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Basic Statistics:

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Boston, MA
Player: Ken P.
Storyteller: Mark L.

Character Name: The Professor

Current Alias: Dr. Paul Hinkley

Sire: : Elijah Frost

Notable Traits: Generally an unassuming individual, he typically can be noticed because he usually wears a garish bow tie.

Known Factions: The Thought Police (Malkavian Faction), The Paricii (Lineage)

Titles: Malkavian Primogen of Boston, MA / Seneschal of Danvers, MA

Information Known by Kindred Society

The Professor is believed to have been embraced in Virginia sometime in the 1830's while he was in the employ of the University of Virginia. He's known to be fluent in a score of dead languages, as well as a deep expert on "moral philosophy", or what is more modernly called "religious studies". Although he often gives a name when introduced, the Professor changes his given name every few years, which has given rise to him just being referred to in a generic manner.

The Professor is a known member of The Paricii, a Malkavian line stemming from the Trimeggian with several highly esteemed members throughout Camarilla society. Normally, if he leaves Boston, it's to visit one of his remote kin.


Acknowledged as a Member of the Camarilla

Confirmed as an Ancilla within the Camarilla

Noble as Seneschal of Danvers

Authority within Danvers, when the Elder Prince is not in residence.

Acclaimed in support of the Domain of Philadelphia, Chandra de Soissones, Elder Malkavian Primogen of Philadelphia, June 2013.

Honorable in support of the Domain of Boston, Constance Fournier, Elder Prince of Boston, August 2013

Favored by Elder Prince William Biltmore, Malkavian of Danvers.

Loyal by Elder Prince William Biltmore, Malkavian of Danvers.

Victorious by Elder Slynt of Boston, for achieving a victory in his Symbel on the Nature of the Kindred.


  • Former Lesser Harpy of Boston, 1890 - 1925
  • Involved in the Taking of Philadelphia from the Sabbat, 1979-1985
  • Attendee of the 1946 (Boston), 1998(Vienna) Conclaves
  • Malkavian Primogen of Boston, 1991 - 1998

  • 1798: Born as Paul Brandon Barringer in Boston, MA.
  • 1823: Graduated from Harvard with doctoral degrees in linguistics and moral philosophy.
  • 1824: Begins as Professorship at the University of Virginia, which began teaching students in 1825. Befriended now elder Statesman Thomas Jefferson.
  • 1826: Jefferson dies. Barringer's first book "Biblical Numerology" is published.
  • 1827: Barringer begins writing letters back and forth with Frederic Elijah Frost, his future sire.
  • 1831: Barringer meets up with Frost in Washington DC and is embraced.
  • 1831-1864: Frost and Barringer (now known as Professor Paul Watson) travel around the mid-Atlantic states, avoiding Sabbat packs.
  • 1865: At the onset of the Civil War, "The Professor" was given leave by his sire to move north to Boston.
  • 1890: Becomes a Lesser Harpy in the City of Boston
  • 1922: Went to Europe to visit members of his lineage over there and pursue research on old religious scripture.
  • 1937: Returns to Boston.
  • 1946: Called for Malkavian Anarchs to rejoin the Tower, instead of living outside it's protection.
  • 1964: Embraced childe Ethan King with the permission of the Prince of Boston.
  • 1985: Returns to Boston, after Philadelphia is safe in Camarilla hands.
  • 1998: Attends the Vienna Conclave.
  • 1991: Becomes Malkavian Primogen of Boston.
  • 2013: Spends time going back and forth between Boston and Puerto Rico for his latest book on the modifications made to Christianity in Latin American countries
  • 2015: Was Seneschal of Boston for a short time, before relocating to the Domain of Northern Massachusetts, where he is currently Seneschal.



The Paricii

Other members of the Lineage of Note:


  • Rags: "Rags is the epitome of what a Nosferatu should be: Intelligent, Capable and completely loyal to the ideals of the Camarilla. He makes a wonderful friend... and likely a dangerous enemy."
  • Lucien: "My Uncle is a pillar of the Tower and Puerto Rico is lucky to have such a dedicated Elder holding Praxis."
  • Agapito Acosta: "Quote".


  • "I am pleased to know he is in Boston, with such esteemed company. His diligence and wit are an asset to our family, and to the Tower."-Chandra de Soissones
  • "Orwell wrote in 1984 If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself. and yet when I read that line I hear it in the Professor's voice. I imagine it is both sound advice, and warning fairly given to those that would violate the tenets of the Sect." -Rags
  • " He is everything one has come to expect from a Paricci and more." -Carl Jones
  • "Few things please me so much as validation that my blood runs true. In this, the Professor does not disappoint. So many adjectives could be ascribed to his name, but to me, none so much as "worthy"." -Arden
  • "He kinda looks at you like you're doin something wrong." - Rosko
  • "The Professor seems like a decent enough sort, and after all we have clan in common. Then one remembers he is currently in service as seneschal to a Prince, ironically also of my clan, who has murdered or had murdered a so far uncounted number of my sect, and any commonality we might have had diminishes considerably. Aside from that, nice tie. " - Malcolm Donovan


  • The last person that asked him where Maryann was, was never seen again.
  • The Professor's interest in religion is beyond academic. He is a devout believer and gives Confession to his Ghoul Priest after every hunt.
  • There is nothing he won't do to protect the ideals of the camarilla.. do you understand me? Nothing.

OOC Information

  • Player: Ken P, US2012030085
  • Location: Boston, MA