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In the Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independent venue continuity, this city is in the Northwest Region.

This is the venue page for Vampire: the Masquerade (C/A/I) in the Tri-Cities (Pasco, Kennewick, and Richland, Washington).

This page contains information about the Tri-Cities Washington that is relevant to the MES Camarilla/Anarch/Independent continuity.

ST Contact: VST Tri-Cities Masquerade

Games in the Tri- Cities: Games are held on the First and Third Saturdays of each month at one of several locations. Games run from 6-11pm. Contact the storyteller above for the location of the games you wish to attend.

Current Setting


Pp camarilla.jpg

Prince: Jeska Deltish (Brujah)
Seneschal: Vacant
Harpy Serratus (Nosferatu)
Sheriff: Brad Milton (Malkavian)
Keeper of Elysium: Alexander
Scourge: Ullr (Gangrel)

Primogen Council

Brujah - Locke
Gangrel - Stein
Malkavian - Rosie
Nosferatu - Dainslef
Toreador - Fey Mellany
Tremere - Marcus Ishram
Ventrue - Gabriel Thompson

Members of the City

Jeska stands out from her Brujah brethren by how polite she is. She must be causing trouble through that laptop she carries.
  • Locke - Elder
A new Elder in town. Seems to be watching over the Prince.
Acknowledged as a Badass, Confirmed as Overly Handsome.

  • Stein - Primogen
  • Ullr - Elder
  • GiGi - Ancilla
  • Donovan
  • Lewis - Forsaken, Neonate
MIA. The Prince requests his presence.
  • Huey Pike - Icon RIPWreath.png
One of the infamous Pike Brothers. Destroyed for violation of the Sixth Tradition.

Scary in a fight, be careful messing with this one.
  • Rosie - Primogen, Neonate
Enjoys long talks with balloons and vats of acid.
Appears to be in his mid twenties, dressed in casual wear; jeans and a T-shirt. He can always be seen socializing with the younger members of the domain with his quiet, friendly demeanor.
A former Prince of the city.
He is a calculating mathematician that dresses in male clothing despite being female. She can come across as awkward.
He observes and listens silently as others go about their business. Mr. Christopher doesn't seem to grasp subtlety the way others do, preferring direct words that express his meaning. He dresses sloppily in an white blazer, slacks and has a tie for every occasion. He also always seems to have something to keep his hands busy: a deck of cards, poker chips, some dice...

Soft spoken, polite. Keeps to himself mostly, this new job might be hard on him.
  • Serratus - Elder, Emeritus Prince, Harpy
Was once the Prince and now Master Harpy.
A nice southern lady who is always up a chance to gamble.
  • Jacob - Emeritus Prince, Ancilla - Icon RIPWreath.png
A beloved Prince who is missed.
Tell me again why you are looking for her?

  • Alicio la Beamont - Ancilla
A musician who wants to help beautify our cities.
Her focus is in the metal and glass arts, but she will try just about anything.
  • Ella - Neonate
MIA, Prince has requested her presence.
  • Amelie - Elder
Hasn't been seen in town for awhile, Missing.

  • Marcus Ishram - Elder, Primogen
  • Kali - Neonate
Soft spoken, but those are always the ones to be wary of.
  • Mr. Fink - Neonate
Newly released from the Chantry, he seems to be well mannered and keen minded.
  • Summer Lockewood - Neonate Icon RIPWreath.png
Destroyed for assaulting officers of the court and several kindred at gathering.

  • Gabriel Thompson - Ambassador to the Anarchs, Elder
An ambassador who only seeks peace.
A polite woman appearing to be in her late twenties to early thirties. She is always seen well dressed to match her venue.
  • Leena Travino - Bloodhunted, Neonate Icon RIPWreath.png
Assaulting another kindred and many other forms of jack-assery.

Missing for awhile now, rumored to have defected.
  • Dimitri Stefanova - Neonate
Daughter of Cacophony
None of the Above
A cordial, heavy set man that dresses well in off-the-rack clothing. He wears Converse Wade basketball shoes and numerous rings, including 3 in each ear. As nights go on, his wardrobe seems to gain increasing disarray. He is prone to long walks through the domain and always has a story about his observations and interactions with the Kine.

Known Independents of the Tri-Cities and the Surrounding Area

Follower of Set
Childe of Alexis Weiss.

History of the Tri-Cities and the Surrounding Area

  • Please note that this information is still in the works and, finalized or not, is only available ICly to those with Kindred Lore 1+
  • Masquerade specific (read: made up for game) history is noted by brackets []; everything else is RL but still used for historical purposes and should be considered IC, as well. An asterisk denotes a national architectural landmark.

Pasco was founded in 1891 under guidance of [Ventrue elder] with the help of Privoli De Medici, who had just returned from Europe. The Ventrue brought the railroad and with it both Kindred and Kine. The City grew quickly and prospered. A new city was discussed and, as a result, the court founded Kennewick in 1904.
In 1905 the site for a permanent Elysium was constructed with the use of ancient thaumaturgy and other gifts. Marcus Longard, an old and trusted Ventrue elder who was heavily decorated in the battles against the enemies of the Tower was selected to be the first Keeper of this sacred place. As did many knights of his time, he gave a blood oath to protect the sanctity of Elysium until the time of his final death. As Princes came and went, he stood watch over this precious place and still stands there to this day.
Gloria Crispen, a Toreador diplomat, became the first Prince of the area in 1915. The council thrust this mantel of power upon her shoulders despite her wishes for the control of the Cities to remain with the clans. Under her grace and guidance, the Cities entered an era of peace and growth. The clans, at least on the outside, worked together allowing all to grow under her Praxis. This earned Gloria the nickname, “Prince of Peace.”
The ratification of Prohibition in 1919 created an opportunity too great for the Giovanni to pass up. Moving quietly and paying the right members of the Camarilla to look the other way, they quickly set up their operations and, virtually overnight, made the budding city of Richland the largest of the three cities. The Giovanni had invested and gained influence in most of the resources of the area.
In 1940, Ventrue Elder, Simon Tasidar, started growing his influence in Richland, directly targeting Giovanni Elder Don Romero DeLutchi. This led up to the dethroning of Prince Crispen in the winter of 1948. As the official story goes, she was stripped of her title and returned to the east at the behest of her clan head. It is rumored that Elder Tasidar used his political clout to have her removed, because making her a martyr would have made it more difficult for him to seize the reins of power. Now Prince, Tasidar called for the removal of all Kindred that were not Camarilla, but at the urging of the council he reluctantly changed his position on the matter. However, Prince Tasidar would tolerate no Giovanni in his domain.
The conflict escalated to a cusp in 1949 when Polieo DeLutchi, one of Don Romero’s sons, was dragged to the sun by order of Prince Tasidar. This acted caused the death of both the Scourge and Sheriff in retaliation. It was all-out at this point.
In 1952, a Nosferatu Elder and eight Ancillae were destroyed when the Giovanni burned out the sewers in an attempt to destroy the Camarilla’s spy network. This caused the remaining Nosferatu to retreat from the conflict, calling the war a personal feud between the Prince and the Don.
The war came to a climax in 1954 when the Prince and the Don killed each other in the final assault on Prince Tasidar’s stronghold. The majority of warriors on both sides were dead and the survivors hid using their influence to keep the Masquerade. It looked like the tower may fall, but at the same time the Giovanni had taken great loss.
In the end, it was Privoli DeMedici that finally brokered for peace. He arbitrated the talks and a treaty was struck. Land was set aside for the Giovanni and the fighting stopped.
The Giovanni founded the city of West Richland in early 1955 on the land afforded to them by the treaty. Later that same year, a young Tremere, Flannagan Dughcorc, took the mantle of leadership for the Camarilla of the Cities.
In 1980 a large migration of Brujah set up residence in King City, now part of Pasco of the Tri-Cities.
In 2010, the Brujah of the City openly defy orders from Prince Dughcorc, and it is evident they have turned against him. Three years later, Prince Flannagan Dughcorc sees final death, and Jean-Baptiste seizes Praxis over the Tri-Cities.

Timeline of the Tri-Cities and the Surrounding Area

19th Century

1981 - Pasco is founded

20th Century

1904 - Kennewick is founded
1905 - A Permanent Elysium is constructed
1915 - Gloria Crispen of clan Toreador is named the first Prince of the Tri-Cities
1919 - Giovanni set up operations and put Richland on the map
1940 - Ventrue Elder Simon Tasidar begins his campaign to gain influence in Richland and push the Giovanni out
1948 - Prince Crispen is stripped of her title and the reign of Prince Simon Tasidar begins
1949 - Polieo DeLutchi is dragged to the sun by orders of Prince Tasidar
1949 - The Cities' Scourge and Sheriff are put to final death in retaliation for the death of Polieo, war begins
1952 - A Nosferatu Elder and eight Ancillae are destroyed when Giovanni burn the sewers
1954 - Both Prince and Don are killed int he final assault on the Prince's stronghold
1954 - Privoli DeMedici brokers peace between both parties and a treaty is signed
1955 - The city of West Richland is formed as a Giovanni safe haven
1955 - Flannagan Dughcorc of clan Tremere becomes the Prince of the Tri-Cities
1980 - A large migration of Brujah enter the Cities

Modern Nights

2010 - Brujah openly defy the Prince and ridicule his Praxis
2013 - Prince Dughcorc is put to final death and Jean-Baptiste seizes Praxis
2014 - Clan Toreador is denied representation on the Primogen Council
2015 - Clan Toreador, now under the leadership of Lady Amelie, regains their place on the Primogen Council
2015 - A Carrack sailed up the Columbia durring the day June 6th 2015 precipitating the arrival of Mel Silva
2015 - A huge influx of Anarchs set up shop on the outskirts of the cities.
2016 - Price Jacob was brutally murdered on the way to Alexis's party. Seneschal Jeska Deltish assumes Praxis of Tri-Cities.
2016 - Summer Lockewood hosts a party in which he ends up setting fire to by the Night's end and was destroyed.

For information about the Tri-Cities, WA domain, please contact the Tri-Cities Domain Coordinator.