The Wolf Within

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Territory Type: Mixed

Dominant Uratha Faction: Tribes of the Moon

Local Pack Relations: (Territorial Strangers, Alliance of Convenience, Extended Family of Packs, Formalized Clutch, Regional Lodge, Anshega Confederacy; See: Uratha Pack Relations)

Preeminent Tribes: (List both the most prolific Pure and Forsaken tribe)

History and Local Politics

Give a couple paragraphs here about the recent IC history that's brought your venue up to present day. Also give a run down of local IC politics and social structure. Tell about how the packs tend to work with each other. If you have a clutch or regional lodge give a quick run down how it formed and how it's structured.

Government Structure and Rules

Hegemonic Pack - Protectorate

Werewolf Packs

Alpha Pack

(Write brief description of pack here. Perhaps give a quick blurb about how they formed and what their general personality seems to be.)



Alpha: Amos (NPC)



  • Pack Member Name Here
  • Pack Member Name Here
  • Pack Member Name Here

Other Packs

The Get of Fafnir

(This is a pack of new wolves led by an Alpha hungry to show his honor and earn much glory. The Beta, William Rainsford is an older, seasoned wolf from the War Against the Pure, and serves to mentor the new wolves. As a duty to the protectorate, the pack watches the border with the Pure in case they betray The Broken Arrow, and also the pack is working on a project to connect most or all of the loci of Tarrant County into a web of protected shadow highways)

Territory: Zip code(s) 76126, 76036, 76123

Totem: Eir

Alpha: Johaan Silvermane

Beta: William Rainsford

Omega: Maggie Falu

Other Members:


(An urban pack that emphasizes adaptability and a rapid ability to adjust to any situation that arises.)

Territory: Richland Hills

Totem: Shifting Streets

Alpha: Caleb Speaks-of-Peace

Beta: Freya

Omega: Vinnie

Other Members:

Dawn Guard

(Write brief description of pack here. Perhaps give a quick blurb about how they formed and what their general personality seems to be.)


Totem: Dawn's Early Light

Alpha: Nick Samuels

Beta: Eric Koster

Omega: Mark Sloan

Other Members:

Werewolves By Tribe

Blood Talons Suthar Anzuth

Bone Shadows Hirfathra Hissu

Hunters in Darkness Meninna

Iron Masters Farsil Luhal

Storm Lords Iminir

Ghost Wolves Thihirtha Numea

Werewolves By Moon

Full Moon Rahu

Gibbous Moon Cahalith

Half Moon Elodoth

Crescent Moon Ithaeur

New Moon Irraka



The Lunar Consulate

The Word Keepers

The Scions of Shadow

The Feral Ones

The Disaffected

Significant Loci

Goat Island

Location: Goat Island in Lake Worth, Zip Code 76135

Item: Worn out tire

Rank: 0

Resonance: Fear

Owners: Currently Unclaimed

Goat island is located in Lake Worth. It is sandy, with sparse tree flora dotting its small landscape. Usually, at daytime, it is used by people as a place to park their boat and swim off the shore, or eat on the beach of the island. Buried somewhere on the island is a worn out tire - a tire believed to be one of a set of tires thrown by the cryptid known as The Goat Man. People do avoid the island at night, however, as it seems that bad luck happens to boaters at night who venture near the island. In the shadow the island has a different look to it however. In the shadow the island is bereft of life, and remains a barren sandbar littered with the bones of fish, cows, dogs, cats, and some humans.

What Loci it is linked to via Shadow Highway, if any: The Hanging Oak Tree

The Hanging Oak Tree

Location: White Settlement Park, Zip Code 76108

Rank: 0 0

Resonance: Anger

Owners: Unowned

Methodist minister Anthony Bewley was lynched in Fort Worth and hung at this tree. His body was allowed to hang until the next day, when he was buried in a shallow grave. Three weeks later his bones were unearthed, stripped of their remaining flesh, and placed on top of Ephraim Daggett's storehouse, where children made a habit of playing with them, as toys. The tree itself is old, gnarled, and has dark black bark.

What Loci it is linked to via highway, if any: Goat Island


Location: Electronic Italia

Rank: ••

Resonance: Criminal Greed

Owners: Intersection, The Court of the Barback

(A weak locus located in a bar belonging to Vinnie. Once this room was a storage closet, but now Vinnie has it set up as his office.)

What Loci it is linked to via highway, if any:

KaloVine Bar

Location: KaloVine restaurant

Rank: •••

Resonance: Ecstasy

Owners: Intersection, The Perfect Fix (rank 2 ecstasy spirit)

Again Another Locus


Rank: (, ••, •••, ••••, or •••••. Include approval number if over 3 dots.)


Owners: (If any)

(Write any additional descriptive info about the locus here.)

What Loci it is linked to via highway, if any:

Spirit Courts

Sample Court

Court Lord: (Include spirit's name, type and rank.)

Predominant Choirs and Descants:

Relations With Uratha: (Hostile, Neutral, or Friendly. Note if significantly different between Forsaken and Pure.)

Give a blurb here if you'd like to give any additional description for the court.