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Character Information

Seeming-fairest.png Court-autumn.png

Name: Thomas Coram

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Incubus

Court: Autumn

Freehold: The Bitten Apple

Title/Position: Captain of the Yankee Caravan, Goblin Merchant


Mask: Tommy appears as a man in his mid twenties, fit and reasonably attractive, but more striking than handsome. He wears a ubiquitous black denim coat, with a hood to obscure the horns that aren't quite hidden by the Mask, and sunglasses to hide his eyes that still shine brightly.

Mein: Even though Tommy can be found in an archive researching the next trinket he's trying to sell just as often as he can be found buying a round at the pub to ingratiate himself to the girl he's trying to pick up, he is an Incubus, and looks the part. Dark, gently curling demon's horns rise from his head, while leathery bat-wings arch over his shoulders, and his eyes glow a pale silver. It's hard to pretend he's something other than what he is - so Tommy doesn't try.

Mantle (Autumn 2): The smell of old books, whiskey, sex, and long Autumn nights curled up with all three.


About: A New Yorker through and through, albeit from another age, Tommy is a gregarious (and incorrigible) trader, out to make a quick buck, and have a great time.

Known History: Tommy emerged from the Hedge in '97 and worked as a crew member aboard the airship 'Van, taking command after his former captain was killed back in 2001. For several years, Tommy and the Tam brothers traded up and down the Eastern seaboard, always keeping NYC as their base of operations. During that time, Tommy made friends easily, and was a regular fixture in the Freehold, the Markets (keeping his Stall at the Parade), and the mortal underworld in equal measure. Loyal to the Freehold, Tommy was always less than deferential to the Sovereigns, preferring to pick up and leave for a few weeks rather than butt heads with anyone who took offense at his easy, irreverent attitude.

Tommy took the 'Van and his crew West in 2012, intending to trade along the Pacific routes for a few years. He is returning alone, both he and his ship a little worse for wear, and under new managment



Feel free to add rumors.

  • Runa Hall occasionally refers to him as a "scruffy-looking nerfherder."


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  • "C'mere, c'mere... take a look at this. Gucci handbag, fell off the back of a truck, swear-to-god. No? How 'bout this, genuine Rolex watch. No, no you'll love this. There I am walking along and some yahoo grabs this old lady's purse. She's screaming, no one does nothin'. Knuckle-head there, what's he do? He runs straight at your's truly. He goes by, I give 'im a boom! and one o' these, and I lift the purse off him as he goes down. That old broad, class act, she's so happy, she GIVES me the watch outta the goodness of her heart. Now, that's gratitude. No? You got your eye on somethin' else? Here we go, here we go. Dead Man's Boots, never used, swear-to-god. Only one previous owner if you catch my drift. You won't make a sound. Fifty bucks, the mem'ry o' your first kiss, and I'll throw in the watch for free. What do you say?" - Tommy
  • "Been waitin' for you, good looking. Pull up a chair. Another for me, and the lady will have... wait, let me guess." - Tommy
  • "Yes, yes. He's a great motleymate and an even better lay. But can you really question that? I mean look at those horns. Sexy. As. HELL!" - Ardu Lili




OOC Information

Player: Joe Curro

MES Number: US2012050078

Location: NY-004-D, New York City, Children of the Lost Eden