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A tall well built Cainite of Persian decent. His skin is the color of Obsidian and looks like it it made out of stone. He is always dressed for battle and has a rifle sheath slung across his back.
Umyrk woke up on the battlefield of Brazil with no memory of who he was. Everything was taken by the Eater of Names. He made his way back to Austin, TX where he proved himself as true Sabbat and was inducted into the Sword. Challenged and won the right to be a Templar for Archbishop Hawk and earned his place into the pack The Host.


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  • "Fucking Traitorous Bitch." - Umyrk
  • "He is silence and fury. The beating of his wings shall drive fear into the unworthy. He is Dumah." - Amitiel
  • "Do not mistake his powers of the mind for being a weak hunter. Few could survive being hunted by him." - Alexander Hawk
  • "Brilliance of mind embody this man. He defends the pack with not only muscle but intelligence. These skills are what make a Sabbat true. Such ferocity when confronting a non believer. This is who you want by your side when defending the pack against all who would oppose us." - Deuces Wilde
  • "The Templar offered assistance in an investigation. While not necessary, the proclivity to extend his skills is documented." - Corina Obertus
  • "You see that gun on his back. I made it. So I don't give a fuck if you don't know who he is, he is my brother. He is pack and I will personally fuck you up over Umryk." - Jude
  • "I recognize him from Brazil. It's comforting to see a familiar face in light of the fact that nothing in this world is familiar." - Raziel
  • "He is my brother in a way that I can't properly explain..All I know is if you touch him, pray he kills you quick before the rest of us get a chance to make it slow." - Storm
  • "He sees something in me that I don't believe is there yet. I want to prove him right, though, for so many reasons. I don't think I can thank him for showing his faith in me." - Mishka
  • "I finally watched him fight...there wasn't much to actually see but the results were about as effective as my efforts physically...and for some reason it seems familiar as if I need to watch out for him." - Earl
  • "I do not accept his assertions. Perhaps the Disgraced and Earl were squabbling, but defending the Code is defending the Sword. To ignore this is to ignore what separates us from the Filth." - Ekko
  • "Some may question your right to destroy hundreds, thousands. Yet those who understand realize that you have no right to let them live. Umyrk knows well his duties and executes with honor." - Charles Edward Lennox III
  • "Man seems very stern, very pointed. I like this, in Russia he be good Czar" - Nikita
  • "Austin's Bishop of War... I don't think he trusts me or likes me. That's his right, I just wish I knew what I did to earn this scrutiny." - Ambriel
  • "He taught me the most important lesson of all; our deadliest foe is our most capable ally - the beast within us. Use the Beast. Feed the Beast. But never loosen your grip upon its neck. He was not born Umyrk Ivchenko, but he died Umyrk Ivchenko. He was my brother." - Yegor Ivchenko



Clan: Pander
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: Austin, Tx
Player: Nick K
VST: Austin Sabbat VST

Player: Nick K
MES Number: US2013040125
Location: Austin, TX
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