The Gambler

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Anarch
City: Austin, TX
Player: Lindsay T.
Storyteller: Lucas Clendennen

"I haven't got a name, sir... I gambled it away."


Character Information

Name: Most commonly? The Gambler. Ocassionally also Moonpie, Red, Darling, or Bird depending on who you ask. She'll answer to literally anything.

Clan: Malkavian

Sire: Conspicuously refuses to talk about him

Notable Traits:

  • She's a pale, waif of a woman with preternaturally green eyes (Eerie Presence) that seem to stare through and beyond whomever she's looking at.
  • She has no name of her own, or so she claims, and will respond to any name given to her though she will never take it for her own.
  • She's never without a deck of playing cards and first introductions always include an offer to draw from her deck so that she may read the fate of new acquaintances.
  • She's soft-spoken but intense in conversing with others.
  • Many agree that she's (mostly) harmless.
  • She's an Anarch but it seems primarily by association as she rarely discusses politics but is almost never seen without the members of her Gang.


  • Accepted - Committed, Accepted as a member of the Anarch Movement via Hazing.
  • Fleeting - Honorable, Participated in the protection of non-combatants during the Battle of Austin and awarded by Adam Shen, Advocate of Houston.


  • "Moonpie does what Moonpie wants, and nothing's gonna change that." - Jackson Flynn
  • "Interesting creature who seems to think as artists feel and poets lament. I find myself enraptured on what she may whisper next." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "I almost feel like she has the soul of a Rose, but she definitely has the mind of a Malkavian. She could go far if she ever decided to come in out of the dark." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "She's more than her whispers and her cards--she's like a sister to me. Not a novelty. Not a madwoman. Just a girl misunderstood." - Harper Gray
  • "Our minds seem to be in sync. We see the same things. She will be an interesting partner 'in crime'. Perhaps I'll give her a reading with my tarot and she can read mine with her own card deck." - Candice Caine
  • "She says a number of things look bright, and it makes me wonder if the green in her eyes make the world glow too. Not saying it's a bad perspective to have, just one to think on." - Zack Snyder
  • "Red can take care of herself, the only reason we don't let her out of our sight is to ensure the safety of, well... everyone else." - Johnny Shine
  • "To be slave to one's blood is to be in service to it. The others of her clan do not mind her, so I do not mind. For now." - Mr. Chen
  • "Energetic, or Fearful? They smell the same." - Tamberland
  • "Of the many Malkavians I have met, this is one of very few that have intrigued me. There is seemingly reason to her madness, one that could perhaps be useful." - Achilles Hellgate
  • "Hmm? Oh yeah... That dame. I should have learned after the last time but its what I get for trying to outwit one of the moon at their own game." - James Harlan
  • "There is something behind her eyes that hints at a hidden knowledge. And have you seen that smile? It's beautifully disconcerting! I like this one!" -Angelo Giovanni
  • "Simply because Kindred society requires harsh laws and swift justice doesn't mean that we cannot show kindness when able. I was happy to do so with the nameless Gambler of the Anarchs." - David Daniel Steiner
  • "Jesus fucking Christ. I don't remember gettin' nailed so hard by a woman in one go as I got when the Gambler turned her deck on me. Makes a guy wonder if there's shit out there t'believe in outside of what we know, even. It's gotta be more than crazy talk when somebody like that's actually got the gift." - Kasserine Powell
  • "Never sit down with the Gambler and think you're only in for a simple game of cards. She not only sees more than any of us expect, but like myself sees some things none of us ever should. That, and she's one of the only people I've seen successfully draw to complete an inside straight - three times. In one evening. " - Malcolm Donovan
  • "Like many wayward children, this young Malkavian seeks love, belonging, and acceptance to overcome a deep-seeded abandonment issue. It is unfortunate that she has found this amongst the Anarch Movement, rather than with an established lineage of our clan. Regardless, I see potential in this young seer and I will be waiting with open arms if she ever chooses to seek out my tutelage." Edward James Crowe, MD, Elder of Clan Malkavian
  • "It's hard enough to keep an eye on someone when they are world's away from you but Moonpie is in, like, another dimension." - Daphne Rose
  • "When you want something deep enough, ambition and passion will suffocate fate, forcing a change that was not meant to be." - Equinox
  • "She handed me the Ace of Clubs... I still say she should have handed me the Ace of Spades." - Marus
  • "Hmmmm...I suppose it's wrong of me to say so, given her affiliation, but I like this one. Besides, her first meet with my Beloved Sister was to give her a gift. I pray her perceived innocence and naivety is more guise than nature...she's swimming in a lake of piranha, after all." - Prince Orelio Taipetra of Baton Rouge
  • "I got no issue with the Anarch, or her group. Thus far they seem to be alright in the head. Perhaps someday we may see her name and theirs join the Tower." - Michael
  • "I do believe I would have to flay the skin from the unlucky soul that tried to harm a hair on the little one's head, and that would only be a beginning to the evening. I am already quite fond of her." - Orelia Taipetra
  • "Everyone, top to bottom, has their eye on her. Good. Lets keep it that way." - Mason Dempsey
  • "Foolish is the kindred who overlooks this moon singer." Miss Maggie
  • "She is overly curious. I'll not pick a card from her deck." - Gus Carter
  • "She had me draw cards from her once; the cards I drew seemed to have some notable significance to her. For my part, I just tried to not think of them as the start of a Dead Man's Hand." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "One day we will sit and play. If the cards are willing, we may both regain our names." - The Broken
  • "Your signed artwork looks perfect hanging in my sewer! Perhaps next time we can play Go Fish with your deck?" - Claire
  • "Ain't she a sexy little enchantrix? She redefined 'Honey-pot' -- closest I ever came to going Anarch." - Johnny Rocket


  • Her gang never seems to let her out of their sight, are they just protecting her or is something more interesting going on?
  • What did her sire do to send her into such fits at the mere mention of his name?
  • If she wagered her name, I wonder what the other party anted up to make it worth it...
  • Cedric seems to be have taken an uncommon interest in the young Malkavian, especially in the matter of her Sire...
  • The Giovanni of Waterloo seem to have a curious fixation on her, perhaps she's not as innocent as she appears?
  • Archon David Daniel Steiner once said she was the most pleasant Anarch he'd ever met.


The Queen of Spades
Stars on her little white wrists
Silken ribbons
Flowing from her hips
A smile that stopped time
Bittersweet as wine
She’s lost and she’s fine
Taking her time

They've dismantled the fun fair and they've shut down the rides
And they've hung the mermaids from the streetlights by their hair
And with wide lovely eyes you wave at the sky
It seems like Nature verses Man
But the battle is absurd
All the cards are in her hand

OOC Info

  • Player: Lindsay H.
  • User ID: US2014020067
  • Miscellaneous: Always open to ties, feel free to contact me.