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“The past is to be respected and acknowledged, but not worshipped; it is our future in which we will find our greatness.”
— Pierre Trudeau.
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TTS Glance.png

Known As: Tiercel Twice-Sworn; Twice-Sworn; T; Shattered Moon Legacy

Tribe: Silver Fangs

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Theurge

Pack: Forlorn Hope

House: Clan Crescent Moon

Lodge: Sun Lodge

Associations: Star-Crossed

Family: Tvarivich

Known Relatives: Queen Tamara Tvarivich; Lance of Spectral Fury

Territory: Sept of the Golden Door

Title or Position: Eldest Theurge of the Sept of the Golden Door; Pack brother of Forlorn Hope

Notable Traits: Pure Breed 4; Notable Heritage; Natural Leader; Tattoo of a falcon over his left pectoral muscle and shoulder (Crafts x5); Tattoo of a klaive down his right arm, with several prominent glyphs etched in telling the tale of an Ancestor (Crafts x5); Glyph on his right hip signifying victory over two powerful corrupt storm elementals (visible only in the Umbra); Almost always wears an American flag pin somewhere on his body, despite his Russian heritage.

TTS Known History.png

Tiercel was born in the most prominent Silver Fang Sept in the world - the Sept of the Crescent Moon - as nephew to King Nicolai Ivanovich. He spent his earliest years in the dark days of Russia's Shadow Curtain under the threat of Baba Yaga, but it was during that time he learned what it meant to be a Silver Fang as he watched his cousin, the new Queen Tamara Tvarivich, return from victory over one of the terrible Zmei Wyrm-dragons.

In 2008 Tiercel underwent his first change. His Rite of Passage was in the same year alongside a handful of other cubs at the Sept of the Crescent Moon. He performed admirably and not long after he was found in England, near Windsor. The Cliath proved himself an exceptional Theurge, cunning, brave, and noble, and as innovative as he was hard-working. When he returned to Russia six months later he continued to earn this reputation, proving himself worthy of Fostern rank less than a year after his Rite of Passage. His actions in bringing a war to the Banes of Ekaterinberg were lauded and he was celebrated in his Sept for living up to his royal name.

Tiercel was one of the lowest-ranked Garou to survive the Dousing of Anthelios, and in so doing the Theurge earned himself great Renown and a place among the Star-Crossed. It wasn't long before he was sent into the Aetherial Realm on his Adren challenge. Few know exactly what happened there, but it is known that he failed in some spectacular fashion. When he returned from the Aetherial Realm Tiercel was put through the Satire Rite, and then exiled from the House whose royal blood flowed through his veins.

TTS Known History Renown.png

Rank: Adren
Current Renown:

Glory: 4/18

Wisdom: 10/05

Honor: 6/11

Sun Icon.pngTiercel was one of the youngest survivors of the Dousing of the Red Star. He worked with the other Theurges in the great Rite to weaken Anthelios and drive it back.
Moon Icon.pngHe was once a Fostern and challenged for Adren. He failed and then received a Satire Rite, stripping him of all but the minimum Renown for the Rank of Cliath.
Sun Icon.pngIn April of 2014 the spirits heard and approved of Tiercel's Rite of Accomplishment for Wisdom Renown twice.
Moon Icon.pngTiercel led his pack Sol Invictus in battle to help raise the Caern for the Sept of the Shrouded Spring in May, 2014. He vanished from the battlefield, only to return two days later to the Bawn in a burst of brilliant sunlight, claiming that the spirits had foreseen his imminent death and had taken him into an Umbral Realm to prevent it.
Sun Icon.pngWhen the Sept of the Golden Door assaulted a Pit-raising Rite being enacted by the Black Spiral Dancers of Puerto Rico in July, 2014, Tiercel was asked to lead one of the three war parties. He and the Garou who followed him into battle were responsible for taking the fight into the Umbra and prevailing against the many spirit defenders to reach and stop the Rite. Though he was still a Cliath he led Athro and Adren that day. He was skilled enough as the leader that in the aftermath one of the Athro, Crucible of Storms, offered to name him a Fostern on the spot if his Renown was sufficient.
Moon Icon.pngYuquiyu, the Caern Totem of Sept of the Golden Door, has marked Tiercel with a kind of tattoo only visible in the Umbra. It is a sign of the spirit's respect.
Sun Icon.pngIn August 2014 after a long and uncommonly difficult challenge, Tiercel was named Fostern by Dimming Sky, Fostern Theurge of the Shadow Lords.
Moon Icon.pngTiercel was recognised as the Eldest Theurge of the Sept of the Golden Door in December 2014, while still a Fostern.
Sun Icon.pngIn January of 2015 Tiercel stood before the Incarna of the American Dream and earned its respect.
Moon Icon.pngWhen his Sept faced a Djinn of great power and malice, Tiercel sought out and secured knowledge of the creature's Taboo which allowed it to be defeated.
Sun Icon.pngDuring the night when Nightmaster attacked in March 2015 Tiercel stood in defense of the Sept of Luna's Awakening. Both the Sept Alpha and the Caern Totem regarded his week of spiritual and tactical preparations to be pivotal in the decision of Nightmaster's forces to bypass the Caern as a target simply too difficult to effectively assault.

TTS Known History SF.png

Sun Icon.pngTiercel was schooled at the prestigious Eton College in England and stayed in Argent House, a boy's house set aside for the sole use of young Silver Fangs and Kinfolk.
Moon Icon.pngHis exile from House Crescent Moon was accompanied by ejection from the Moon Lodge. He is now one of the few Theurges in the Sun Lodge.
Sun Icon.pngThe details are not well-known, but whatever it was that earned Tiercel exile has something to do with Luna. It is said that the Celestine bears some form of personal dislike for the Theurge.
Moon Icon.pngWhile still a Cliath (for the second time) he aided in the Athro challenge of Nathaniel 'Kills With Silver' Curzon in which Rajamata Mauna, the Grand Klaive of late King Palmarstan Nayar of House Blood Red Crest, was retrieved.

TTS Appearance.png

Sun Icon.pngHomid Form
Tiercel is graceful and strong in his homid form and his features recall a long and noble heritage of ancient Silver Fang heroes [Pure Breed 4]. Dark hair and eyes are a sign of his Russian blood. His strong jaw and delicate cheekbones render him both masculine and attractive, though more than simply good looks, the light of intelligence burns in his gaze.

Tiercel Tvarivich Lupus Form.jpg

Moon Icon.pngLupus Form
In his lupus form, Tiercel is a lean, powerful arctic wolf, bearing every sign of his Silver Fang heritage in his immaculate white coat and the proportions of the archetypal lupine. He seems at ease in this shape, having no difficulty in the shift between homid thought and lupus instinct.
Sun Icon.pngClothes and Fetishes
When in homid form Tiercel typically dresses in hues of red and gold and black, being drawn to such colors naturally. His tastes reveal a distinct lean toward the casual and sturdy over more formal or fragile clothes. Of particular note is a worn, flat granite pendant, shot through with gold veins. Remarkably these veins seem entirely natural yet they form a Garou glyph which strongly resembles the general pattern of those used for Silver Fang royal Houses. This does not belong to any of those, but instead bears the glyph for Helios as its' central element.
The Theurge is rarely seen without his richly-red leather satchel, in which he seems to carry many of his material components for rituals, as well as talens and other personal effects. The quality of the leatherwork is magnificent.
As often as not Tiercel goes barefoot, even in homid form.

Tainted Storm Glyph.png

Moon Icon.pngOnly In the Umbra
In the Umbra, in all forms, Tiercel bears a tattoo-like mark upon his right hip - his right flank, in lupus and hispo forms. It is a Garou glyph, and it is never visible in the Realm. Spirits of Uktena's Brood seem especially interested in it. In the pictographic language of the Garou, it is fairly easy to decipher the general meaning. There are elements of Wyrm and/or corruption, and of storms, and of rage or destruction. Taken together they seem to be a mark of honour or gratitude for the Silver Fang's part in destroying some powerful and corrupt elemental.

This wiki was coded with frequent reference to the work of Learsfool.
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