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Public Record

The Samaritan Group is an organization with its roots dating back (allegedly) to the dawn of formal civilization. To hear their eldest members (and, particularly, their CEO) tell it, Samaritan was founded formally during the Fall of the Roman Empire under Emperor Nero. Individuals seeking a more concrete paper trail will see the first signs of the Samaritan Group forming out of Great Britain's Industrial Revolution. Arguably, the corporation hosted a variety of supernatural creature types even prior to the founding of the Accord.

With the inception of the Accord collective, however, the Samaritan Group "went public" with their affiliations and agendas. Designed to act as agents of the varying elements surrounding supernatural secrecy (the Veil, the Masquerade, etc.), the Samaritan Group makes it an active point to have an individual capable of undertaking almost any task. From entertainment law to areas of National security, someone within the Samaritan Group is unquestionably on-hand to handle any issue which might draw unwanted attention to the denizens within the World of Darkness.

In the modern day, Samaritan conducts most of its supernatural business dealings within specially warded or occluded areas integrated into their mundane holdings. The hub of the Samaritan Group International is located in Atlanta, Georgia--and the center of Samaritan's supernatural and Accord-related activities within Atlanta occur in the King & Queen Tower Citadel.

The Good Samaritan's Edge

Below is the Division Benefit for members of the Samaritan Group. It is considered to be in-game knowledge for all members of the Division, itself.

Passive Benefit: 'The Golden Rule'- Given the lengths taken, internally, to ensure that the Samaritan Group is both a paragon of a 'shell company' functioning in the real world as well as a Division (at its deepest inner-workings), members of the Samaritan Group find themselves able to access tiers of influence and resources unavailable to most individuals. Members of the Samaritan Group's Division aspect may purchase the following Merits to their 6th dot: Allies, Contacts, Resources, Retainer & Staff.

Active Benefit: 'I'm A Professional'- Given the sheer resourcefulness of its members, the Samaritan Group--when acting in pursuit of their Division-centric roles--find themselves gifted with an edge to act out their duties. When taking an action which directly correlates with a given member's place in the Division (their area of specialty), a member of the Samaritan Group may add their Division Status as a modifier to a relevant draw by expending a Willpower Point (this bonus is in addition to any benefit derived from spending the Willpower point, naturally). This Benefit may only be used a number of times per scene equal to the individual's status in the Division. This modifier is subject to normal modifier limits.

Board of Directors

All Board Members are Status 5 unless otherwise noted

Members by Division

Membership in the Samaritan Group almost always finds itself accompanied by specialization. Though generalists exist within the Division it is the general preference of the acting Board of Directors (and, many whisper, the enigmatic "Senior Partners") is that all within the collective dedicate themselves to tasks at which they particularly excel. It is not without precedent for an individual seeking employment within the Samaritan Group to create the necessity for a new department--a department often entrusted into the hands of that selfsame recruit.


The Acquisitions Section of the Samaritan Group is dedicated to ensuring that we can always get what we need to surmount the tasks in front of this. Some of this means illicit acquisitions (theft, hacking, etc.). Some of this means knowing where you can buy or sell items on short notice (the Fence Merit is great for this). Some of this means being particularly good at stealing with your own skill set or otherwise making gains via some other fashion (certain Allies or Retainer groups, for example).


The Bio-medical Section of the Samaritan Group is dedicated to all aspects of the living and/or dying world. Viruses, diseases, biological weapons, cures for ailments, vaccines, active observation of the spread of contagions throughout the world, chemistry, biology and any other hard science in that vein would fall into Bio-medical. Bio-medical also encompasses those who interact with the dead/dying/ghosts/the Underworld as long as they're dedicated to the research of such phenomenon--not necessarily controlling/manipulating/just-being part of a supernatural type that fits that bill.


The Intelligence Section of the Samaritan Group is one of the backbones of the Division. Internally, the Division believes that all information has a place within the halls of the various towers. When we use the word "intelligence" for this Section we're not just talking about spies/counter-intelligence...we're talking about being able to glean information from all reaches of the various natural and supernatural communities. This could mean being skilled at pre or post-cognition. It could mean being able to observe and report. Of late, it might also mean being part of one of the organizations we most need to have our eyes on for developments regarding the F-13 Event Situation--organizations like Hunter Conspiracies (particularly Task Force Valkyrie, Zero Company, etc.).

Security & Internal Affairs

Only recently has Internal Affairs folded into Security Operations for the Division as a whole. The phrase "Internal Affairs" or "IA" within the Division is often said in hushed whispers--as is the name (or title?) of the individual responsible for putting an end to internal issues which require solving. Internal Affairs exists, and has existed, to police threats to the Samaritan Group from within its walls. Traitors, turned-members, and the like often find themselves visited by the figure in black commonly referred to as Censor.

On the more broad spectrum, Security is comprised of those members of the Division who focus solely on honing themselves into instruments of pain and death. Every assortment of people needs those willing to "take out the trash" and those who devote the broad spectrum of their time to being unrepentant and well-trained killers.


Particularly in these incredibly trying times, having our fingers in the pies of all aspects of the Legal community is a must. Legal heads up law suits, appeals, creating new identities, burning identities--really anything that might fall within the purview of the Courts, legal processes, Judges and--often--the seedier elements of the criminal underworld. There is most certainly a set of absolute laws and moral imperatives in the world--Samaritan merely doesn't always feel themselves beholden to them.

Public Relations & Influence

Previously held by Nazar Belitrov (presently on sabbatical), Samaritan's CEO has stepped in to oversee general public relations (extra-Divisional interactions, involvement with the non-Believer supernatural community, etc.) as well as to act as the focal point for the concentrated employment of various Influence-based activities. Allies, Contacts, dedicated Retainers, wide-spread Staff assignments...all of these areas of specialization are overseen by Marlow...and those who wish to shift their perspective to this Section's bailiwick can expect to find themselves on the front lines in the fight against the world's views of the Supernatural Community in the wake of the F-13 event.

Research and Development

No organization is complete without their Q-Branch. R&D within the Samaritan Group is designed to act as everything from appropriate resource allocation specialists to individuals capable of crafting items of supernatural origins (fetishes, imbued items, enhanced items, etc.). Pioneering new avenues by which the Truth can be fully combated also falls within R&D's scope and purview. They are the cutting edge of the Samaritan Group.

Psychological Services

The newest Section to be introduced into the Samaritan Group is designed to help Accordists (particularly those within the Division--though this is not a hard limitation) deal with the emotional turmoil that manifests in the wake of the horrors we experience and endure. Dr. Bradley (also a recent addition to the Samaritan Group corporate world) is presently engaged in a search for those uniquely qualified to aide in lessening the trauma of Accord-based activities. This may involve active therapy, various intensive therapy types, and perhaps even the soothing/alleviation of derangements and the improvement of overall morality.

The Fallen

Members of the Samaritan Group who have fallen.

OOC Information

For information about joining The Samaritan Group, contact V.Cross