Tilly Ayre

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Changeling PC

Player: A.C. Marheine
Character: Matilda Ayre
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Bright One/Antiquarian
Court: Autumn
Freehold: Freehold of Laurels
VST: James Post

The Lady Sage enjoys taking selfies.

Character Information

Name: Matilda "Tilly" Ayre

Seeming: Darkling

Kith: Bright One/Antiquarian

Court: Autumn

Notable Traits: Striking Looks 2, Trained Memory, Academic/Writer

Title or Position: Lady Sage (of the Unknown Reaches); Historian of the Lost Boys of Chicago; Autumn Ranger of the Freehold of Laurels



A small, pale, white woman in her early twenties with long, braided white hair and striking gold irises. She's prettier than average (Striking Looks 2), but not drop-dead gorgeous. She tends to dress professionally, when she's not found in uniform at the hipster coffee shop at which she works.


Her eyes have a darkness about her, and her ears are pointed. While she's definitely lanky like a Darkling, she does lack the typical height. However, her skin seems to have a peculiar and eerie glow.

Mantle (Autumn 2):

Sycamore seeds (the whirligig kind) seem to fall and flit about her.


  • She has a crush on her Captain.
  • She joined her entitlement just so people would be compelled to refer to her as a Lady.


  • "Fear is a healthy feeling for a Lost."

OOC Information

Player: A.C. Marheine

MES Number: US2013060095

Location: Chicago, IL