The Right Reverend

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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Player: Justin Bladecki
Character: The Right Reverend
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Anarch
Status: 2
Domain: Indianapolis, IN
VST: James Murphy

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Anarch
City: Indianapolis, IN
Player: Justin Bladecki
Storyteller: James Murphy

Character Information

Name: The Right Reverend
Will Savage
William Davenport

Clan: Ventrue

Sire: Eddie Monsoon

Childer: James Mason & Raven Constantine

Comitted to the Anarch Movement.
Preacher of the Anarch ideals.

Notable Traits:
Looks like he's on a Path of Englightenment.
Passionate about America being a free country.

Title or Position:
Praetor of Indianapolis

"Rev" was born in 1763 in Baltimore, MD. Growing up during the years preceding the American Revolution left him with a conviction that kings and princes have no place on American soil. In 1799, he was anointed Bishop of the Baltimore Diocese. In 1800, he was embraced by Eddie Monsoon.

He traveled to Europe with Eddie, until about 1830, when a moral dilemma caused him to force away the Blood Bond and abandon his sire. During the years leading up to this event, he spent a great deal of time with Zahra Blanc.

He returned to America, making his way west. He arrived in Indianapolis, hoping to lay claim to the fledgling city before any other Kindred could do so. Sadly for him, this was not meant to be. His resources exhausted, though, he settled in the city nonetheless, and lives there to this night.

About 1850, his friend Oliver Pike warned William that he was falling to the Beast. William went on a spiritual journey through the Occult, looking to save himself from Wassail.

In 1907, William disappeared entirely from Kindred society.

He returned in 1975, fighting alongside the Anarchs in Indianapolis, as the second Revolt reached the Crossroads of America. He seems to have abandoned his humanity, and he acts like a mockery of his former Catholic self.


  • Despite his obnoxious public persona, he's still interested in Ventrue control of the world.
  • Rev has threatened everyone who gets on his nerves with physical harm, but has never been able to back up his boasts.
  • Rev is the real leader of his gang, The Laughing Bastards and just hides behind Helene.
  • Rev has an authentic masterpiece that he commissioned from Spencer of Chicago/Michigan.
  • He is an Anarch, not due to politics, but due to spiritual freedom that is hindered by the Camarilla.
  • Rev's been spending an awful lot of time with Wendy Bright lately.
  • Rev has proposed to Wendy Bright, and she's accepted. Oliver Pike will officiate the wedding.
  • Rev is vehemently against the most recent edition of the Treaty of Thorns, and is considering drastic steps to correct it.


  • "He's the Prince of the city. He feels that he is more important than the other Kindred of the city, and they give his claim legitimacy by going along with it. But I do not recognize his superiority. His reign does not extend to me, because I do not grant him the legitimacy. If he wishes to enforce his will over me by force, he is welcome to try and do so. I will be in Beech Grove. He can find me there, and if he possesses the strength to force his dominance on me, we will see what happens. But I will not live as a slave to a king. The people of this country exiled their kings and princes more than two hundred years ago. Tyrants are no longer welcome here. I will die free, on my feet, fighting against tyranny. Let the Prince come. I eagerly await him." -Rev, explaining the authority of a Camarilla Prince to young Anarchs
  • "I nearly fell to wassail, but I pulled myself out of it. It wasn't easy, and it required a damning sacrifice. To this day, I cannot feel guilt or remorse for my actions. But my conviction to uphold the principles of humanity has never been stronger. Oh yes, I follow the Path of Humanity, but I do so by conviction to the principles and a dedication not to falter, not by the crippling guilt that holds you on the path." -Rev, concerning his Path
  • "It's no secret that I'm not a fan of most Anarchs. We seem to attract a petty and incompetent, and moreover, weak demo. That doesn't apply to Rev. This guy stands his ground, and always has my back when I stand mine. He brought me here, and honestly, it's people like him that make me KNOW we will win. And if he falls into that cyclical trap the other elders are all caught up in, well, I have no doubt I can find a way to keep his blood benefiting the cause, babe." - Vanhook
  • "Excuse me? Rev is not the leader of the gang. I am. I have been since the beginning, nothing's going to change that. So I suggest you stop talking nonsense." Helene, on whether Rev is the leader or not.
  • "He makes me really nervous sometimes, like something's really, really wrong with him in a way that I can't even begin to articulate. On the other hand, as far as I know he's never done wrong by me, and that's better than I can say for most Licks." - Max Walensk
  • "You need to watch this one, he is not one to be taken lightly." - Spencer
  • "He had so much potential. It is a pity he has wasted it with the choices he has made." - Zahra Blanc
  • "Despite his claims, I know he is still guilt stricken with those Catholic background ties I tried to free him of. Currently we are not on speaking terms. This hurts me more than anything. True, he broke the "shackles" of my control. What he did not understand is that those restraints were placed there for a reason. Now, look what you have become." - Eddie Monsoon
  • "He is the boogey man. A cautionary tale of what happens to young Ventrue who break away from the tower. While my uncle has lost his way I find in his story a drive to march on where he has faltered. His example has taught me to rely on my grandsire and the other stalwart members of my line who have never dropped their torch." - James Mason
  • "My sire keeps from the beaten path. While I do not agree with his political decisions, I have learned from him there are many opportunities to be had for those willing to wander." - Raven Constantine
  • "He's been a great help to me. He's helped me figure out when the Cam has fucked with my head, and how to circumvent such things. He's articulate, well-mannered, and a good speaker, and he always cuts good deals with the Prince on the Anarch's behalf. So why is he so damn terrifying?" - Jack "Dauntless" Kiel
  • "Rev's got some kind of technological learning disorder. It's a very technological learning disorder that I call "techslexia"." - Max Walensk


  • Queen "Princes of the Universe" - "I have inside me blood of kings"
  • Foreigner "Head Games" - "If you wanna win you gotta learn how to play head games"
  • Styx "The Grand Illusion" - "Just remember that it's a grand illusion, and deep inside we're all the same"
  • Imagine Dragons "Demons" - "With the Beast inside, there's nowhere we can hide"
  • The Who "Behind Blue Eyes" - "No one knows what it's like to be hated, to be fated to telling only lies"

OOC Information

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Player: Justin Bladecki

MES Number: US2010066145

Location: Indianapolis, IN