The Prisoner's Dilemma

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This is the Wiki Page for The Prisoner's Dilemma; the LARP game for Fort Worth. The information on this site is for the use of players, prospective players, and visitors. The purpose is to catalog locations, events, NPCS, as well as status for the various Orders and Consilium. On this sheet you will also find links to Wiki pages for various PCs within the game who are on the VSS and/or who hold status within the city and game

Currently, there are many NPCs on this list. As the fate of what has happened to these NPCs becomes revealed or determined by PC action(s), including but not limited to game time and downtime actions, characters will either remain where they are on the list, or be removed from the missing list and if dead, placed on deceased column.

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Pre-Chronicle History

Chronicle History

June, 2013: A band of sleepers, in the employ or service of a masked Awakened known only as 'Michael', sought out members of the Consillium in the wake of what has been called by some as The Great Purge. After initial victories that compelled the retreat of several members of the community, eventually 'Michael' met in battle a group of disparate Awakened who, through their combined efforts, defeated him and his minions. At the end of the battle, 'Michael' and each of his minions were dead.</p>

July, 2013: A band of the Pentacle on the Run, comprised of Mysterium, Guardian, and Arrow members discovered that the recent increase in unusually fateful deaths was in fact caused by a group of Consillium members that had taken it upon themselves to start murdering fellow members of the consillium. The criminals banded together, used the cover of an ambulance, and the causation of Fate magic to bring harm to mages; then would abduct and murder them. Their motives remain uncertain, but they called themselves Timori. Another issue made itself known; low level Hallows are being severed from the Ley Line Web of Fort Worth through the use of powerful Prime magic.

November 2013: Consillium mages score their first victory against the paradox web. They fought their way to a Wound in the spirit world located at the crash site of DFW airport. At the wound, they discorporated a level 4 spirit, destroyed a level 5 spirit, gave peace to the ghost of a former councilor, and removed on of the pillars of the paradox web

December, 2013: Consillium mages found themselves sent back in time to bear witness to a forgotten battle that tore through the fabric of reality from the early days of the Scelisti War. Investigation of the matter has resulted in no known cause, but the current theory is that the paradox of that battle had the consequence of pulling them backwards in order to right and balance the effect.

January, 2014: Adding to the continued difficulties of the reformation of the Consillium is the discovery that there are sleepers who have learned about Awakened Society through the works of a crack pot writer. Further, some members stumbled their way into what appears to be a thought control operation being operated out of Gateway Church in the northern suburbs of Fort Worth.

February, 2014: Members of the Pentacle were able to locate another peg of the Paradox Web plaguing the community. In the ensuing battle, they were able to put to rest a ghost mage - former counselor Assista who had been corrupted by the enemy. They defeated all challenges, and eliminated another peg. With the reduction of the second peg, the web itself was reduced in strength. The battle involved tribal spirits of torment, left over from the Indian Wars at the end of the 19th Century.

March, 2014: Members of the Pentacle were able to locate a third peg - this one located at the famous Screaming Bridge. Dispelling the ghosts held there, as well as defeating the spirit located there, and deftly eliminating another Ghost Mage - the assembled party defeated their foe. It came at a terrible price - the death of Wild Cat of the Mysterium at the hand of the ghost mage. Wild Cat could have fled the field of battle, and survived, but fleeing would have cost the lives of her compatriots. She stayed, knowing she would die, and in her sacrifice the others were saved and their foe defeated.

April, 2014

Members of the Pentacle, discovering an Awakened who had recovered from an Supernal Swooning, were able to cooperate and find the missing Arrow weapon vault. They discovered an Awakened named Thanos-et-al who guarded the vault, and was laid into his swooning to forestall his mystical poisoning at the hands of The Seers of the Throne.

News Timeline

Newswire: June 2013
“Gangland violence appeared on the TCU campus late on Saturday night. What appears to be a drive by gone bad, members of The Street Lords gang attempted to ambush a rival, as yet unnamed gang, and had the ambush turned on them. Routed, they fled, and the violence spilled over into other areas of Fort Worth, leaving gang members dead. Police gang units believe it to be a isolated incident, and not indicative of an increase in gang violence.”

Newswire: July 2013
"An ambulance crew was found dead after responding to an emergency call near Aledo Iona Road in southwest Tarrant County. The three workers, identified as Mark Thompson, Harvey Clinton, and Jacob Ignes, died of inhalation of toxic fumes. Tarrant County Sheriff's Office has looked into the matter, and it appears to be criminal related. Mr. Clinton, according to police sources, owed The Sceptre gang gambling debts. It appears as though the other two were hapless victims of a criminal hit on Mr. Clinton. In other news, the recent increase in untimely deaths has diminished."

Newswire: November 2013
"A freak accident was avoided in the landing of Delta Flight 112. Problems with landing gear, power supply, and engines almost combined to cause another tragic accident at the airport, but with the exceptional skill of the piloting crew, coordinating with ground control, a horrible disaster was avoided."