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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Washington, DC
Player: Jen Kuiper
Storyteller: Leah H

Antonia Orsini

Nick Name: Venetian
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla

Sire: Camilla Baines, Camarilla Founder

Bloodline: Knight of the Moon
Lineage: House Oculus, Matriarch
Notable Traits: Silver Mask, Eerie Presence (Smell of Brackish Water i.e. Venetian Lagoon)
Position: Archon to Her Grace, Marissa Cole, Malkavian Justicar
Faction: Thought Police

"To think well and to consent to obey someone giving good advice are the same thing". - Herodotus


  • Acknowledged by Nathaniel Rutherford of Washington, DC (abiding)
  • Loyal Childe of Camilla Baines (Prestigious Sire Merit) (innate)
  • Architect of the Tower (Merit) (innate)
  • Confirmed, Established and Privileged as an Elder (abiding), or
  • Noble and Commander as Archon (abiding)
  • Seen as Honorable by Elder Prince Vigil of Eastern Maryland. (fleeting)
  • Seen as Courageous by Justicar Shar-Sin for Service to the Tower in New Orleans (fleeting)
  • Seen as Acclaimed by Justicar Marissa Cole for Service as her Archon (fleeting)
  • Seen as Defender by Justicar Eleanor De Valois for Service to the Tower in Tunis (fleeting)
  • Favored by Marissa Cole, Malkavian Inner Circle Seat (fleeting)

"She liked time at the edges of things -- the edge of the crowd, the edge of the pool, the edge of the wood -- where all must pass but none quite belonged."

Malkicon.gif Information Known by Kindred Society

  • First appearing circa 1130 in Constantinople, she spent most of her early existence attempting to halt the Ottoman Turks or crusaders from advancing step-by-step. She still harbors a great dislike for both.
  • Sent by her Sire upon release to Venice, assigned to slowing down and hampering the advance of the 4th Crusade.
  • Is recognized as an Ancilla in 1230. She remains quiet for most of the Inquisition period. Remains in Venice to work through agents to limit the influence of the Vatican on the Republic of Venice.
  • Spends some of 1394 discussing Hardestadt and Meerlinda's proposal of a league of vampires.
  • Much of the 1420s is spent defending Venice and other cities from the Anarchs. Works as a scout and interrogator with Alexander Konrad and others.
  • Recognized by her Sire, and others, as an elder in 1430.
  • Is present with her Sire when the Camarilla is first proposed in 1435.
  • Returns to Constantinople in 1440 to see the Ottoman Empire, and what risks it might pose to the Republic. Uses agents to encourage diplomatic relations with the Republic of Venice. First meets Chandra de Soissones
  • Is In Venice in 1444, and spying on Giovanni, sees many things, and first becomes aware of Isabella Giovanni.
  • Witnesses Rafael de Corazon's rousing speech in support of the Masquerade, and the formation of the Camarilla (Architect of the Tower)
  • Present at the signing of the Convention of Thorns (1493). Disapproves, but is persuaded that it will protect the Tower and the Masquerade. Her Sire becomes Malkavian Justicar.
  • Witnesses at the signing of the Treaty of Tyre (1496), approving of and supporting the curse.
  • Attends the First Justicar election, as her Sire relinquishes the title (1504). Meets Constantine Lancaster for the first time.
  • (1529) Defends Venice during the first Sabbat assault, discovers it is mostly Assamites. Takes possession of two of the captured Assamites (Assad and Nimat)
  • (1563) Defends Venice from Sabbat assaults.
  • (1595) Travelled to France to assist her Sire during the Conclave in Cannes. Was dismissed to wait as the Inner Council met, came at the sounds of assault, but was too late to save her Sire. Points out hidden attackers and their exit routes to Sheriff DiPadua, uses Auspex and Dominate against captured attackers to gain details of the attack's plan and the Toreador Justicar's betrayal. Like a true Schizophrenic childe of her sire, she never once shows emotion. Becomes a fanatic supporter of the Camarilla, and scouts either out of body or through obfuscation for the retaliations against the Sabbat. Speaks afterward to the clan, logically, coldly explaining that they must dedicate themselves to protecting the Tower. Is this not where our skills can best be of use? Who can know the twisted minds who would do the Tower harm if not the Children of the Moon? She becomes one of the initial members of the Thought Police.
  • (1595) Missing her sire, and needing a more social interface, she embraces Chloe Foster.
  • (1604) Embraces Luca Zelati Bianci, believing he may be able to mathematically model the activities of the Tower's enemies.
  • (1605) Actively intrigues and uses agents to work against the Holy See in their conflict with Venice.
  • (1660) Assists the hosting Prince in preparing for the Conclave. Maintains vigilance for the Sheriff during the proceedings. Argues in the debates on the side of the retention of power on the part of the Inner Circle. Princes, even Justicars, need that balance to serve as strong foundations for the Tower.
  • Meets a young and newly embraced Phillip Avery Redgrave and his Sire, Marissa Cole. (1660)
  • (1725) Assists in preparing Venice to host the Conclave. Had attempted to investigate the assassination of the Ventrue Justicar, but is blocked. Unlike others, she argues against paranoia. If the Ventrue Justicar was a traitor, the act was just.
  • (1738) Travels to Vienna for Conclave, active in arguing to allow the Tremere to regulate blood magic within the Tower. It will aid in reducing infiltration by independents and sabbat.
  • (1751) Travels to Conclave in London, approving of the rise in power of the Harpies. They strengthen the Masquerade, and add additional balances against the power of Princes who might endanger the Tower.
  • (1792) Leaves Venice for Paris, realizing that without a fleet, its fall to the encroaching Napoleon is eminent. Ah well, a 1070 year Republic was a good run.
  • (1793) Moves from Paris to Geneva as the Reign of Terror begins.
  • (1805) Assists in discovering that Napoleon is a Sabbat pawn.
  • (1823) Takes part in the restoration of the Spanish Monarchy and the Tower to Spain. Meets and establishes an alliance with Nathaniel Rutherford.
  • (1881) Conclave in London: Takes part in investigations into the Nectar of the Bitter Rose, realizes the Tremere are hiding something. Still agrees, because she distrusts independents, that all sorcery should be registered. She vows to keep a greater eye on Tremere in general, and begins studying the clan specifically.
  • (1897) Utilizes her contacts within the publishing world to attempt to suppress Bram Stoker's novel, with little success. The demand is too great. She fears for the Masquerade, and searches for Tepes with others to no avail.
  • (1993) Returns to Venice to attend Conclave. Sees the Kementiri revelation and the creation of the Red List. She argues for the inclusion of only the sect's true enemies. Her hatred and distrust of Setities grows as they slither and boon their way out of destruction. Is somewhat jaded at the use of boons as currency, vows to study potential alternatives that might have more inherent oversight. Remembers keenly those elders who attempted to use the Red List as nothing but a way to settle petty rivalries.
  • (1946) Boston, Mass. Conclave. Argues tirelessly for the dissolution of the Treaty of Thorns. She lost a grande-childe in Los Angeles. Becomes distrustful of the Brujah who attempted to protect the Anarch criminals. Opposed in her arguments by Chandra de Soissones and Constantine Lancaster.
  • (1948) Joins the efforts against the Sabbat drive to remove Camarilla Kindred from Eastern Europe.
  • (1959) Conclave in Vienna: Argues for the restrictions on those less visibly human, and to outlaw the Paths of Enlightenment within the Tower. The Masquerade is the Tower, without it, the Tower will crumble. This must not occur. Promotes working with mortals to obtain allies and contacts that can be used to maintain the Masquerade.
  • (1966) Is present for, and investigates the occult disturbance over the water's of Venice. Determines to her own satisfaction that the Giovanni were involved.
  • (1972) Argues strongly at Conclave in Vienna for the dissolution of The Promise. The Giovanni are untrustworthy at best, and most are enemies of the Tower. Notes those who support or are willing to compromise with Giovanni. ((Open to antagonistic Giovanni ties!))
  • (1985) Monrovia, Liberia. Is shocked at the Conclave revelation that Ventrue have been cooperating with Sabbat! Argues that any who would do so are traitors to the Tower. Supports the globalization of the Justicars areas of responsibility, argues for the Malkavian Justicar's control of the Western European Stronghold.
  • (1988) Vienna, Austria: Attends Conclave for the argument against Noddist Lore. She presents a scholarly speech, with examples, that argues Noddist knowledge is essential to understand one's enemies. How can we successfully root out Gehenna cultists and Sabbat infiltrators without the knowledge of their beliefs to detect subtle clues?
  • (1988) Assists with scouting for the purge of Sabbat from Montreal.
  • (1999) New York City: Assists in locating Sabbat infiltrators, and gaining knowledge of their havens for the reclaimation of the city for the Tower.
  • (2002) Is visiting London when Dementation sweeps back across her clanmates. It tries to take her, but she staunchly refuses. Calling up memories of her grandsire, and the original loss of Dementation, which she considered a blessing.
  • (2012) Spends much of the year hunting down Gehenna cultists across the European and North American Continent.
  • (2014) Settles in Washington, D.C. at the request of Elder Prince Alexander Konrad who expresses a desire for Thought Police support for the Tower in the Capital.
  • (2014) Appointed Minister of Truth by the Malkavian Clan Head, to coordinate Thought Police activities in the United States.
  • (2014) Leads one team for Her Grace, Eleanor de Valois, on the Tunis operation.
  • (2015) At the Conclave in Roanoke Raphael deCorazon suggests that the assembled Princes should seek her advice and knowledge of the enemy.
  • (2015) Provides Thought Police assistance and oracular intelligence that leads to the capture of the forsaken Zahra Blanc for Justicar diSanto
  • (2016) Becomes Seneschal of Washington, D.C; later steps down.
  • (2016) Chosen to serve as Archon to Her Grace, Marissa Cole.




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(Open to Additions)

  • She prefers to be unseen or quiet, watching through the interactions of others, preferably her progeny.
  • She has frequently conditioned independents and former Sabbat members to be good little members of the Camarilla.
  • She has been spying on, making records of, and acting to interfere with Giovanni since they first began to 'dirty' her beloved Venice.
  • She used her nick name purposely to annoy the Giovanni.
  • She works for the Inner Circle.
  • She maintains an extensive library on Camarilla history, some recorded by her own hand.
  • She knows more about some clans than some of their own.
  • She maintains detailed records on all kindred with whom she comes into contact.
  • She's entirely too coherent to actually be a Malkavian.
  • You do not want her to decide that your are not "right-minded" when it comes to the Tower.
  • Kindred are often somewhat 'different' after having attended The Venetian and her progeny for 'Tea.'
  • She hates Elder Delilah, if you believe she has emotions.


(Open to Additions)

  • "I have never known a creature with such a countenance of the mind. It would not surprise me to discover that she was the repository of all the worlds knowledge. I am sanctified in knowing that she knows me. And that is enough." - Citadel.
  • "Of all the Kindred I know, The Venetian is neither prime, nor composite. She simply is." - Luca Zelati Bianci
  • "Are you right-minded?"
  • "Rules only matter if everyone understands them, agrees to them and can be trusted not to break them."
  • (To Ollie) "I will hope you do not need to honor your promise, Sir."
  • "V don't talk much, but shes sound. She's everyfin' ppl say she is, an more. One of the easiest elders 2 work wiv I've ever 'ad the chance to... work wiv." - Ollie Ellsworth
  • "Elder Venetian called on me to defend the Tower. I survived due to her leadership and planning. A dutiful Kindred can ask for no more than that." - Arthur Stanford
  • "Elder Venetian possesses a quality of sternness, yet flexibility within that. Unchanged yet adaptive. Such a contradiction is one I think can be appreciated in the Malkavian Clan" - Cedric Wadsworth
  • "I reckon there are mighty few who encompass so broad a spectrum of talents and abilities as those Elder Venetian demonstrates. She has a queer ability to show up where there is need for those abilities and with serendipitous punctuality." - Bleach
  • "I basically just want to do whatever The Venetian tells me to do. There's a security in being useful to her, and there's a danger in that ever stopping." - Brigid
  • "It is always a pleasure to work with The Venetian. I admire her intelligence and insight more with every passing meeting." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "I have had the pleasure of The Venetian's company twice and both times it was an entertaining and educational experience." - Amos Locke
  • "I have heard of the Elder Archon before meeting her in Tulsa, she was elusive but I was focused on other matters. Now I stand on a battlefield with her. The carnage we shall give our enemy will be glorious." - Stoneking
  • "There are a handful of Kindred in this world who can truly follow when I get deeply into a topic; she is one of them, and that is how I know she is dangerous." - Eileen Vargas
  • "So many of our kind are out for themselves. It lights a small candle of hope in a dark world that she is one who fights for others first, herself second." - Ethan Sullivan
  • "Every time I speak with her, I feel like I am a newly embraced vampire standing in front of my sire waiting to see if my studies were done correctly. I am too old to feel that way." - Serratus
  • "I do not tend to put stock in the knowledge 'supposedly' held by those 'in the know' simply because it is said; however, I was pleased with what I have seen of her organizational skills and high end knowledge base. It is no wonder The Thought Police have such power with people like her in the mix; she's another credit to their organization. She earned my respect; it wasn't given freely." - Gustav Klein
  • "Well... I've only met the Elder Archon twice. From what I've seen and heard, she's smart, she knows how to handle planning for a war and she is a great ally to have at your side." - Leonardo "Leon" Finch-Fournier
  • "You know, we have the best adventures together. I mean, I would love to tell you them, but I'm afraid she is standing behind me. She is, isn't she..." - Papa Aquitaine
  • "She sees the big picture." Maria Aigner
  • "There are a great number of kindred who claim to have extensive knowledge of many things. Some even speak the truth. And then, there is the Venetian, for whom no boasting is required. If knowledge is power, she is formidable indeed." Midas Madison
  • "I always found the 'Ministry of Truth' fascinating, which really makes me wonder what is under the mask. She seems hooked on name changes. I guess everyone wears some type of mask." Jinx
  • "Archon Orsini is the best person to drink tea with." Delilah Soleil
  • "Dancing with the elder archon was an illuminating experience. i look forward to our next soirée; I imagine she will be a bit quicker on her feet." Isabella Rossellini
  • ""Don't you know that a friendship with the world is enmity against God? Therefore, anyone who chooses to be a friend of the world becomes an Enemy of God. James 4:4" - Angelo Giovanni
  • "She's a lot nicer in person than the scary rep she's got all goin'. Don' like cinnamon tho. Maybe mint is 'Er flavor?" -Clem
  • "I always thought less of eggheads but Archon Orsini has shown me the true meaning of the phrase ... Knowledge is power." -Archon Hudson
  • "Elder Archon Orsini, when she has need of ya, you drop what your doin and go. She be putting the puzzle together, she sees the whole while getting you to move the pieces into position, maybe in the end you will get to see what the picture is.." -Tony D
  • "Do not get in her way. If she wants something, only the entire Camarilla can benefit from it. I was surprised I had to correct her on my lineage, though, which prevents me from being more frightened of her than I am of Arden. For now." - Scarlett Thorne
  • (French) "Elder Archon Orsini carries herself with authority and wisdom, there are very few who can simply enter a room and cause a pause like she can...I'm thrilled to have made her acquaintence." -Guillaume

Malkicon.gifOOC Information

Player: Jen Kuiper
Location: Domain of Washington, D.C.; East Central Region
Background Approval: USA-EC-VC-1502-023288 Prestigious Sire
Non-Local Position Approval: USA-EC-VC-1605-034064 Archon