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Character Information
Auspice: Rahu
Tribe: Blood Talons •••••
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Glory: •••••
Honor: •••
Purity •••••
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Pack: Hunters Strike
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Real Name: Tess Kane

Deed Name: Tessa Firstfang, sometimes called Rides-the-Storm

Pack:Hunters Strike


Age: 28 (Looks about 30)

Backstory and Personality

Tess is a former Rodeo and Bull-riding champ out of the midwest, where she grew upon her father's ranch, raised just by him and about a dozen hands or so at any given time. During a brief stint playing rebel, Tess decided to try and get married and settle down in a city, far from her more rustic and adventurous origins. A First Change on her wedding night, while not actually the death of her husband-to-be, did put an end to their attempted marriage. After some hesitation, she found that Uratha life was something she could throw herself into even more whole-heartedly, and not long after her change she found herself facing her challenge to become a Blood Talon. Something goes wrong in the Gauntlet planned, however, and one of her teammates in the challenge is poisoned far enough from the finish line (course rounding parts of lake michigan), that she decided to bring her history to bear and take a short cut, riding a Storm spirit across lake Michigan and earning her first deed name.

Shortly after that her mother finds her, the Rahu Storm Lord none too pleased with her daughter's choice of tribe and so quickly settling into a marriage with her second husband. They had less than friendly words, and unfortunately some of it proved prophetic when her second husband First Changed himself. Both were too devoted to Purity and too aware of the dangers to risk continuing things as they'd been, and it didn't seem fair to stick them both in a relationship that changed, so they reluctantly parted ways, sad but friendly.



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From Her

  • "If she mentions Julio again outside of an official meeting, I am going to rip out her spine one vertebra at a time."
  • "My take on it is that we all owe Wolf-blooded our protection, because they are our Kin. And we have very specific rules about how we treat Kin. But you are not bound by the Oath like we are. And it's up to you how much of our path or the path of our tribes you wish to walk."
  • "Well, shit. Does anyone know how to... fix... that?"
  • "(Hugh, whining about having to deal with Chelsea)What did I ever do to deserve this?"
    • "(Tess) Chelsea."
  • "Thrones are fucking useless pieces of crap that get you used to sitting down."

About Her

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Player Name: Kate Pope


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