Thought Police

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While most Malkavians are loyal to the Camarilla in some degree, these particular clan members have taken it to the next level. This group of Malkavians specializes in rooting out infiltrators, diablerists, and anyone else that crosses the Camarilla’s party line. Holding service to the Camarilla in the highest regard, they regularly offer themselves as investigators and interrogators for the sect. One might often find them in the service of princes and high status members of the Camarilla, utilizing their skills to make the Camarilla a safer place, free of those that might harm it.

Though some might say they wish it free of any discontent whatsoever, the Thought Police humbly decline to respond to such accusations.

This faction is mostly composed of Malkavian’s who have retained use of the discipline of Dominate and avoided the so-called “Dementation Plague.” They prize the order that Dominate gives them, and the direct control over the minds of the enemies of the Camarilla.


Rumored Members:

Credit: Malkavian Clan Guide (Jim Flood)