The Countess D'Adhemar

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Character Information

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla ••••
Whereabouts: Paris, France
Controlling Storyteller: [mailto:[1] AGSL Masquerade]

Name: Countess Nicolette D'Adehemar
Clan: Toreador
Born: 1760s
Embraced: 1789
Sire: Madame Guil
Generation: 7th
Title or Position: N/A
The Countess is an Accepted member of the Camarilla.
[3 Abiding] Confirmed, Privileged, Established
[1 Fleeting} Favored by Elder François Villon
Reference: Kindred Most Wanted, pg 64-66

Known Information

A former French noblewoman and confidante of Marie Antionette, the Countess was embraced by Madame Guil prior to the French Revolution, in order to help further Guil's political aspirations in the region and among the Clan. After the Revolution swept France and sent many Elders fleeing, D'Adhemar was left to her own devices, to sink or swim in the in the dangerous waters of Clan politics. She swam.

Today the Countess is a quiet political force within the Clan, acting as an adviser and attempting to uphold her own honor in the face of her Sire's fall from grace.


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Allies, Enemies, and Others


  • The Countess is a Machiavellian Prodigy.
  • She survived in Paris during a time when most Elders had fled.


  • Nicolette was Guil's pawn during the years leading up to the Revolution. How much of her Sire's dirty laundry does she know?

OOC Information

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This is a Canon NPC.
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