began to drink heavily. She welcomed the attention of men but only for the chance to beat them into submission.
  • 1705: Met Malachi Anicetus and Caitlin Walsh in a bar. She spent the evening pouring her heart out to these complete strangers. Caitlin promised to teach her to focus her rage and anger. She agreed and became Caitlin's ghoul. She had been given a new direction and drive.

Ghoul Life

  • 1705-1726: Worked in various bars that were owned by Caitlin. During this time she had a minor misunderstanding with "family member."
  • 1726: Traveled to Norway with regnant.
  • 1776: Embraced by Caitlin and given the new name of Temperence Valentine to signify leaving the old life behind.

Early Years

  • 1799: Released from Accounting and parted from her sire on amicable terms to stretch her wings.
  • 1800: Joined the crew of Lilliana Grace and quickly proved to be an avid and accomplished sailor. Her disdain of men had a gentle way of controlling the male crew members so she became the first mate under Captain Lilliana Grace within the first year. Pirated the Caribbean with frequent stops in Tortuga.
  • 1806: While on a short business hiatus Captain Grace and Temperence ran into fellow Pirate, Captain Ashton De La Cruz. Temperence was respectful because of his Elder status but only just barely. Temperence had formed a very sour opinion when she first laid eyes on him and really forgot her manners when he called her "beautiful".
  • 1839: Assisted Captain Grace with her involvement in the First Opium War in China.
  • 1860: Worked with Captain Grace alongside of Captain De La Cruz on a couple of large jobs.
  • 1874-1900: Participated in an increasing amount of pirating. Temper assisted in sinking 85 ships during the time prior to the move to the Americas.

The New World

  • 1900: Followed her Captain to the New World. Landed in a Florida port town.
  • 1900-1902: Pirated up and down the coast of Florida before they headed North along the coast.
  • 1903-1905: Spent time around the ports of North and South Carolina.
  • 1905-1907: Traveled further North before Lilliana seemed to have grown bored of the life and wished to return to Florida.
  • 1907-1910: Returned to the ports of Florida and pirated there for a few years before Temperence decided to part travels with Lilliana. De La Cruz prank count total: 21
  • 1910-1915: Joined Captain De La Cruz as First Mate for a short time and then disappears one evening before he wakes.
  • 1915-1920: Temperence wandered from city to city a bit further inland and avoided the sea ports.
  • 1920: Surprised her Mentor Lilliana when Temperence offered to assist her in re-acclimating to the current times.
  • 1920-1924: Fell comfortably under Lilliana's command once more.
  • 1924: Briefly set anchor in Atlanta and met Adeline Bellamy. Temperence and Adeline didn't have much to say to one another until one night, Temperence lead a mission to rescue children that had been abducted by some local riffraff. With the assistance of Elder Theobald Albrecht to locate the area to attack they set out for the hunt. Eager Adeline impressed Temperence by taking commands and leaping into the frey, not as a combatant, but as a flesh shield to stand between the children and the violence going down around them. While Temperence and the rest of the team dealt with the offenders, Adeline did her part by soothing the children of their fears and horrible memories. Together, Temperence and Adeline took care of the needs of these children. They returned them to their homes or paid for much needed schooling. Shortly after that engagement, Bellamy left Atlanta.
  • 1924-1950: Wandered inland again and avoided sea ports.
  • 1950: Set anchor in New York City, NY and ghouled a young former prize fighter Solomon Beckette who was involved with the local mob. Enlisted help of Blayne Ashbury to assist in applying pressure to release Sol from his obligations.
  • 1953: Embraced Solomon Beckette on New Year's in NYC. Took him to Texas to meet the family.
  • 1953-1960: Took time teaching her childer the ins and outs of kindred society.
  • 1960: Released Solomon Beckette from accounting and stayed a few months before she left him on his own.

Modern Nights

  • 2008: Visits New Orleans and works as a night time Nanny. Catches a kindred in the act of feeding on one of the children under her charge. She nearly kills the offender before he is able to escape.
  • Fall 2014: Sets her anchor down in Mt Pleasant, Michigan.
  • Winter 2014: Moves to Cleveland, OH.
  • Early 2015: Begins to get restless in her search for her past. Travels the US with frequent stops to SC, TX, and SD.
  • Spring & Summer 2015: Travels to multiple conclaves over the country.
  • July 2015: Becomes Primogen of both Cleveland and Toledo and begins to use Commodore in her signature as recognition of such.
  • August 2015: Becomes Sheriff of Sioux Falls, SD but only holds it until the Praxis is seized from Elder James Harlan.
  • August 8/22/15: Takes Jessenia Beryl Shaw, an unfortunate orphan, under Accounting.
  • September 20th 2015: Elevates to Prince of Toledo, OH replacing Elder B.S. Cross


It is not difficult
Anyone can do it
So could you, if you tried
Just find a light
And switch it off
As easy as blinking
That's what I was taught
When I was too young to ask
By ladies in white nightgowns
In dripping weeds and black ribbons
A girl's best friend is a small handgun
The question was useless
For I could say yes
But you've got to ask my army
And they are not inclined to grant favours just now.
~Emilie Autumn


  • "I hurt all over. For all I know he is dead, the authorities finally caught up to him...that was...7 yrs ago. Besides, I wouldn't know what to do if I found him...kiss him or slug him!" -Eleanor Duvall
  • "She is such a fiery and beautiful woman on land. On the water, however, she is such a peaceful woman. Her command of a crew is impressively professional." Ashton De La Cruz
  • "My Temper... She was my saving grace during the time she spent aboard my ship. I may have been her mentor, but she kept me from falling over the edge into a place I don't think I would have so easily returned from." Lilliana Grace
  • "You're... an ACTUAL PIRATE?!?!?! How exciting!!!" ~ Rangvald Haskell - Scourge of Chicago
  • "Temperence is like the sea itself. She's more than willing to take you anywhere with her but a storm is never far away, and when it's over you're just happy to be alive." - Solomon Beckette
  • "She's... how do I put this nicely? She'll destroy you if you do her wrong." - Spencer
  • "Quote here." - Your PC's Name Here


Family Crest.jpg

  • For being a self proclaimed 'Man Hater' she has an awful lot of male friends...an awful lot of Ventrue as well.
  • She is all for breaking the stereotypes of her clan but is constantly mistaken for a Ravnos or Toreador.
  • Temper seems outwardly very composed. Almost too composed.
  • She is seen often in the wake of Princes no matter where she goes.
  • Prince Lilliana Grace and Temperence seem to be extremely comfortable in one another's company.
  • Represented the Prince of Sioux Falls at a Conclave yet she is not a resident of his city. She even had the Sheriff of Sioux Falls as a bodyguard for the entire event.
  • Was recently offered but declined the Primogenship of Dallas, TX.
  • Held the position of Sheriff in Sioux Falls, SD for a month while still holding 2 Primogenships in 2 other cities.
  • Has been in a secret intimate relationship with Elder Jokero Anansi.
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  • "Dangerous Beauty" Directed by Marshall Herskovitz
  • "Count of Monte Cristo" Directed by Kevin Reynolds.



Temperence Valentine

Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Cleveland,OH
Player: Tamara
Location: Grand Rapids, MI
VST: Phillip H.

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