Trevor Rodgers

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Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: New York, NY
Player: Matthew Blank
Storyteller: Nate Kelly
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An unassuming man with prominent spectacles, Trevor seems very much like the sort of person you would trust with your taxes, or building a server.



Tremere-only Status:

Apprentice of the Seventh Circle



  • Trevor is terrified of or in love with Elena Hellenbach
    • You misspelled "and" there...
  • Trevor owes significant debts to the Nosferatu for infosec.
  • He is Cuthbert's childe


  • "Yes of course, Madame Hellenbach." - Trevor
  • "Yes, I voted correctly." - Trevor
  • "In our Clan, we are expected to succeed, and therefore we are not praised for successes, only punished for failures." - Trevor
  • "I am watching him...I do not give my kisses for free, though I have never found them wasted on the Clan Tremere." - Viveka Josephina Von Daun
  • "Augh, that guy? He's a fucking Bureaucromancer. We don't get along. He doesn't have the ability to think on his own, he always needs someone to tell him how." - Alice Covington
  • "It's so hard to tell what he's actually thinking, but sometimes I get a real smile out of him, and that's a good night's work in my book." - Emma Klein
  • "Mr. Rodgers is a consummate professional; his attention to protocol and his willingness to offer assistance make working with him a distinct pleasure. I do hope he has the opportunity to visit Boston again soon." - Barrington Price
  • "It has been said that in IT, when everything goes smoothly, you never get any credit, but when things go wrong, you're always the first at fault; the same can be said for Clan Tremere. Allow me to defy this truism in stating that Mr. Rodgers was instrumental in the security of the Grand Conclave and events surrounding it, and he deserves credit for his share of the work, which was significant." - Midas Madison
  • "I was pleasantly surprised at his timely attentiveness and professional execution of duties. I'll keep him in mind the next time I have a valuable information gathering job that needs doing." -Maria Aigner