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Character Information

Apocalypse PC

Player: Scott Brown
Character: Ulryk Kordus, Road to Hell
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Shadow Lords
Position: Eldest Galliard, Pack Beta
Rank: Athro
Domain: AL-001-D
VST: Tim Hardwick

Name: Ulryk Kordus, Road to Hell

Auspice: Galliard

Tribe: Shadow Lords

Positions: Eldest Galliard, Pack Beta

Renown: 11 Glory, 7 Honor, 9 Wisdom

Sept: Sept of Boar's Chosen

Pack: Twilight's Revival

Notable Traits: Pure Breed 4 (Shadow Lords)

Background: Ulryk was born in the mid-1970s in southern Poland, near the town of Zakopane. He was raised by his kinfolk mother on a Shadow Lord commune until he went through his first change in his early teens. Ulryk’s father is the Athro Philodox Shadow Lord, Cibor Kordus (or “Dark Scale”) – who is still a prominent member of the Sept of the Black Pool operating in and around the Tatra Mountains.

Ulryk served as a member of that sept up through the rank of Fostern. But, for reasons that are not entirely clear, Ulryk and his father had an apparent falling-out and Ulryk was sent to America to be with relatives. Ulryk settled into a mixed sept operating near Manchester, New Hampshire. The White Mountains Sept was noted for its Silver Fang/Shadow Lords rivalries.

It is said that he had a very tough time integrating into this new sept, but eventually he joined a mixed pack of young Garou. His situation improved over the next few years and eventually Ulryk changed packs into one led by another Shadow Lord. His lot, involvement, and deeds improved over the years until 1999 when Anthelios appeared in the skies over the Umbra. The appearance of the star was said by many to harken the beginning of the Apocalypse. But within just a couple of years, the Ratkin War had started and the White Mountains Sept was not unaffected. Ulryk was involved with the Ratkin War as many of the Garou of North America were.

For several years, fighting the Ratkin became almost as important as maintaining the caern. Pushing back the Ratkin was the primary focus of the Garou, especially in the heavily populated New England areas. Ulryk told the stories of many proud Garou who met their end by the overwhelming Ratkin. It was also during these years that he joined the Shadow Lords Camp of the Children of Crow, embracing the role of the beta who works for the betterment of the group (and a strong leader – or removing a weak one to make room for a new one).

By the end of 2009, Ulryk had acquired the renown necessary to challenge for the rank of Athro. He challenged a Shadow Lord of his sept, Alexandru Stormchaser, for the rank. In an effort to expand the sept’s network of Garou contacts, Alexandru’s challenge was to sing the praises of two Athro not of his own sept and help them on their path to attaining the rank of Elder. However, the Great Rite to defeat Anthelios was started in the winter of 2010 and Ulryk was chosen by the sept’s Elders to remain behind. Finding an Athro not of the sept, especially since he could not leave the sept undefended to visit other septs at the time, was near impossible.

He, unfortunately, was forced to miss the War in the Stars, though he spent much time gathering tales about it to tell again to his sept. He finished his rank challenge by mid-2010. However, the Black Spiral Dancers kicked their activity into high-gear. Attacks against the remaining Elders and Athro had an effect on nearly every sept, and White Mountains was no exception. Alexandru and one other Elder were slain defending themselves, and the other Garou arrived too late to do anything but avenge them. The next couple of years, the Sept of the White Mountains spent in a defensive posture under the command of a new Silver Fang alpha.

Tales of Ulryk are relatively quiet between then and 2014, when – to this great shame, he fathered a metis child with another Shadow Lord – Simona Decebal. Though the sept tried to deal with it internally through scandal at first (handed down by the Shadow Lords Philodox), the hostilities grew to the point where Ulryk and then Simona were driven out of their packs. Stripped of his rank, he was named 'Sinbreeder'. It seems they realized that there would eventually be bloodshed if they stayed, so they left the White Mountain Sept and headed south.

There are tales of them passing through various other septs on their trek south but they were either made unwelcome or did not feel that those septs would make a good home. They met another traveling Garou on the road, Peter Berkowski and formed a pack, Second Dawn. Eventually the pup was born on October 1st, 2014 and they named him Viktor. By the end of October, they and their pup were welcomed (more or less) into the Sept of Boar’s Chosen in eastern Alabama.

Their pack, Second Dawn – dedicated to Crow – established pack territory in Lee County, Alabama just south of the city of Opelika. Peter Berkowski, Grins And Bears It, is now the pack alpha to this all-Shadow Lords pack. The pack was renamed to Twilight Revival and rededicated to Grandfather Thunder late summer of 2015. Ulryk now serves as the Eldest Galliard and previously served as the Master of the Challenge to the Sept of Boar's Chosen.


"Honorable, noble and dedicated to his pack. Ulryk is good man." ~ Aurelia Liska
"Ulryk has helped pull my fat from the fire in realms far removed from this one. That's not a debt you forget, so aside from ties of blood - which you also don't forget - if he needs my aid he has only to ask," ~ Nicolae Dacla


OOC Information

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Player: Scott Brown

MES Number: US2002021082

Location: Auburn, AL (AL-001-D)