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About Executioner's Resolve

Isabella Torres, is a member of the Jatibonicu’ Taino Tribe of the island, Boriken, common day Puerto Rico. Broken-blooded descendant of the Indigenous Arawakan who inhabited the Greater Antilles. Isabella is a fiercely loyal Garou, it takes a long time to gain her trust but once gained, will stand by the sides of any who earn it. She is typically calm, level headed person, and it takes much to raise her anger or Rage, that only few have seen her angry, if at all.
Dubbed as Sister Found Her Moon, as a Cub by then, Athro, Atum’s Pride. Isabella spent a year as a Cub, regaining memories and learning Garou ways. A tenacious Cub to say the least, she forged her way into the Nation, named Trail Blazer as Cliath, at the completion of her Rite of Passage.
Though born Homid, Isabella spends a lot of her time in Lupus. She’s much more closely attuned to her Wolf side, than Homid, often confused as Lupus-born to many for this reason.

Executioner's Resolve General Information

General Description after Novus: Hard Decisions looks like a feathered wolf with feathers matching the traditional pelt colors of her fur, stick out and blend with her fur. Her once missing ear is now replaced with overgrown bone where cartilage and flesh should be, looking like a short horn with the ear canal at its base, a gift from Novus and it’s chaotic healing powers of the North. The changes elongated her form, a once short person and small wolf, now slightly larger than average. Scars riddle her body from recent battles and her eyes, birthed from the chaotic storms, reflect the same red storms within them that she has seen, seem to crackle with lightning in the iris, but there appears to be no pupil.

A gift and a curse, these changes follow through in any form that she takes. Even in Homid, her eyes, ear and the sparse feathers means she cannot be seen in public unless covered and during the night.

Dedicated Clothing - A thin black t-shirt, blue cargo shorts and a pair of sneakers that have seen better days. Often times, she may go without shoes in favor of the natural ground. And a leather pouch

Notable Traits:

  • Thigh length hair that is braided making it waist length. Attached is a tiger's eye bead, and two Corax feathers.
  • In the Umbra, upon her left shoulder, is a claimed mark of Honor from Yucahu himself.
  • On her right shoulder in forms only with fur and feathers, an Uktena Tribal Glyph can be seen, it is white and always present, in Homid it seems to disappear because lack of hair to show it but it's trace lines show up if you look for it.
  • Bone horn, that is a mutated battle scar
  • Eyes that lack pupils and look like rolling lightning storms
  • Feathers spotted throughout her body.
  • Scars
  • Small vividly white scar on the center of her forhead, that resembles the crystal eye of Uktena. (Uktena's Belssing/Mark)

Names of Use:

  • Isabella Torres (Birth)
  • Brooke Slaine (Alias)
  • Sister Found Her Moon (Cub, named by Amun's Promise, Elder Silent Strider, Sept Alpha)
  • Trail Blazer (Cliath)
  • Two-Birds-One-Stone (named by Cozzie "Questions", Elder Utkena)
  • Journey's Trial (Fostern)
  • Hard Decisions (Adren)
  • Executioner's Resolve (Athro, Named by Uktena, Incarna)

Spiritual Affinities

  • Coqui
  • Stag

Rumors and Such

  • Her parents were a Glass Walker and Child of Gaia.
  • Pretty sure she will be a Glass Walker
  • Nope, pretty sure she will be Child of Gaia
  • Is often confused for Lupus breed.
  • Can sleep in lupus and Crinos form.
  • Was captured by The Machine, Weaver Incarna and later rescued.
  • Something is inside her...
  • Add your own!


  • Gained Affinity to Coqui.
  • Reached Cliath.
  • Favored and marked by Yucahu, Brood to Uktena, Sept Totem of the Golden Door.
  • Traversed and survived the rigors of Pangaea as a Cliath.
  • Earned the Blessing of Stag
  • Gained Fostern.
  • Bestowed the title "Curse Breaker" in the Sept.
  • Took Truth-Catcher of the Sept.
  • Kills a Fallen Kinfolk and reclaims a lost relic of her tribe.
  • Gained Adren
  • Claimed Master of Rites.
  • Became 1 of 3 Tribal Leaders for the Uktena
  • Changed by Novus while in the Realm.
  • Helps Dakota complete his Elder Challenge in the Weaver's Reaches.
  • Helps lead her Tribe to Victory in the Battle for the Homelands
  • Gained Athro


  • "Oh man, she joined the Uktena, now I gotta start calling her Big Sister... or something." - Stormseeker
  • "All cub-as-pillow time aside, she's a smarty. And *wants* to grow and improve. None of that 'Woe is me!' crap. How often do you see THAT these days?" - Scarlett Jones
  • "She has become my student. I hope she truly learns what it means to be both judge and mediator." - Ray "Serpentsbane" Fullbringer
  • "Trail Blazer is a dichotomy. She seems to have intelligence, passion, and conviction, but claims kinship by choice with those who do not. I am not quite sure what to make of her, but it will be interesting to find out." - Brigid
  • "I do not know her well, but she seems both intelligent and eager. Those are qualities that I can appreciate." - Deals
  • "She'll go far in the Uktena. I'm happy for her." -Feels the Silver, Brother of Trail Blazer
  • "Journey's Trial just has a way about her- she can break things down so that I can understand what is going on. She such drive- one day, I hope I can have half her drive and coolness."-Kalista
  • "Hard Decisions is one who sees both sides of a situation. Both light and dark. She has the wisdom to realize that every choice will have consequences, as well as the strength of purpose to face those consequences without flinching." -Matunaagd Stone Walker
  • "The winds blew Lynx to a strange land, where a wolf with eyes of fire walked with him. And Lynx was grateful for the winds, and for the walk." James Redleaf

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OOC Information
Elexeia R. US2011027373 Email
Character: Hard Decisions
Auspice: Philodox - Born under a waxing half-moon
Sept: Sept of The Golden Door
Tribe: Uktena
Camp: Scouts
Rank: Athro
Glory: •••
Honor: ••••• •••
Wisdom: ••••
VST: Jennifer Anderson

Art work: Dark Natasha

Sound track:

A Dog's Life - Miracle of Sound
Wake the White Wolf - Miracle of Sound
I'm Only Joking - Kongos