The Gatekeepers

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A War Across Creation

The membership of the Gatekeepers form an Accord Division that specializes in realms beyond the material plane. Investigating breaches of the barriers between worlds and states of being, engaging powerful entities in diplomacy or in combat, researching forgotten lore in the universe's hidden corners the Gatekeepers bring to bear all of their formidable assets against the largest threat to reality, the Truth.

Founded over a century before the Accord, the Gatekeepers have their own unique traditions, tactics, and knowledge to draw from. Their experience working together despite differences in origin, race, and lifespan make members a boon within the Accord's numerous Cells. Gatekeepers swear a powerful Oath to one another and to their ideals, they can always be counted on to investigate and defend against incursions into this realm, and are always looking to recruit others who share their goals.


Who Holds the Keys

All those who wish to become a part of the Gatekeepers must be sponsored for entry into the Division by an existing member and approved by a quorum of at least three Founders. This process varies in length and difficulty based on the individual, during which they are referred to as being 'Under the Veil'. Some prospective members have been carefully watched by a Grandmaster or other high ranking agents for varying periods of time and are approached with an invitation. Others seek out Gatekeepers in their own cell or when Accordists gather, petitioning for admittance. Regardless of the path they take, those who are deemed worthy of joining the Division are required to swear a sacred oath. Once every year all Gatekeepers speak the same words in ceremony, renewing the vow of those who watch, ward and walk the planes of reality. To speak with the Gatekeepers formally, please send all inquiries to Silas Magnus's attention.

The Thirteen Grandmasters of the Arcane Order of the Eternal Gatekeepers

I. Vacant

II. Vacant

III. Setah-sefer Sepemeru, Vampire of the Khaibit Bloodline

IV. Vacant

V. Vacant

VI. Vacant

VII. Gabriel Helm, Purified Immortal

VIII. Arthur Granby, The Old Man, Sin-Eater

IX. Vacant

X. Gregori Darlington, Vampire of the Dragolescu Bloodline

XI. Bastien, Will-working Scion of the Watchtower of the Lead Coin

XII. Thomas Galen, Purified Immortal

XIII. Silas Magnus, Purified Immortal

Those who serve

Master Athena Megalospyropoulos
Master Adrian Gomez
Master Bohiti
Master Catherine Ash
Master Derek 'Binder' Hagen
Master Eden Blackwell
Master Eva Carlisle
Master Henry Tucker
Master Irene Norton
Master January Smith
Master Li Shan Tao
Master Locke
Master Nuri
Master Samuel Cross
Master Snowfall
Master Stephen Smith
Journeyman Annie Reed
Journeyman Anya D'Breliven
Journeyman Bianca Mudra
Journeyman Elizabeth Hallow
Journeyman Pash Halaby
Journeyman Sharon Crane
Journeyman Zeke Caulson
Apprentice Charlotte Walker
Apprentice Elena Cassidy
Apprentice Eustacia Palas
Apprentice Marielle Belanger
Apprentice Michelle Groves
Apprentice "The Nameless"
Apprentice Pythia Clement
Apprentice Twice-Spun

Those who have fallen

Heirophant Jacques Lafayette Saunier
Grandmaster Lillian Ayer
Grandmaster Kurotaka Masaru
Grandmaster Enzo
Grandmaster Jessie Smith
Grandmaster John Harkin
Master Krieger
Master Endless
Apprentice Dea Tacita

Respectfully Withdrew

Eric Barrett
Benjamin Wallace
Naveed Weiss
Dimitry Schraeder