The Solidarity of All

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The Solidarity of All

Cell Leader/Quartermaster: Deamon
Council Representative: Aurora Coventry

Duke (Status •••••)


Marquis/Marchioness (Status ••••)

Earl/Countess (Status •••)

Aurora Coventry
Dr. Victor Thrax

Viscount/Viscountess (Status ••)

Dresden Nox
Gavin Corell
Lance O'Connor

Baron (Status •)

Darius DeMorte
Julio "Mamasita" Auger
Leon Hardy
Vicki Reynolds

The Missing

The Fallen

Maximilian Dunfirth

Non-Believer Societal Structures

Vampire Court

Court Structure

Prince: Wilberga Von Bingen
Case File: Clan Ventrue; Invictus. Claims to be over a thousand years old. No Kindred in the city can remember a time she hasn’t both been in the city and claimed Praxis over it. She has no Seneschal, and shows no signs of needing one.
Truth Status: Unknown
Primogen Council
Primogen of the Sanctum Veritas: Martin Walton
Case File: Clan Daeva. The leader of the openly heretical offshoot of the Lancea Sanctum in the city. Known to have staked the Lancea who refused to convert and cremated them.
Truth Status: Confirmed as Corrupted Servant by Maximillian Dunfirth.
Primogen of the Invictus: Hans Von Bingen
Case File: Clan Ventrue; The Prince’s childe. Toes the party line consistently.
Truth Status: Attends Sanctum Veritas mass, but presumed Non-Believer.
Primogen of the Circle of the Crone: Baba Wynn
Case File: Clan Nosferatu. Hoodoo blood witch. Martin Walton has been working for the past decade to get her exiled, blood hunted, or otherwise dealt with. She is somehow able to stand up to the might and influence of the Sanctum Veritas.
Truth Status: Loudly Unbelieving
Primogen of the Carthian Movement: Carl White
Case File: Clan Ventrue. Weak, ineffectual. Widely believed to be a figurehead, though theories differ as to who is pulling his strings.
Truth Status: Attends Sanctum Veritas mass, presumed Beliver but not Servant.
Primogen of the Ordo Dracul: Natasha Ulyovich
Case File: Clan Mekhet. Her top priority seems to be keeping the Ordo Dracul as far away from the rest of the city’s Kindred as possible.
Truth Status: Presumed Non-Believer.

Other Supernaturals


Casey Jones' Lantern Freehold

Seasonal Monarchs
Summer: Drrty Souf
Case File: Fairest – Holding the crown for the seventh summer in a row. Hip-hop producer.
Truth Status: Unknown, but wears a cross. Presumed non-believer.
Autumn: Memento
Case File: Wizened - Known oneiromancer. Operates a Market Stall at Pelepenoplese’s Goblin Market.
Truth Status: Avowed Atheist. Presumed Non-Believer.
Winter: Hush
Case File: Elemental - Secretive, like most of her Court, but even more so.
Truth Status: Presumed Non-Believer.
Spring: Swizzle
Case File: Darkling - Raver, with all the stereotypes that come with it.
Truth Status: Presumed Non-Believer

Freehold Sworn

Dresden Nox, Autumn Courtier. Accord Cell Member.
Case File: Ogre Seeming. Spring Court. Only other Changeling operating a stall at Pelepenoplese’s Goblin Market. Knight of the Knowledge of the Tongue. Very gregarious.
Truth Status – Has been seen at the Church of Ultimate Truth before, but doesn’t seem to attend regularly. Presumed Believer, confirmed as NOT a Servant in November 2011. No more recent data is available.

Green Eyes' Haunting Freehold

Seasonal Monarchs
Summer: Ash Bauer
Case File: Beast. Named himself after Ash from the Evil Dead series and Jack Bauer from 24. That should pretty much cover what he thinks of himself.
Truth Status: Unknown.
Autumn: One-Down
Case File: Elemental. A cold-blooded (literally, he’s a Snowskin) sniper and deer hunter.
Truth Status: Unknown.
Winter: Bitter
Case File: Darkling. A little person known for his sneakiness and ability to “disappear” the Freehold’s enemies.
Truth Status: Unknown.
Spring: Holly
Case File: Rebellious artsy type.
Truth Status: Avowed Pagan. Presumed Non-Believer.

Freehold Sworn

Leon Hardy, Spring Courtier. Accord Cell Member.
Lady Mist
Case File: Elemental Seeming. Dawn Court. Freehold Warlord. Given authority over matters concerning the defense of the Freehold, regardless of season.
Truth Status: Unknown.


Blood of Water and Light Pack

Dominant Pack – Claims the Chickamauga Dam, and most TVA property in Hamilton County.

Alpha: James White
Case File: Elodoth. Iron Master. Safety engineer at the Dam. Very, very smart. Exceptionally calm, even in battle. This has been seen as a weakness before, but the icily sudden way James dispatched the challenger without any show of emotion put an end to that.
Truth Status – Known Believer, regards the source of Corruption as an enemy, but does not realize that it’s related to the Church of Ultimate Truth. Has made it known that he wants to know absolutely nothing about what the thing truly is.
Beta: Anna Marie Cotter
Case File: Cahalith. Iron Master. Senior HR for TVA. Responsible for getting the Blood of Water and Light jobs that can get them into the dam as needed.
Truth Status – Presumed Non-Believer

How It Blows Pack

Second Largest Pack – “Spookier” Uratha. Watch over the Soddy-Daisy area.

Alpha: Hattie Mae "Grandma Wind" Hollis
Case File: Ithaeur. Bone Shadow. An old, old woman. Though she isn’t as strong as she once was, she can still hold her own in a fight and is one of the wisest Uratha ever to live in the Chattanooga area. Even James White respects her wisdom and counsel.
Truth Status – Presumed Non-Believer.


Lance O'Connor: Accord Cell Member.



Stonewall Memorial Krewe

Darius DeMorte, Stricken Reaper. Accord Cell Member.
Julio "Mamasita" Auger, Torn Celebrant. Accord Cell Member.
Marina, Silent Reaper. Accord Cell Member.


Vicki Reynolds, Accord Cell Member.


Task Force: Valkyrie



Dr. Victor Thrax, Accord Cell Member.


Deamon, Accord Cell Member.
Father Doom
Case File: Believed to be Malleus Maleficarum – Not his real name, merely an appellation given to him by the Kindred of the City. He has been a boogeyman to the local Kindred population. The cell has been unable to contact him.
Truth Status: Devout Catholic by all appearances. Known to have killed members of the Sanctum Veritas. Strongly presumed Non-Believer. If he does believe in the Truth, he is most definitely not an ally to it.
Dirty Rico
Case File: Believed Unaffiliated Hunter. Gang member. Known to have, with the help of his gang, pulled at least two vampires from their havens and burned them in the sun. Also responsible for killing other, less well-known “things” in their territory.
Truth Status: Unknown.



Changing Breeds





Gavin Corell, Accord Cell Member.





Notable Locations

OOC Information

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