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Character Information

Name: Toby Dior
Clan: Toreador
Title or Position: Master Harpy


  • Acknowledged by Calebros, Prince of New York
  • Confirmed by Blood
  • Guardian as Master Harpy
  • Noble as Master Harpy
  • Prominent as Master Harpy



The Ties that Bind



  • Clé deMontes - Equal parts inspiration and aspiration, my greatest desire is to leave half the positive impact she has on this world.
  • Emma Klein - Best mate on his crazy adventure we're on.
  • Lark McPhee - Everything I know about Louix XIV decorative arts, I have learned from Lark.
  • Rags - I will miss his wisdom, his insight, and his mentorship. I just hope that my work as harpy would've made him proud.
  • Viveka Josephina Von Daun - Our elders see all we do, and we are the pieces they move across the board. I learned this from her, and I accept the weight of it's ramifications gladly.
  • Raina Star - I'll miss my cousin, her light was snuffed out far too soon.
  • Orenna - I don't care what you call her, I call her fabulous. Oh, and Auntie.
  • Reginald Preston - Uncle Reginald is, erm, quite the character!
  • Alicia Vangelista - You see on ennui, but I see a frank view of a cold world. Where my grandsire lifts me up to the clouds, it is Aunt Alicia who reminds me where my feet are.
  • Constance Fournier - I've heard so many things about her, both for and against. I've even met the woman twice, but I think she'll always be a mystery to me. I wonder if she isn't an enigma to herself?
  • Bridgette - Singular. Contradicts the role of elder while she upholds it with every fiber of her being. Don't try to classify her or define Elder Bridgette, if she hasn't deigned to do so herself, what gives you the right?
  • Elder Suriel - If you think he is only dangerous because he is of the Thought Police, you are wrong. He is dangerous because he is himself.
  • Joshua Weatherstone - Although our acquaintance has just begun, I anticipate that it shall lead to many engaging conversations and some decidedly memorable experiences.
  • Faruq - Never try to impress him, it's best you not actually live down to his already low expectations.
  • Midas Madison -
  • Scarlett Thorne -
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What is Said


  • Toby is actually a ghoul.
  • Toby is a talentless hack, just ask his critics.
  • Toby is the second coming of Bram Stoker.
  • Toby IS Bram Stoker
  • Toby has Anne Rice and Charlene Harris on speed dial.
  • Toby's sire was the original rebel without a cause.
  • Toby has a secret fan boy fascination with the Nosferatu, to his Toreador brethren's undying horror.
  • Toby has nightmares of drowning in a sea of snow globe souvenirs and commemorative cheese plates.
  • Toby's coterie mate is actually his mortal sister by another mother.
  • Toby not only abhors violence, it makes him physically nauseous.
  • Toby lives to inhale the smell of broken dreams and split blood.
  • Toby is his grand sire's favorite. What, however, is still being narrowed down.
  • Toby was so incensed at the conduct of an Independent Kindred at the Grand Conclave, he had the Imperator send a hit squad to kill the creature.
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  • "He's my best friend, just my very best friend. And the best part is that we get to best friends forever!" - Emma Klein
  • "Toby has an interesting outlook on the world, but it is one that I have found value in. Few people make me smile as often as he and Emma." -Rags
  • "It's awesome to have another neonate in the family! I think me and Toby will get along wonderfully!" - Raina Star
  • "He knows how to weave quite the tale, a skill that has benefit when it comes to integrating with the world around us, but what I appreciate most of all is his humility. He does not shy away from asking questions when he is curious about something and does not assume he already has all the answers." - Clé deMontes
  • "Mister Dior will learn that worth is everything. Once he is without it, what is the very point to his existence?" - Constance Fournier
  • "Despite myself, I like him. I suppose every clan has a lucky embrace. It is rare to see one so young with so much potential. I hope he does not shine too bright and extinguish before his time" - Bridgette Merrick
  • "Mister Dior always has something interesting to say. Smart kindred befriended him a long time ago as his rise in influence was nearly pre-ordained. Either that, or other smart kindred were behind the scenes pulling strings to arrange things just so. Let us hope that he remembers interesting must also remain useful." -Elder Suriel
  • "Quick of wit and sharp of pen, he is everything you want in a Master Harpy. He is charming and I am interested in where his path will take him." -Clarence Charles Merrick
  • "If you don't know he is a Toreador, you are deaf, dumb, and blind." -Ida Jane Cochrane
  • "Toby spins actions into words like a spider's web. Always beautiful, often a trap. He is, naturally, a good harpy." -Lea Winters
  • "Another Harpy in the family...I suppose it was inevitable. I see in him the potential of greatness that I found in his grandsire. He is very young and very American, one of which will disappear with time and the other of which may fade. Until then, I enjoy him a traveling companion and for his insight into modern...culture. I suppose we must call it that." - Viveka Josephina Von Daun
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  • "Ah, yes, Toby, he's a pretty alright guy, unless of course you don't care for quick wit, manners, and general competence, in which case I know someone else you would absolutely love." - Spencer
  • "I do not understand. Why at times. Some Kindred act surprised. At the things he says and does. Do they not see? Toby is everything. A Toreador Harpy. Is *supposed* to be." - Faruq
  • "A thing of beauty is a joy forever. The manner in which Master Harpy Dior handles trying political and social events is, accordingly, a joy forever." - Midas Madison
  • "We look out and hold space for each other, which is only natural. We're far too similar, and only just at the point where our paths are starting to diverge." - Scarlett Thorne
  • "Toby and I have had a very similar path down very different roads. It always reminds me of the interplay of light." - Trevor Rodgers

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
City: New York, NY
Player: Gregory Glenn
Storyteller: Nate Kelly

Player: Gregory Glenn
MES Number: US2014122447

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Accord: Michael Kennedy
Lost: Iarann Iarann Wolfe
Requiem: Ramiel