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Character Information

Court spring - Reach.png OneInchSpacer.png Seeming-fairest.png

Name: Tobias "Toby" Harrel

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Playmate

Court: Spring (Mantle 3)

Title or Position: Spring Representative of the Advisory Council to the Monarch of the Unnamed Freehold



Pictured: Toby looking exceptionally photogenic.


Toby is a teen, almost twenty, though upon first glance you might believe him to be younger than he really is. He's almost always smiling, and dresses in an contemporary, though relaxed, manner.


His fae appearance is strange--like he's wearing makeup, with stylized soot accentuating his face. His cheeks are slightly rosy, as if to suggest innocence.

Mantle (Spring 3, Summer Goodwill 2):

Illusory blue snapdragons, covered in morning dew, surround Toby. On occasion you can swear you hear the distinct sound of singing cicadas, but their song fades out shortly after it is noticed.


Kind and a good listener, Toby is a bit on the quiet side. However, he has a bit of a fiery temper, and when seriously wronged will not hesitate to confront the person who hurt him--if he thinks confronting would actually bear fruit. If not...well, he just wants to see what will happen next.

Notable Traits

Siren Song, speaks in a British accent despite being pretty sure he's not actually British, Goblin Merchant


What Came Before


When Toby was dragged out of Arcadia by his "brother," Wally, he was catatonic. He remained so for months, and has slowly recovered over the course of two years. He became a Goblin Merchant in that time, and he joined the Scoured Freehold in June of 2013. He lives in an apartment with his brother, and has started up the Harrel Brothers' Hedgecrafting business with him.


At the age of twelve, Michael Harrel ran away from foster care and stumbled across a sort of adolescent gang, full of orphans and runaways. There were people, mostly boys, he could relate to and he cared for. While he started to flourish in this environment, it wasn't to last. He was taken and cast as Tobias Ragg in a realistic production of Stephen Sondheim's Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Being thoroughly brainwashed into the role, he performed it believing it to be true and his life. After the first performance was over, he was left insane and barely responsive. Wally, who he later called his brother, kidnapped him and took him back into the real. Now mostly recovered, Toby struggles with remembering who he originally was and what exactly his identity is.


What they Say


  • One of the nicest members of the freehold you can meet. Even if he can be a little blind to the feminine ways of seduction.
  • He and Wally escaped Arcadia together, and their brotherly bond and devotion to one another is a bit insane.
  • The most sensible spring courtier in The Scoured Freehold easily trusted and deserves great respect though rarely given any.


  • "As someone who's been following this conversation because he's bored, I only have this video[1] to add to the conversation."
  • "Toby is really good at GIFs." - Silas Grey
  • "One of the few I can call my friend. He is someone I trust which coming from me is a damn honor." - Becca Wulfe
  • "Toby and Wally Harrel couldn't be more different on the outside, but they're definitely brothers." - DJ Radix
  • "Toby was a fantastic player at Monopoly too bad I won. But he was not a sore sport about it. We must have a rematch!" -Dawn
  • "Little Boy Blue is smart and quiet and doesn't invade my personal space. Maybe if other Fairest were like that, I wouldn't want to punch them all in their god-damn pretty faces so much." - Arc

Changeling PC

Player: A.C. Marheine
Character: Toby
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Playmate
Court: Spring
Freehold: The Scoured Freehold
VST: MacKenzie Rennick


OOC Information



  • Tobias Ragg from Sweeney Todd


Player Info

Player: A.C. Marheine

MES Number: US2013060095

Location: Chicago, IL

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