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Basic Information:

  • Name: Thunderbolt Krewe


  • Neal Cassady
  • Dean Moriarty
  • Michelle Jane Kerouac
  • Berengaria Carmody
  • Phil "Diamond Thunderbolt" Louis


  • John Capital is known to be a donor to there cause whenever they go to crowd fund items that they are trying to publish.


This a rag tag group of artists, writers, intellectuals and iconoclasts who got together to publish a graphic novel called "The Swords of Meru". It started as a graphic novel form of various online live journal stores that is best described as a "sword and sorcery pulp fiction" story. It takes place "at a time before time" on an island called Meru which has dragons that are mostly slumbering but at one time enabled the inhabitants, the Meru'ai to conquer most of the known world and wield powerful magic. Later plot develops and the world slowly descends into a world without magic and the Meru'ai become a people on the run in a savage world. The graphic novel, spawned into paperback novels, collectible items based on descriptions of things from novels and the graphic novels. Many fans and critics call the novels "Atlantis as it probably was rather than what Plato and Madame Blavatsky said was".

A few years ago a second set of novels called "The Matrix of Ascension". This series was a vastly different sort, taking place in the modern world but with some anachronisms, such as fedoras being common, older technology still being present and generally a feel like Casablanca is still a thing. It has been best described as "dark noir, detective fiction meets the Matrix". The main characters have "arcane powers" also, but not on the earth shattering level that heroes did in the Swords of Meru had. The world is darker, magic isn't nearly as dependable or useful. It is revealed in the series that it links to "The Swords of Meru" when it is revealed that some of the dreams and flashbacks of folks of a "time before creation in the island nation of Meru" are because the "souls of the Meru'ai people were shattered but not destroyed. They instead settled into the souls of other folks and still inhabit people in the modern world." Due to the popularity of the graphic novels and books many people from all walks of life, both Mundane and Supernatural are fans of the Thunder Bolt Krewe.


  • The Swords of Meru
  • Matrix of Ascention
  • Upcoming promised sci-fi series


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