The Amanuensis (Sabbat)

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Information Known by Cainite Society

Sect:Sabbat •••
City:Chattanooga, TN
Storyteller:Julia Barnes

Name: The Amanuensis

Clan: Kiasyd

Sect: Sabbat

Embraced: Unknown

Generation: Unknown

Current Location: Tennessee

Position: Archbishop of Tennessee

Pack: Aegis of Caine

Standing: *Initiated* into the Sabbat, *Anointed* as a Keeper of a Sacred Text, *Praised* for his acts against a Coward, *Authority* granted by position as a *Glorious* *Ordained* Archbishop, *Favored* by Cardinal Lennox

Notable traits: Typical Kiasyd Scholar turned active participant. Calculating creature that attempts to blend in with the rest of the Sabbat.

Publicly Known Information


  • Present during the Fall of San Juan
  • Helped save countless texts from the Great Library during the Fall of San Juan
  • Renowned Loremaster



  • He is a member of the Friends of the Night.
  • His membership in the Friends of the Night was a means to secure Kiasyd support for the Sabbat.
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  • "The Amanuensis is my brother in the Sword, and having fought by his side, I can say without a doubt...without a shred of hesitation, that I would do so again." - Celeste Lennox
  • "Honorable fellow. Few cut from the same cloth." - Charles Edward Lennox III
  • "A gentleman and a scholar; even when we are bathed in the blood of our enemies. I would gladly welcome him at my side." - Jaelle

Character Ties


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Out of Character Information

Sabbat PC

Player: Matthew7
Character: The Amanuensis
Clan: Kiasyd
Position: Ductus
Status: 3
Domain: Chattanooga, TN
VST: Julia Barnes

Player: Matthew 7 Johnston
Membership Number: US200206648
Location: Chattanooga, TN
Other Characters: Izaak Engelstahl