Torrance Fairfallen

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Milliner. Misunderstood. Mischief Unmanaged.

Abiding Status

Acknowledged - in the Camarilla
Confirmed - Ancilla
Enforcer - Scourge of Boston

Fleeting Status


Haus Von Daun

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Sire: Einhardt Wagner

"I can't go back to yesterday because I was a different person then."
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

"And risen: Every angel slain."
― Fairfallen Motto

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Torrance Fairfallen, the Lady Scourge of Boston, can only be described as gaily sinister. Her posture is odd and bent as though she were equal parts sadistic puppeteer and malicious-minded marionette, but there is a predatory feel to her as though at any moment she might discard the illusion and move to violence.

Her leather longcoat makes her appear taller than she truly is and barely conceals a revealing outfit and the flash of twin daggers strapped to her thighs. A well-used longsword rests in its sheath along her back.

Her battered black topper keeps all but the most unruly red curls from her face. Its brim casts shadows over her, hollowing her cheekbones and accentuating her low Humanity. Any who make more than a cursory study of the Lady Scourge can see she uses the brim as a shield to watch others without revealing too much of her own expression. A glint of green eyes, watchful and mischievous, is all that can be seen.


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Viveka Von Daun Alicia Vangelista Cle deMontes Lazuli
Franziskus Winter Sofie Renner Einhardt Wagner Alonso Gutierrez


TorranceBullet.png ""She is one of the toughest Toreadors I have ever met. I look forward to seeing her again.." - Dravon
TorranceBullet.png "The speed of love and hate, the agony of joy and pain, all of these and emotions beyond measure are the purview of the artist. Torrance is a true artist." - Viveka von Daun
TorranceBullet.png "For once epigram, wit, and outright plagiarism fail me. Singular, dangerous, delightful. Once and always." - Alicia Vangelista

TorranceBullet.png "She is starting to understand the delicate balance one must have between her duties as a Scourge and the duties to her soul. Many in her position forget that. I know at one point I did." - Malcolm Rook

TorranceBullet.png "Sharp daggers, sharper wit, and those hat pins . . . the Lady Fairfallen cuts deeper than I ever imagined." - Adrienne Maxwell

TorranceBullet.png "She understands quite well the nature of our Humanitas, as well as the nature of what we have become. Perhaps this also explains in part why she is what she is." - Alexander Warden

TorranceBullet.png "Family in life is all well and good I suppose, but far, far superior is the family that is chosen for the ages. The wisdom and insight of our Sire makes me smile a hundred times over with the fondest, most cherished memories of the gaiety of times spent with my Darling Sister." - Sofie Renner

TorranceBullet.png "When the stars threw down their spears, and watered heaven with their tears, did He smile His work to see? Did He who made the lamb make thee? When I look at my beloved Torrance, I know the answer is yes. And this...this fills me with the pride only a Sire can have." - Einhardt Wagner

TorranceBullet.png "I've never had the misfortune of standing between her and something she's set her eye on. God help those who get in her way; I don't know that anyone else could, even if they tried." - Adeline Bellamy

TorranceBullet.png "Torrance has mastered the art of the modern-day self-portrait. If I had beauty and style like hers, I'd capture myself all the time, too." - Cyd

TorranceBullet.png "Dear Torrance. I can never decide whether she's more delicious when soaked head-to-toe in blood, or when she has that look like she wants to be." - Benedict

TorranceBullet.png "In Torrance, I see shades of myself, a century past. Perhaps that is why, among so many, she wields such power to cheer and crush me, at a whim." - Orenna Komnenos, The Black

TorranceBullet.png "Quote." - Character name


  • Torrance became a milliner in order to keep busy. Idle hands...
  • She is not as prone to violence as she pretends.
  • She's been unusually cheerful lately…
  • She once carved an Elder Tzimisce's heart out with only her hatpins
Torrance Fairfallen

Clan: Toreador
Sect: Camarilla
Art: Millinery
Court Position: Scourge
Domain: Boston, MA
Genevieve Iseult Eldredge

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