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“The past is to be respected and acknowledged, but not worshipped; it is our future in which we will find our greatness.”
— Pierre Trudeau.
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Sun Icon.png"Gaia does not demand perfection of us, merely dedication. Perfection is what we should demand of ourselves."
Moon Icon.png"Our lineage and Ancestors are not a measure of our worth; they are a benchmark to live up to, and to exceed. If the heroes of old had been content that their blood marked their worth then they would not be remembered today."
Sun Icon.png"Not long ago we shattered, nearly collapsing in on ourselves, and that was not even the Apocalypse. We must be better than that, with fewer Garou to uphold it, if we are to prevail in Gaia’s name."
Moon Icon.png"Wisdom is just pragmatism backed up by enough knowledge to understand the context you're applying it to."

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Sun Icon.png"I watched a man of humble dress but noble bearing approach, a prince in pauper's clothing. Though kinfolk, I was born under the Gibbous moon. I want to know Tiercel's story." - Ebony
Moon Icon.png"At first, I was convinced he was a mouthy, uppity Cliath who didn't understand how the Nation worked. And then I realized he was mouthy and uppity, but understood the Nation. He might work out, this one." - Returns the Faith
Sun Icon.png"He came inquiring of my story. Then to hear it again from my brother. He does not claim to be unable to see him, why then do the rest of them? Perhaps he is gifted with Hrafn's sight." - Ruric "Tag Team" Peterson
Moon Icon.png"I sense great things in his future. He has fallen from grace, but like the mighty phoenix, he will rise again from the ashes. I will be there to recount that story." - Anastasia Romanov
Sun Icon.png"I like this kid. Shot his mouth off right and proper when we first met--but corrected his respect of Rank damn near immediately. His Tribe needs more like him." - Thunder's Reason
Moon Icon.png"There are some very, very interesting tales to be told about this one. I'm looking forward to learning them." - Damian Tears-of-Laughter
Sun Icon.png"What is a nation without those who remember the old, yet strive for the new. What is a nation without those who seek to repair the fractures left behind by those before. Tierciel Twice Sworn Child of Falcon is one of those. This one will watch and see if his Maat remains balanced." - Archer's Paradox
Moon Icon.png"Tiercel is definitely one of my favorite Fangs. The stick up his ass isn't 'nearly' as large as most of them! No, but seriously, he's intelligent, quick-witted, and generally a nice guy. He has no problems calling me up and asking me to use my abilities to help him out, which is another bonus. And he's the best Fool I've ever seen at a Moot. Yeah. We can keep him..." - Alaska Hayes, Kinfolk
Sun Icon.png"Tiercel and I are parallels of a sort. We are children of the court and have grown up surrounded by our tribe. We have given so much and are driven by the duty we both feel deeply in our hearts for not only our tribe, but the nation as a whole. And we both have fallen hard in the pursuits of that duty. Our lives, our paths, are mirrors in a strange light, and that ties us together. Even if we do not see each other often, I always feel that kinship between the two of us." - Sabine Silver Swift
Moon Icon.png"He's an arrogant, stuck-up, bossy ass who's too busy being caught up on what he thinks my Tribe is like to ever trust a Shadow Lord. In short, he's the perfect fucking Silver Fang." - Ana Thunder's Trial
Sun Icon.png"Du-te dracu te auto-celor neprihaniti imbecil." - Ana Thunder's Trial
Moon Icon.png"Tiercel is wise beyond his years and an outstanding warrior. I see him one day being a great leader amongst the Garou Nation." - Jasper 'Scorched Silver' Rathbone
Sun Icon.png"If you seek proof that being a Garou transcends any particular culture or tribe, you just have to open your eyes and see the kindred spirits around you. Tiercel and I come from two different worlds, of different peoples, and yet we can stand shoulder to shoulder to meet the challenges ahead. As much as many would argue, we are all brothers and sisters in our fight, and the blood we share is that of our enemies upon on claws and fangs. And there can be no tighter and truer bond then surviving the crucible of war back to back." - Jacob "Takes-the-High-Ground" Whitewater
Moon Icon.png"I wasn't sure just what to make of this one when I laid eyes on him. Seemed full of pomp like the rest of the Fangs, but lying beneath the surface is a pure metal and it's being forged as we speak, from what I hear of his tale. Made me think about a thing or two and opened up my eyes to some of my own shortcomings. I'm looking forward to see what the fall of the hammer reveals in due time." - Jackson Hightower
Sun Icon.png"Noble purpose lies within this Garou. The sleeping Prince yet to be fully awaken. Yet already cares for his people and beyond with the loyalty, respect, and fierceness to protect what is rightfully his." - Kieran O'Donnell, Kinfolk
Moon Icon.png"I'm glad to have met a new friend. Anyone willing to put up with me and teach me is someone I won't just die to defend, but I'll live to learn from. He's the first person to acknowledge that I've grown as a garou and that I've got a lot to pick up on. Good teacher, and hopefully a better friend and brother." - Cecil 'Tempered Heart' Deal
Sun Icon.png"I've discovered he and I share a mutual faceplanting habit. We should start a club!" - Scarlett Jones, Legacy of the Norns
Moon Icon.png"He is a great Garou and could be a capable leader of his tribe. I know that he is going to be someone that could change the Silver Fangs or possibly get them out of their stubborn and dusty old ways." - Ray "Serpentsbane" Fullbringer
Sun Icon.png"Leadership does not come from a place of strength. People often think so, because they only see the end of the play. They have missed the previous acts. Leadership comes from weakness." - Margrave Yuri Konietzko, Shadow Lord Legend
Moon Icon.png"Oh man. Ask him about the one time with the seven banana peels, the bucket of red ice water and the Monkey King. I swear to Gaia he'll blush to his knees!" - Cozzie Steals the Moon
Sun Icon.png"Tiercel-rhya is a garou worthy of respect. I haven't interacted with him a lot yet, but from the few times we spoke to each other, I could see the soul of a noble garou." - Serena Argyris, Stalks the Forest
Moon Icon.png"While yours may not be the blood of Rat but rather of Eagle, it matters not. Your heart is true." - American Dream, Incarna
Sun Icon.png"I wonder who Tiercel was in some previous life. His words sometimes carry wisdom beyond his years; and his eyes show something deeper within his soul. Just not sure what yet." - Visions of Phoebe
Moon Icon.png"I dunno if he's a total prick, or just a Silver Fang. I'll keep poking him until I find out." - Diego, Nuwisha
Sun Icon.png"He's a man that knows that ambition and flattery will get you everywhere." - Bella Dent
Moon Icon.png"Tiercel? We met in Egypt I suppose.. though I guess that depends on your definition of met. But he, of all the damn wolves in the nation, gets it." - Boots, Ratkin
Sun Icon.png"Bossy, meddling and entitled, he's everything you would expect from a Silver Fang... or an asshole. It's hard to tell the difference between the two. But one thing is for certain. He thinks he knows everything while understanding nothing." - Hilde Rekkstrum
Moon Icon.png"Tiercel is the Eldest Theurge of my Sept, certainly, and I respect him for that. Still, I'm never quite sure what to make of him. He apparently sees something in me, though, and I'm grateful for the opportunities he's brought my way." - Zoe Anwar
Sun Icon.png "There was a time when I would've told you that Tiercel was the bane of my existence, perpetually better than me at everything, constantly proving to everyone around us that I was somehow inferior in a vendetta to lay me low. The narrow views of callow youth, to say the least. Tiercel is many things, but he is not envious. He does not strive for excellence to make others less. He strives for excellence because it is in his nature, and if I had been a less envious creature I might have grown more excellent to better stand beside him. Fortunately for me, he is patient, and allowed me to become his equal through pure spite before I realized how very small I had been. It is a privilege and an honor to have learned beside him." - Benjamin de Provence
Moon Icon.png "Dude's a fuckin' badass. I'll be honest - it's kinda difficult to impress me with sheer moxy. He managed it. I'll be happy to follow him on strange and dangerous adventures just to observe and golf clap." - Sarah, Bastet
Sun Icon.png"You are a people who live on regret. You thrive on it; to avoid gaining it, to run from it, or to seek absolution from it. Rather, celebrate your weakness and your frailty. Show to me those who live with the righteous acts they failed to do." - Charyss, Incarna of Erebus
Moon Icon.png"He opened my eyes, and I saw the stars in heaven in a new light." - Fairlight
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Sun Icon.pngIt is said that a falcon cried at the exact moment he was brought into the world, and that spirits of Helios attacked and destroyed all Banes within many miles of his birthplace on that day.
Moon Icon.pngTiercel has met every Incarna of the Aetherial Realm.
Sun Icon.pngHe has received tokens of favour from five of them.
Moon Icon.pngHis time away from his House has taught Tiercel strange magics that even other Theurges don't fully grasp. Whether these tricks are from his own ingenuity, the Incarnae he is rumored to have met, or some pact with the Wyrm is a matter of debate.
Sun Icon.pngHe spent several years travelling the world, seeking out any expert he could find to instruct him on Luna's Brood or Garou Ancestor spirits.
Moon Icon.pngTiercel was saved by the self-sacrifice of a Shadow Lord while he was at the Dousing of Anthelios.
Sun Icon.pngHe was only a member of the Sept of the Golden Door for a few weeks when he started dating the Sept Alpha's Kinfolk sister, Ebony.
Moon Icon.pngTiercel and his packmate Ana Thunder's Trial can hardly stand one another.
Sun Icon.pngHe turned down an offer to be named Fostern because he was in the midst of a Challenge already, and he considered it dishonourable to withdraw from it, even for the certainty of the rank he sought.
Moon Icon.pngFor a Silver Fang Theurge he seems very well favoured by Grandfather Thunder's Brood.
Sun Icon.pngAnd Uktena's.
Moon Icon.pngAnd Rat's.
Sun Icon.pngThere are several Garou of higher ranks who want to help guide his development. Some of them want to guide him in very different directions, for very different reasons.
Moon Icon.pngEbony Forakis and Tiercel recently split up. No one knows the cause of this split.
Sun Icon.pngTiercel is the driving force behind the Puerto Rico-based charitable organisation, the Aurelius Foundation.
Moon Icon.pngThe unusually-talkative Ancestors of Silver Fang Cub Marlon advised the girl to seek out Tiercel to be her mentor. It is why she is a part of the Sept of the Golden Door.
Sun Icon.pngTiercel and Hilde Rekkstrum actually like each other a lot. Maybe a little too much, and they have to keep it under wraps.
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