Theron Aetos

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Apocalypse PC

Player: Jose 'Jj' Valest
Character: Theron Aetos
Tribe: Black Furies
Position: Kinfolk
Garou Connection: Death from the Trees
Sept: Sept of Willow's Light
Domain: FL-035-D
VST: W. Rob Reed III

Character Information



Theron has an interesting attractively toned nerdy thing going on. Physically he's fit without too much muscle, standing around 5'10 with olive skin and dark curly hair. He's known to wear worn jeans, different t-shirts and button up short sleeved shirts along with either a dusty looking backpack or a an old messenger bag. His blue-hazel eyes hide behind slightly bent, thin black frames that he is always pushing up his nose.

Notable Mechanics

  • Pure Breed X2: Black Fury
  • Short Sighted
  • Eight Appearance Traits


Theron is the twin brother of Death from the Trees, born in Richmond, Virginia on October 3rd, 1987. Raised by Aetos kin, the twins were unaware of their potential until his sister Changed in 2002 to protect him. Since then, they were separated. She was to learn what it was to be Garou and he...well he was allowed to learn what it meant to be kin. That his sister would fight a war and protect him. That he would grow up and one day do his duty as husband and father. This, of course, was not good enough for Theron.

Theron is known for wanting to learn about all things Garou. He has been taught by different teachers of different tribes and has been learning since Theresa first changed. He would sneak around and find things he wasn't supposed to read, learning about the Garou and about his tribe. Soon though, in 2004, Theresa went off to fight in the Ratkin war. Theron, filled with worry and afraid of becoming nothing but a breeding ground, left home as well. Going to college, he studied hard, learning various languages and getting a degree in archaeology.

Moving about the country, Theron has been able to see some wondrous things and has learned about various tribes while also learning about the Garou as a whole. He aspires to be more then what he is...and will aim for that goal that he has set himself up to accomplish: become a viable member of the Nation while being just a kinfolk.


  • "He was really nice but I think I sacred him." - Slaine
  • "Don't know him too well, but the boy impressed me. I like 'em." - Nantan Shadow-Seeker
  • "He's a good Fury Kin, and I think with some guidance he'll make Gaia and the Furies proud." - Tia Finn
  • "So, my heart might've gone out to him when we first met. Dude's had it rough, even if some of it is stuff he brought on himself. He seemed like he needed a friend. I didn't mind being one." - Sarah
  • "He's got a good heart.... Vane-Rhya's lucky to have him. He's one of the few people I think I can trust right now... And that's something special." - Lilly McGrory
  • "He's going to need more than a desire to improve before I'm willing to teach him what I know. Passion needs to be tempered with caution and wisdom. That's much harder to teach." - Brigid
  • "One of the kindest kinfolk I've gotten to know, and I'm proud to call him tribe brother. I hope he can keep his optimism and kindness in the storms to come." - Serena Argyris
  • He's got a pretty face and a desire to be more than he is. Those are things I can fucking get behind." - Kat


  • Some believe that Theron escaped his lineage and duties like a convict escapes his jail cell and sentence.
  • The kinfolk is said to have created a network of kin all over the US to one day overthrow the Nation's higher ups and their old tradition thoughts on kin being nothing more then breeding machine's and tools.
  • Theron is said to have a hidden cache of fetishes somewhere in an ocean cave.
  • Theron is supposed to be a Garou just like his sister, but something happened in the womb and his potential has been blocked preventing his change.


  • Rupert Giles
  • Nathan Drake

OOC Information

Player: Jose 'Jj' Valest

MES Number: US2007060225

Location: Orlando, FL