Twelfth Night 2016

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Elder Prince Lucien
Elder Orenna, the Black
Master Harpy Sasul
Seneschal Rand Ryan
Keeper Charlotte Belle
Sebastian Frost
Archon Angus Hudson
The Fool
Steward Spencer Stanwood
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Elder Francois Ducat
Alejandra Montez
Anjali Mehra
Leonardo Finch
Elder Arias Escuridat
Elder Lupe
Annette Glick
Elder Father Jessup
Elder Roger Dartmoor
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Elder Maxwell Jacobs
Elder Angelique DuMont
Kleio Astraia
Elder Costanza Rodriguez
Prince Catherine Pershing
Maria Aigner
Emillie DuBois
Kaitlyn Fielding
Boris Baeronisky
Elder Marco Alvarez Escobar
Elder Aimee Richilieu de Bisette
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Jack of Many Colours
Elder Albertus Magnus Albus
Elder Reading
Scarlett Thorne
Jared Wynters
Seneschal Isabella Marie
Darien Vonel
Edward Porter
Elder Serafina Durante de Leon
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First, a costume contest, to be judged by our local expert in manners and society, Master Harpy Sasul. All who wish to be eligible are invited to dress according to theme: "Come As You Aren't." In other words, select your clothing in a way that is not merely contrary to your typical mode of dress, but that runs opposite to your very personality. The most striking and fascinating clash between costume and identity will win the Master Harpy's approval and a gift.

Winner: Seneschal Rand Ryan

Next, a martial exhibition, to be judged by the saffron soldier, Elder Orenna Komnenos. Those who wish to participate should seek a partner and prepare a demonstration of battle skills, to be performed for the guests. All should note, however, that this is not a tournament. The winning pair will be chosen based on creativity as well as talent. The team presenting the most engaging and original tactics will receive a gift.

Last, we present a new incarnation on a popular game: the gilded white elephant contest, to be assessed by Elder Prince Lucien. To those not familiar with the term, a "white elephant" gift is one that is not desired by the recipient, typically due to its inherent uselessness, inappropriateness, or tackiness. For this contest, we wish to take the concept of such gifts and elevate it to satire. To enter, bring a wrapped gift that is both glorious and tacky, beautiful and inane, stupid and sublime. Imagine a masterfully crafted velvet painting of a pivotal moment in history (blacklight reactive, of course), or an organic-grown rubber and hand-carved leaded crystal toilet plunger. Make the ordinary majestic and ridiculous, and the magnificent comically plain. The giver of the most imaginative and fanciful piece will receive a gift in turn.


  • Two of the local elders are planning to join the martial exhibition--only for show, and not to compete, of course.
  • The invitation does not state that Independents are excluded, though several such individuals have angered Prince Lucien in recent nights. Wiser independents might come prepared to defuse His Highness's displeasure.
  • Add your own!


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