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Camarilla Uber Allez

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House Tremere

The All-Seeing Eye

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The Glass Pyramid was officially born on December 15th, 1991 when ten Tremere signed the Compact of the Seven Hills, a magically binding contract that forbids the signatories to violate the Traditions of the Camarilla without suffering dire consequence. These Warlocks voluntarily agreed to bind themselves to a higher standard in order to promote the idea that Loyalty to Sect and Loyalty to Clan needn’t be mutually exclusive.


The roots of the Glass Pyramid go back somewhat further, to when a disheartened young elder named Captain Thomas Sawyer began to note a disturbing trend amongst Clan Tremere. Easily the most structured, most cohesive of the great Clans, that structure and cohesion had become increasingly defined as apart from the Camarilla. Neonates were instructed to hold the Traditions as secondary to Clan politics and policy. Rather than being shown that loyalty to the Camarilla is loyalty to the Tremere, they were given example after example of how elder Magi held the Ivory Tower in vague disdain, and viewed it as a tool to aggrandize House and Clan. Fledglings were taught to consider themselves aloof from the Camarilla and its law.

To the Captain’s despair, these issues were given only the barest attention by his elders.

“We gave birth to ourselves from the ashes of the Dark Ages. We were arrogant upstarts who dared to create for ourselves the miracle and curse of undeath. The other Clans did their utmost to stamp us out, and against all odds, with desperation born of mean survival, we persevered. Our Thaumaturgy aided us; it represented our flexibility and adaptability. The other Clans were born long eons ago, and had largely stratified. We made ourselves, and then refined ourselves, and never stopped evolving.”

“That innovative spirit once marked us as the most modern, most progressive of Clans. It guaranteed that we rode the furthest edge of human advancement, both technological and political. We promoted via meritocracy, even when it meant the young led the old. Those innovators are now ancients in their own right. And having held power by merit for so long, they are now threatened by excellence in others."

“As a result, merit isn't encouraged, or nurtured; it is stamped out. It is pruned, plucked, and made to vanish in the night. Those who remain to rise in power and influence smugly congratulate themselves on their political acumen. But the leadership of our Clan increasingly loses its brilliant thinkers, and becomes composed primarily of the most adept betrayers.”


These thoughts proved out in Seattle during the latter half of the Twentieth Century. A powerful Tremere Elder named Cornell began a steady rise to power, while all around him his enemies faltered or vanished. He ruled the city through a puppet Prince, disposed of rivals, and conducted obscene and forbidden experiments upon those who couldn’t defend themselves from his predation.

When his crimes finally came to light, they represent a resume of callousness, abuse and evil to rival the most depraved imaginations. Clan Tremere dealt swiftly with exposed criminal, but his execution did little to heal the horrific wounds he’d left behind. Captain Sawyer was placed in charge of the city’s Tremere. He closeted himself away with Lucian Bright, a Tremere Elder who had dwelt in Seattle since its earliest days. He was the only member of House and Clan who had lived through Cornell’s rise without becoming either his victim or his accomplice. When the pair emerged, they had formulated a plan.

The Compact of the Chantry of the Seven Hills was drawn up, and the Tremere summoned for Cornell’s Tribunal were invited to sign. Over time the list of signatories grew as the purpose and pledge of the Glass Pyramid resonated outside of Seattle. This list’s purpose makes it necessarily public. It is designed to be available to any Prince or Camarilla Kindred: a list of Tremere who are magically incapable of violating the Traditions. These Tremere can be relied upon to serve the needs of the Sect as a whole, and build bridges of trust where the past decades had brought only erosion.

Early in 2014, fluctuations in hermetic sympathies began to erode the power of the Blood Contract. As happens from time to time, the nature of magic itself was subtly shifting, rendering the document inert. Rather than attempt to redraft the Compact in order to fit the newer and more stringent parameters necessary for mystical contracts, the decision was made to leave it as it is: an aspirational document, enforced socially, rather than mystically.</p>


TRANSPARENCY - The primary philosophy of the Glass Pyramid is to bring a greater degree of transparency and trust to Clan dealings with the Sect.

There are Clan secrets that must be held in confidence. Yet there are others that cannot be considered secret by any definition. These are things so broadly known that to deny them only undermines trust. To maintain these cherished mysteries serves no purpose, and conveys no advantage.

Clan Tremere is led by a hierarchy of elders. They gain their influence by right of age, prestige, and personal power. This statement applies to almost every Clan, and pretending it doesn’t apply to House and Clan is blatantly disingenuous. One needn’t define titles, roles, and duties. Other Clans certainly do not. But admitting that which is self-evident is not a breach of trust.

The existence of Chantries, the creation of Gargoyles, Clan Tremere’s bloody birth in the Dark Ages; all these subjects are referenced in Camarilla treaties, encapsulated by numerous branches of Sect and Clan Lore, and cannot under any reasonable definition be considered privileged information. It is too widely known by the Kindred public.

The Glass Pyramid does not espouse providing slavish details on these subjects to anyone who asks. They argue that instinctively lying about the mere existence of these things is counter-productive, and makes the speaker appear either misinformed or dishonest. Every Clan has secrets and confidences. No Clan is expected to offer them all at a whim.

CAMARILLA LAW - Mortal men (and younger Kindred) are becoming increasingly adept with alarmingly sophisticated tools. This represents a direct threat to the continuing health of the Masquerade. When human beings possess information-gathering resources we can't even anticipate, we are pushed into an ever-shrinking corner. This makes the unity and guidance represented by the Camarilla all the more important.

"I was born and raised during a tumultuous time where the citizens rose up against tyranny, and forged a new destiny for themselves. I was weaned on the ideals of the Enlightenment- liberty, fraternity, justice. And so I know that the Camarilla is imperfect. I know it lends itself to petty tyrannies and whimsical rule. But I also feel that it is the best and most just system for governing a citizenry where individual members can have such vast and disparate personal power. The absolute power of the Prince, tempered by the stabilizing influences of status and prestation is a guard against total anarchy."

"Some might say that total anarchy is synonymous with total freedom; but in a society without consequence and foresight, the already strained Masquerade could not long survive. The Camarilla must persevere. The Traditions that bind the citizens of the Camarilla must be upheld, and cannot be allowed to become options to be discarded when inconvenient."

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This list of signatories is a matter of public record within the Sect. The list, along with the Compact, is maintained at the Chantry of the Seven Hills in Seattle, and is available to any member of the Camarilla.

Captain Sawyer Amaris Ingram Viktor Cantemir Evelyn Atwood Soleil Savant
Wayland Winslow Alister MacArthur Violette de Leoncourt Richard Adams A. Winchester
Eva Wolfner Alexander Morgenstern Alice Covington David Daniel Steiner Henry Abrams
Gawain Croy Russell Caulfield Antoine Price Member Member

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  • "Loyalty to the Camarilla is loyalty to Clan Tremere. Loyalty to Clan Tremere must include loyalty to the Camarilla. The two are inseperable, and without one, the other will surely perish." — Captain Sawyer

  • "There is no surer bond than loyalty freely sworn, no greater proof than utter transparency. I am loyal to the Clan and the Tower; I invite whatever scrutiny you require." — Evelyn Atwood

  • "I believe that Clan Tremere needs to be forward thinking in order to survive. Denying and outright lying to our fellow Camarilla members is a path that will lead to more darkness and betrayal and never bring us closer together. It's sad that we must sign a contract to force us to bind as one force together, united for the greater good of the camarilla. Perhaps one day this movement will be looked back upon as the moment when the greatness of Clan Tremere is accepted instead of feared." — Alister MacArthur

  • "It is a heavy price that we pay, but I pay it gladly. The reward is sleeping the sleep of the just." — David Daniel Steiner

  • "They offered a path to salvation that I long thought was denied to me. While controversial, what they offer is progress, putting aside our history, and moving forward with the Sect that is synonymous with our name." — Viktor Cantemir

  • "Those who remain purposely blind to the future become the figments of history." — Amaris Ingram

  • "Good doesn't mean stupid. Loyal is not the same being blind. Without a clear-cut code to guide our loyalties to clan AND sect - the Clan will slowly descend into darkness. How many times do we have to witness it to be convinced? Uh, apparently a lot. Well sugar, NOT on my watch." — Alexander Morgenstern

  • "The evil that litters the history of our race, and of House Tremere in particular, isn't the cunning self-interest of dark gods. It is laziness. We've burned alliances, sacrificed morality, and abandoned ethics because we weren't willing to find another way. The time for sloth has ended." — Richard Adams

  • "What do I think of the Glass Pyramid? That's an excellent question. I've had numerous productive and frank discussions with its members on the topic. Do I agree with the approach taken by the Glass Pyramid? That's an excellent question. I've had numerous productive and frank discussions with its members on the topic." — Oliver Mayne

  • "There are many types of glass. I have seen glass clear and free of flaws. I have seen glass warped, yellowed, filled with bubbles and obscurities. I have seen volcanic glass, black as midnight and just as murky. Yes, there are many types of glass." — Eileen

  • "Monkey." — Dude

  • "Monkey." — Dude

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Camarilla Uber Allez

"Loyalty, Courage, Truth"

House Tremere