The Band

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The Band

“I against my brother, my brothers and I against my cousins, then my cousins and I against strangers”

Overview: The band is a Conspiracy of Nomads of every ilk. They are grifters, free spirits, and independent souls that for whatever reason refuse to accept the confines of the City State structure that other Kindred have accepted to be the norm. The Band respects the Kindred ways of the Traditions and Prestation, but they refuse to be bound by the entangling politics of the City State. They are expected to remain out of city politics, and even encouraged to refuse any City Status except what would afford them feeding rights and safety from the Scourge, Sheriff, and wanton bloodhunts. Even though they shirk off the chains of City and Politics, there is an understanding that “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” So, reasonable laws regarding travel, feeding, and visitors are usually followed in order to avoid the scourge of those in charge.

Structure: Each coterie of The Band makes up an Act. They may be motorcycle gangs, circus acts, a bohemian commune, or any kind of Nomadic group. In their own way, each act has chosen a Parent (Rent) that acts as a liaison to the outside world and peace keeper within. The Act’s Ma or Pa must make sure that the Children behave, and the acts of the one or few do not sully the reputation of The Band as a whole.

Several Acts work together as a Company, and this forms the most familiar face of The Band to the outside world. The Rents within a Company choose one of their own to act as an arbitrator between the one Act and another to make sure there is peace amongst their own. To the outside, they must be viewed as united, and it is the Grandparent’s job to do this.

On occasion when there are Grand Gatherings or a Pow-wow where many Companies come together in one place, all the Gramps and Grannies will convene to discuss the behavior of those within that threaten the safety from those outside. At these rare times are members, acts, or entire Companies banished to be Nomads without a face.

All members of the Conspiracy are required to take the following oath:

I affirm that nothing is more sacred than Freedom, and I now choose to let Freedom be my guide. I will exist only by my freedom and independent of tyranny.

I will protect my Brothers and Sisters and come to their aid. I shall never deny them my love, or my arm. When they call I will come, and I know they will do the same for me. Though we may fight; my Brothers, Sisters, or Cousins shall never be betrayed by me.

I affirm that claims of sovereignty over any of my brothers and sisters are false, and of no substance. Though in order to be free I must be responsible for my own actions, and I swear to uphold the traditions.

Should I break this Oath I am no longer worthy of the Tribe. I have then lost face to The Band, its Companies, and any Act. Should I break my Oath I am dead to this family, and afforded none of it's protections.

Clans: The Gangrel, Nosferatu, and Daeva make up the majority of the Band, and companies are usually created along consanguineous lines that can be traced back to the original company. There is no clan prejudice within the Band, but all are wary of outsiders.

Covenants: Any Kindred is welcome to petition to join a company, but it is a rare Invictus or Sanctified that would choose to give up their Gilded Cages. The founders of the first company were members of the Ordo Dracul and the Circle of the Crone, which led to a rather eclectic group. There have been a few adventurous Carthians who have created their own Companies, but they are not ideally suited for life outside of the city routine.

Game Play: Predominantly Social PvP with a strong chance for physical PVP and PvE focus on surviving outside normal Kindred comfort zone. The main focus of the Band is to protect one and other from those who would see them as a threat, all the while trying to tear down the artificial illusion of Kindred society through examples, philosophy or in rare cases when the first options bring violent retribution on the Band, violence.

Primary Antagonists: Factions with a strong desire to maintain the Status Quo, groups that target nomads for conversion or death. Dangers Nomads deal with while on the road, Lupines, other non-affiliated nomads, Belial’s Brood, Stau-Au.

End Game: Break the Kindred reliance on the City State structure for survival, and awaken Vampires to the idea that they can exist without being beholden to any given Praxis. What this means is that Nomads willing to answer to an established structure of Kindred for crimes and behavior are afforded Effective Status that would garner them protection from city Scourges, and allow them feeding in established racks wherever they travel.