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      THE VAULT  


Nea onnim no sua a, ohu.
—Akan proverb

The Vault's symbol is an Adinkra character meaning, "He who does not know can know from learning". This serves as the Vault's motto as well as its core philosophy. IC'ly, this desire to learn drives all the PCs who are members of the Vault. OOC'ly, the philosophy of our division is to empower our members, providing interesting and dynamic ways to role-play with a group of creative and dedicated players.


Accord cells are on the front lines, taking to the street, fighting the agents of the Truth. Battles are won. Battles are lost. The status quo remains the same. Weapons and muscles are not enough. The Accord must arm itself with knowledge in order to defeat the Truth. The Vault is where the Accord stores such knowledge.

Agents of the Vault are scientists and librarians, historians and occultists, shamans and mystics. They gather knowledge from all specialties from all societies. They cut away the gossip and the legends and get to the kernel of truth buried in the shadows. They ensure cells have the knowledge they need to fight the Truth and win the day. Vault agents also procure artifacts, of various types, in order to study and safeguard them.

All knowledge, it is said, has a price; the more dangerous the knowledge the steeper the price. The Vault is a resource for the Accord. While Vault faction members keep one another in the loop, cross pollinating ideas and information, it is customary, if not courtesy, for agents outside the Vault to make deposits before withdrawals. One story that may not seem important today could be crucial tomorrow; Vault agents overlook nothing.

Services Provided By the Vault

We can provide many scientific and training services to Cells and other Divisions, either by traveling to support local cell efforts or by giving others assistance via our dedicated facilities. Internally, we host monthly gatherings to trade and share our knowledge with our colleagues but we're always happy to provide assistance to anyone who has the need! Some of the services we provide are listed below but feel free to inquire about others:

  • Protect the Mind, Body, and Soul: We provide a directory of those in the Accord who are General Health Practitioners and Mental Health Providers.
  • Learn the Basics! Our members are skilled in an incredible spectrum of skills and are willing to teach anyone interested, especially in the realms of science and other academic fields. ( Basic Skills and Merits)
  • Citadels upgrades and repair: We have architects and those knowledgeable in Security, Geomancy, and other helpful skills to improve the fortifications for cells too small to manage for themselves.
  • Relief from Abominations: We can teach how to recognize, track, and hide from them in the Shadow. (Abomination Physiology & Truth Tactics)
  • Mutations Management Learn how to speed recovery, lessen their impact, and to teach individuals how to protect themselves. (Mutational Biology)
  • Keep Reality in Check! We offer ways to locate Tears via ley lines and research their resonance in order to be able to close them more easily. (Unreality Physics)
  • Mortal Empowerment Offering methods for those with few supernatural powers to become stronger in mind and body. (Mortal Resistance)
  • Supporting Diversity We offer specific skills to other individuals, whether they be dead, undead, crafted, and the like. (Vampire Disciplines, Promethean Wasteland Attunements,etc.)
  • Learning Balance Learn how to attune yourself to the local landscape and culture, and thus being able to detect differences in RQ (RQ Synchronisation)
  • And so much more.


Our members hail from all over the world, are from a variety of fields and backgrounds, and come together and collaborate on projects big and small for the protection and safety of our world and our reality. If you would like to be on the cutting edge and leading the war based on scientific, technological, and investigative research, please use the Vault Interest Form or contact Detective Evangeline Henry, Director of Recruitment, with any questions.

Staff Officers

Business Cards of the Vault's Section Chiefs

Michael Kennedy, Founder
Dr. Cassandra Jones, Executive Director

Dr. Gina Santangelo, Director of Operations
Ashley Watson, Director of Vault Research and Development
Yasna Osmani, Director of Resource Management


Operation: Black Ice MED
Operation: Geiger MED
Operation: Old Peculiar MED
Operation: Radar MED

Operation: Redemption MED
Operation: Rising Phoenix MED
Operation: Skeleton Key MED
Operation: Smoke and Mirrors MED

Operation: Special Delivery MED
Operation: Sphinx MED
Operation: Storm Front MED
Operation: The Tower MED

Operation: Heart of Darkness MED
Operation: Lightbulb MED
Operation: Suicide King MED