The Broken

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"the way to survive torture? You just have to say "no, I won't" one more time than they can say "yes, you will"."

Character Information

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin,Tx
Player: Billy Martinez
Storyteller: Nick Kice

Name: The Broken

Clan: Brujah

Embraced: 1500s

Sire: Go ahead.. ask him..

Notable Traits:

- Scarves around his neck
- Dresses well.
- Values Expediency over Stupidity.
- The way to his heart is to give him a Sabbat target


Noble Primogen of Austin, Tx
Loyal by Archon Equinox for the Battle of Detroit


- The Broken is an Elder
- The Broken is not on the Path of Humanity
- The Broken is not an anarch but does not like owning Boons
- The Broken wants to die but has not found the right mission yet
- The Broken was bloodbound to the Late Elder Lorenzo Alfieri
- (Feel free to add your own)


- "The Broken reminds me a lot of another Brujah I know in Boston named Malcolm, who is softer spoken and seems calmer. But I'll tell you one thing that isn't broken, the fire inside." Zack Snyder
- "He is an interesting creature. He has a single-minded focus, a lack of social grace, and is obviously a formidable opponent. I'd be nice to him if I were you." ~ Nenette
-"He acts like he's passionless, but he is not what he seems. I see emotions churning, in many colors, below the surface." Candice Caine
-"Mr. Mikelson exhibits all the classic signs of repression. Let us hope that he never develops displacement..." Edward James Crowe, MD
-"I don't know what broke him in him, but he's kin and if I can I will fix him." Frankie Morrigan
- "He knows what it is to have lost a name...I hope one day the Knight can get his back." The Gambler
- "The fierce, trademark passion which denotes his clan, is carefully wrapped in the guise of a calm, unassuming man of keen intellect and insight." Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
- "Quite the unique character, always running this way and that. He is truly short of words but great of actions." Marie Blackwell
- "Rather vicious in combat, but that is to be expected. Boldness doesn't preclude civility." Valerius Giovanni
- "I have met the one you call 'The Broken'. I see nothing which requires fixing. He seems to me an exemplar of his Clan." Dante Rossellini
- "The Broken? I dislike that name. Marcus is a loyal brujah who knows well enough how to survive. Do not let his lack of expression decive you, for no clanmate of mine is ever truly "broken"." Lorenzo Alfieri
- "This warrior reminds me of an old saying, 'Torna con lo scudo o sopra lo scudo.'" Angelo
-"I found The Broken to be an interesting individual. Perhaps, since time is all we have, this interesting individual could get to be known." Jupiter Lotis
- "Someone needs to put him out of our misery." Gus Carter
- "He helped educate a youngin' and I got to listen in. Nice enough fella, but doesn't talk much." Christina Ross
- "I enjoy his company and insight, but I know that despite his name, he is far from ready to give up. Perhaps I should try to uncover the truth of his name." - Michael
- "He seems less emotionless, then he used to be. I think that is a good thing." - Candice Caine
- "Cui cerca, trova; cui sècuta, vinci." - Cesare Giovanni
- "I have warm, fuzzy feelings to find myself sharing a domain with such a competent killer of the Sabbat." - Claire
- "He's one of the most refined and well kept Brujah I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. This gives me hope for many reasons." - Dr. Alex Pond
- "I spoken with him and we had a find conversation and some one said he was a Brujah and I said I would have never guessed." - Marco Giovanni
- "You Speak Italian?" (Oscar Giovanni) "Yes. I've killed in your country before." (The Broken)
- "We thought him lost to us. His is a value that is immeasurable, a skill without equal. We are lucky to have found each other again. Timing is everything." ~Dylan R Lancaster
- "One day my friend will truly understand what he did for us... his return is like a rebirth for us. For this I am thankful, and will show my gratitude towards him for coming to us at this critical time." Lady Longfeather
- "One of my favorite hunters, my heart was truly broken when he disappeared and it once again flies high knowing that he is still walking this undead spiral!" Violet Lheigh Abernathy
- "It was quite a shock coming to my first gather in Houston and seeing Marcus, but I am glad he is alive and once more amongst his Beloved family." Matthew Alright
- "He gave me a bracelet once. Just out of the blue. Most amazing thing ever." - Jupiter Lotis
- "I've never known a brujah that was such a wordsmith, nice guy too.." - Enzo Putanesca
- "Mr. Broken? I like him, he has manners and is willing to work with people not discount them for their abilities." Nova
- "Marcus is an individual with superb focus and a specific, though quite useful, skillset." Serafin
- "He don't talk much. He gots a cool hat though. Maybe I says more when I gets to know him more." Faustine Pellerin
- "Marcus was an enthusiastic pupil. Once he learned to control and focus that enthusiasm he became a worthy associate." Vigo Malastova
- "Do you want to see hilarious cat pictures?" ZeroFluxGiven
- "Who? The Broken? Don't think I've met him yet, far as I'm concerned the guys a legend." Auggie Giovanni
- "Should he but offer up his prayers and repentance to the Lord, his spirit would be mended. Doubt, self-pity, and despair are the whisperings of the Devil. If the spirit is weak, the Beast will take hold. I fear for him." Andrasi de Covasna
- "Mr. Broken is many things besides what his name says, listen to all of him, with ears and eyes." Nova
- "Someone asked me if I had seen the Broken. I thought they were poking fun at my clan but turns out there really is a Broken. And in true spirit, he was no where to be found. So mysterious." Fayina Makarov
- "I've seen more passion from pre-teen girls at a Justin Bieber concert... Are you sure he is Brujah?" Tommy O'Leary
- "The man is well spoken, and quiet. He watches and learns and then, if you are worthy, he shares what he has learned." Costanza Rodriguez
- "He had already earned my respect for his capability, but by honouring boundaries he has earned my admiration." Claire
- "Very few Kindred manage to survive after their Prince declares them Bloodhunted. Perhaps, that's the actual origin of his name, breaking the norms and creating his own rules. Fascinating." Jayne Joyce
- "A Brujah who appears most keen on the Sight...though I wonder what would have happened if he wasn't restricted to a less corporeal form..." Bernard Green
- "He taught me much; and trusts me as much as I trust him. Were it not for Marcus, I'd have died before now." Ethan Sullivan
- "I still have yet to meet the man...but face-to-face interactions rarely have much to do with effectiveness...and I've seen how effective he is." Guillaume de'Marianne
- "Interesting things follow him. I wonder what makes him tick." Jeannie
- "A curious man, The Broken. He believes he has no direction through eternity because there are no foes to vanquish. He need only to open his eyes and to witness the swarm of monsters within a sea of polite company." Robyn Remington
- "What do I know about love? It ends.. It Always Ends.." (The Broken)
- "He looks very dashing in his scarf. And so chatty. I like him." Mabel Ruby
- "He is level headed with a variety of talents, a good man to lead while moderating our clan's more. . . abrasive methods. If I live long enough I shall endevour to be more like him (without the scarf)." Hugo
- "So far he's out lasted two Bloodhunts. I wonder how long till his next one." Alton Cromwell
- "Le pauvre, je crois que je l'ai cassé davantage." Philippa Brery
- "He seems to have seen much in his time. I wonder what it would take to invite him to my library and indulge me in his stories. I hope to visit another domain so that my duties do not keep me from his company." Franc
- "It is a matter of much discussion that Marcus tends to get himself into sticky situations. While this may be true, I find his ability to escape them unscathed to be of far more interest. Back him into a corner at your own peril, and heed his warnings." Nathaniel Lannick
- "Oh! Now, I understand him a bit better. I look forward to more lessons!" Jeannie
- "I know a shattered heart when I see it. I will continue to hope for him." Clé deMontes
- "He's my friend and one of my mentors. I treasure the gifts he's given me - and hope to see the day where we talk about television and I can listen to him sing without having to worry about the world ending." Ethan Sullivan
- "He wants to kill me. I hope to avoid him." A Whispered Voice
- (Feel free to add your own)


- The Operative from Serenity (Firefly Movie)
- Sebastian from Babylon 5
- X-23

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