The Vanguard

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Pack History


Falcon (Totem of Honor)


The Vanguard has been blessed by Sakima, an avatar of Falcon himself. Falcon is one of the noblest spirits, befitting of the Silver Fangs’ tribal totem. His piercing eyes see deep into the hearts of his children, inspiring the valorous and rewarding the honorable. Falcon is known as a bringer of unity to the Silver Fangs and to the Garou as a whole.

Benefits: : Followers of Falcon are two Traits up for comparison of ties and overbids in all Leadership challenges and challenges to avoid being deceived (by mundane or supernatural methods), gain Leadership x3, Dignified x1, Vigilant x1, and three Willpower Traits per session. Upon joining the pack each pack member gains 3 temporary Honor Traits.

Ban: Dishonor is worse than death to Falcon: none of Falcon’s children can ever lose permanent Honor Renown. If they do, they must either put right the wrong immediately, or perform a Rite of Contrition and further atone for their dishonor by hurling themselves at a powerful minion of the Wyrm.


Alpha: He Who Shines the Way "Peter Albrecht" - Elder Lupus Silver Fang Ahroun

Milagros “Reina Arana” Quioñes - Fostern Homid Silicon Sentinel Philodox
Needs No Reason - Adren Lupus Silver Fang Ahroun

Deceased/Former Members

Myles Tazandlak - Cliath Homid Shadow Lord Philodox - Left the pack.
Serena "Stalks the Forest" Argyris - Fostern Homid Black Fury Ahroun - Slain in battle with leeches.
Siodhachan "Steel-Forged Spirit, Goibhniu's Blazing Hammer - Fostern Homid Fianna Theurge - Slain in battle with leeches.
- Reveka Sings from the Soul - Athro Homid Shadow Lord Galliard - Slain in battle with a leech.