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This article is about a character that is dead.


“Study the past if you would divine the future.”

- Confucius

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The Twilight Star:


Real Name:
Etienne Roman Swanson

Deed Name(s):
First World Problems, Silver-Spoon, Twilight Star

Silver Fang Tribal:

  • Scion of House Wyrmfoe
    • Lodge of the Sun
      • Renewal Political Ideology

Notable Traits:

  • A silvery scar in the shape of the glyph meaning "Sacrifice" over his heart
  • A 'gift' in the form of a glyph on the back of his neck marking him as a foe of Green Dragon, the most respected and feared totem of the Black Spiral Dancers
  • Silver Fang Pure Breed 4
  • Natural Leader Merit

Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York
Date of Birth: May 16th, 1992
Apparent Age: Stevie appears to be in his late teens, a very young man indeed
Hair: Dark brown, and wavy
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: American

Physical Description:
Stevie's a Caucasian male of average height and a compact, muscular build - he doesn't appear to be a large individual, but he definitely takes care of himself. His bearing is undemanding, but compelling, a youthful noble who does not demand or expect obedience, but often receives it all the same. His boyish, easy smile is ruined a bit by the twinkle of mischief in his eyes, and the 'boy next door' routine is utterly laid low by the tight mohawk he keeps his dark brown curls shaved into.

Like many people of WASP descent, he's often found to be wearing boat shoes, khaki shorts, and a pastel polo of some variety with the collar popped. At the same time, Stevie is a study in contrasts, keeping his mohawk and occasionally appearing in t-shirts with Punk band logos, shredded pants, and jackets sewn with patches using dental floss.

The preppy WASP look is more prevalent, due to the attitudes of many of his tribemates.

Like most members of the Silver Fang tribe, Stevie's wolf form is tall, broad, and possessed of a lush coat of silvery-white fur. His muzzle and jaws are easily described as 'mighty', being wide and muscular, perhaps even a touch moreso than many other Silver Fangs not born into House Wyrmfoe - incongruous with his average human build, his lupus build is bigger than many of his peers.

The primarily distinguishing mark is patch of pure white fur in the center of his forehead, shaped like a four pointed star that draws attention to his intense-bluish white eyes.

Songs for the Silver Record

Etienne "Stevie" Swanson is a trust fund baby, his family having money from before the time they came to the United States - the Swansons were among the first to come and assist in settling the 'New World', but in spite of this, the line hasn't produced a trueborn scion since just after the American Civil War.

He's known to be calmer than a number of Ahroun, possessed of uncommon self control and has never been known to attack a packmate when he does lose control. He's intelligent, thoughtful, capable, and strong, a brilliant example of what made the Silver Fangs the Alpha tribe, historically. Curiously, he's shown more interest in proving himself than many members of his tribe have, recently, seeking and taking no advantages handed to him by virtue of his tribe's theoretical position. Many postulate that he is a progressive "Renewal" member of the tribe, but he hasn't out and out said as much and he belongs to a fairly traditional who knows?

His First Change occurred while in school in Europe, as did his education at a traditional Gleaming Eye held Sept nearby the school. Upon returning to America he moved to the Midwest, probably expressly to spite his parents, and began attempting to live up to the legacy that his family's interregnum has laid upon his shoulders. The Tor, near Lone Jack, Missouri, called him home for three years during which time he challenged Talon of Spirits, an Adren Theurge of the Silver Fang tribe, for Fostern and succeeded.

Finally, though his lineage is firmly within House Wyrmfoe, it's known that he's related to houses Gleaming Eye, Austere Howl, and Unbreakable Hearth through marriage through the years.

Gossip is the lowest form of discourse...

  • "Etienne, I don't know *why* you would want to go to school in a place like Kansas! Do they even have running water there? Aren't you worried about being scalped by the savages?" - Giselle de Bourbon-Swanson
    • "Yes, mother...they have running water and many other modern conveniences that most places in the States have had for fifty years or more. I'll even have cell signal...and please don't talk about the Natives that way. They speak better English than you do." - Stevie
      • "You insufferable boy, don't you tell me how to speak! You're the one running away from me, though you *promised* never to leave me. Say you won't go, or ... or ... or I will drown myself in the bathtub!" - Giselle de Bourbon-Swanson
        • "Would that be with your bathwater, or the Glenlivet, sweetheart?" - Nathaniel E. Swanson
  • "Stevie...not everyone has a bestfriend who can knock them through a wall." - Andy Reid
  • "Who? Who the fuck're you tal--OH!--fucking Silver-Spoon! Yeah, I fuckin' know him. He's the exception that proves the rule with the fuckin' Fangs, man. Proves that they can let their hair down--fuckin' metaphorically and all--and mosh among the people. That said a Fang is still a Fang and until he DIYs his gear instead of fucking buying it on fucking etsy, he'll still be Silver-Spoon to me and mine." - Patrick Kennedy
  • "Etienne...seriously? I will suffer your popped collar, your frat douche image, and your modern vernacular but *must* you insist upon calling yourself something so inane as 'Stevie'?" - Vic Silver
    • " sound like my mother, Vic." - Stevie
      • "That's because she's a wise woman." - Vic
        • "...." - Stevie
          • "...well, when she hasn't been drinking." - Vic
  • "See the growing light of Twilight Star, Fostern Ahroun of the Silver Fangs, who blazed like a beacon in the depths, whose pure claws cut the most powerful foes, whose example does credit to his noblest ancestors." -- Laughs Last, in the story of Secrets' Passing
  • "He may actually be the savior of his Tribe. I know I can count the amount of Silver Fangs I like on one hand, and 'Twilight-Star' is one of them." - Michael "Wars-on-All-Fronts" Anders
  • "It is an honor to know Twilight Star-yuf. He is a fine warrior. He will do well if he survives." Steel Vice Bite
  • I have had the good fortune to have met Stevie a few years back. We met when I in a dark time in my life. He showed more patience than most have and a rare and deep empathy that surprised me. His optimism and hope should be set forth as examples to not only the entire Silver Fang Tribe, but the Nation itself. It would not surprise me if Luna has great plans for him and I could easily see him as Alpha of his own pack or even Sept given time. He can be a bit… mouthy. But I like that. The best of us always are."- Sabine Silver Swift
  • "Goddamn, Stevie. There's a kid who's going far and fast. Assuming he doesn't get his ass killed. But really, that's true of all of us. I just wish I could figure out why he looks so damn familiar." - Ingrid Tests-the-Waters Swenson
  • "Fight? Fuckin'-A RIGHT! Stevie's one of my favorite People to brawl with...we're a good team...err...or a bad one." - Jenny "Gaia's Messenger" Anderson

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Rumor has it...

  • Rumor has it that Stevie is related to Vic, the Sept Alpha of Falcon's Rest near Pueblo, CO.
  • They also say that he's a first cousin of Tiberius, his Pack Alpha.
  • Naturally, a man this good looking, physically fit, and well-bred should be married by now. Why isn't he?
    • Come to mention it, neither is his cousin, Vic Silver. Something', there.
  • He has some aspirations to royalty, and this whole 'progressive' thing is his campaign platform.
  • Stevie's said to be fairly focused on some goal of his...perhaps obsessively so. It's not easy to pick out but he *does* have moments where his normally calm demeanor threatens to crack when people try to stop him from doing something.
  • There's a saying about a bull in a china shop... They never met Stevie.
  • Stevie owns a pair of assless chaps, it was a dare. Don't ask. Ever.
    • He also once shoved a spiral's head through the back of a trash compactor. He asked about the chaps.
  • Stevie spends more than most on hair conditioner and shampoo. How else do you think he gets his fur that fluffy and shiny?
  • They say that one of House Wyrmfoe's more infamous Klaives has been held in keeping for Stevie, awaiting his journey to attain the honor to wield it.
    • They also say that if he brings the "Ground Breaker" within a hundred miles of the Sept of the South Wind nearby his school, no one will ever find the body.
  • Slew the Athro Silver Spiral "Alistair Kingston, Purified in Fire", fallen champion of House Wyrmfoe.
    • They say he also put Purified in Fire's head on a pike and displayed it proudly to honor Eagle, the patron raptor of House Wyrmfoe.
      • He may or may not have fallen a couple hundred yards, glowing like a silver star, to stab the Green Dragon totem of said fallen Wyrmfoe with said pike.

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  • Live your Dreams - Athena Cage
  • Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
  • Irish Drinking Song - Flogging Molly
  • Born to Lead - Hoobastank
  • When I'm Gone - 3 Doors Down (Hopes)
  • Numb - Linkin Park (Fears)
  • Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - Good Charlotte
  • Beautiful Dirty Rich - Lady GaGa
  • Sorrow - Bad Religion
  • Changing Tide - Bad Religion


  • Greg Graffin - Bad Religion
  • Johnny Storm, "The Human Torch" - Marvel Comics
  • Captain Marvel - DC Comics
  • Sir Galahad - the Arthurian Cycle
  • Rand al'Thor - The Wheel of Time



Manhattan, KS