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Houston Lara.jpg

Character Information
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Breed: Homid
Pack: Maw of Fenris
Sept: Sept_of_Falcon's_Rest
Rank: Athro
Glory: ••••• •••••
Honor: •••••
Wisdom: ••
Player: KT Faulkner
Storyteller: Forrest Holt

Character Information

Name: Lara Radic, Long Walk Home, Wolf Rage, Tides of War, Houston

Auspice: Ahroun

Tribe: Shadow Lords

Positions/Titles: Beta of the Maw of Fenris

Renown: 10G / 5H / 2W

Sept: Falcon's Rest

Pack: The Maw of Fenris

Pure Breed: Lara is clearly a Shadow Lord born and bred. (3)

Lara Gun.jpg


Homid: Lara is a tall, powerful, female with dark hair and eyes, and, by the looks of it, an even darker sense of humor. When she's serious, she seems like the kind of murderer one wouldn't want to meet in a back alley. Thankfully, she seems to have a good handle on her rage.

Lupus: Black as pitch, with cold grey eyes that track the movements of others like prey. She has multiple visible scars in this form, some are proper war wounds, others appear to have been with her from long before she firsted..

Crinos: Lara's Crinos form is a shadowy reminder of the life of war Garou lead. Thick black fur is marred by multiple scars, the sign of a life dedicated to war. Grey wolf-eyes carry the heat of battle in their depths, and this monster seems capable of terrible things.


  • "Life. Is. War. Security is a lie. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something." - Lara
  • "Before you even ask - no. I have not started my training, yet." - Mina Yellow Deer
  • "Sexy Shadow is a fun one. Devious as fuck, I'm sure - but that's also its own kind of fun." - Kat
  • "Lara kinda reminds me of a care-bear. Icy, deadly, driven, and dangerous...Oh wait, I meant Terminator, Lara reminds me of the Terminator." - Alvarez
  • ""For some Garou, courage is forged in the crucible of the First Change. My cousin Lara and I are different. We found ours in our ravaged homelands. However, where my parents fled to America while I still had some hope of a childhood, Lara was left in that terrible place. Do not let her biting wit fool you; behind her laughing smile is a cunning mind sharpened to a razor edge. You would do well to tread lightly around her."" - Song of Thunder
  • "She has dedicated to the pursuit of her craft, and her craft is war. " Jericho Windstorm
  • "So she's not a Fenrir, that matters not. I've seen her in battle and I know that when push comes to shove, Tides of War will be there, pushing, shooting, stabbing...you get the picture." Gunnar Schwarz
  • "Lara is cunning and fierce, she understands what it means to live her life as a true warrior." - Tyvar Thorvaldson - Jarl of North Central Region
  • "I have fought with and against her, and I will be the first to say that I prefer fighting with her. Though she can't hold her drink, what kind of warrior can't hold their drink?!" Arm of the Devil
  • "Bringer of deaths, both large and small." - Kat
  • "Something something....killer. Something something, Shadow Lord. Blah blah blah distrust. Eh, she's hot, what do I care." - Ebony
  • "She is one that I will be truly sad to forget." - Beatrice

Wolf Rage.jpg
  • "I hear that she worships the Beast of War!"
  • "Secretly, Lara's favorite color is pink, and she sleeps with a stuffed old rabbit she calls Mister Bunz. Ask about either, and she'll gut you like a fish."
  • ”Ever hear about Vukovar? No? Exaaaactly.”


== OOC Information ==

Player: Katie "KT" Faulkner

MES Number: US2002021288

Location: Denver, CO


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