Unbroken Belt

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Apocalypse PC

Player: Amy Williams
Character: Kelly Collins
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Fianna
Rank: Cub
Domain: AZ-010-D

"I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing

With a broken heart that's still beating

In the pain, there is healing

In your name I find meaning"

Real Name: Kelly Collins

Deed Name(s): Unbroken Hart, formerly Unbroken Belt

Age: 30

Breed: Metis

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Fianna

Rank: Cub after Rite of Satire



Pack: Seekers of the Path

Notable Traits: Albino, covered in several scratch-like scars including a large one over her right eye (cosmetic battle scars - from an attack on the Ratkin in 2003)


As described to her fellow Ragabash at a Sept meeting in 2010, Unbroken Belt was raised as a scarlet letter to her parents. The pair, both Fianna, were punished for their indiscretion by being ordered to raise their metis child in the Caern in their home of Boston, Massachusetts. While the metis was frowned upon, a vision of the White Hart aspect of Stag was seen prior to the albino's birth, leading some to wonder if perhaps it was a sign as to things to come. Either way, growing up knowing she was the greatest shame of her parents was difficult for Kelly, and she longed to get away.

Just after her 18th birthday, Kelly was in the Umbra on the bawn helping to patrol the grounds with another Sept member when she became separated. No longer recognizing where she was, she spotted a white hart. She followed him, eventually led back to familiar territory where she finally managed to catch up to him. They conversed only briefly,and Kelly was exceedingly apologetic for her existence. Hart told her that there were some intended not to lead armies or breed new generations, but to guide others to where they were meant to be. The path could be rough, perilous and thorny, and at the end of such a hunt the white hart being followed could end up slaughtered, but it was the journey that was important.

Returning to the Caern, Kelly related what had happened to her family and informed them that she'd found a cause to dedicate herself to. She swore to remain pure, both in body and cause ((geas 3 - remain a virgin)) so that she could focus on helping lead others to where they needed to be for the good of the Garou.

Soon after she joined the Whispering Rovers, traveling the US, and eventually heading to Phoenix to report to them of similar issues with the Ratkin in Boston.

  • 2003: arrived in Phoenix to see what was happening with the spread of disease there reportedly similar to what was happening in Boston. Ended up stealing a bus to save some Bone Gnawer kinfolk and joining in on a fight against the ratkin which took place in the umbra. Few survived, and Belt dragged two cubs free of the fray, ending up covered in scratch scars.

  • 2004 - 2010: feeling she was brought to the sept of Roadrunner's Promise in order to help lead them to the best path for their Caern, Belt chooses to stick around after one of their own, a theurge Glass Walker called Cipher, turns on them and dances the black spiral. She vows to see the threat dealt with before leaving. During this time she does not have any of her deeds sung of, remaining Cliath so as not to lose sight of her place and duty.

  • 2013: Cipher finally makes himself known, killing kinfolk and even contaminating the Caern heart. Belt becomes focused on doing whatever is needed to finish this threat once and for all. She begins gaining renown and tries to push to move forward to take down Cipher in his tower. When Speaks The Legion, the current Sept alpha, tells her there are more important threats to focus on and to stop it after making judgment calls that Belt felt strongly against, the good little metis finally broke the rules.

  • September - October: Without permission and breaking current limits on leaving the bawn, Belt begins scouting out Cipher's tower from locations around it, staying blurred or using Phoebe's Veil to keep a low profile. She only seemed to slip the first visit when she set off an alarm, but she wasn't found. After that, she always kept posted from other locations, noting the comings and goings and what regular people she saw.

Still trying to be the good member of the sept as well, Belt had formed what she believed to be a friendship with a Silver Fang Ragabash cub. She expressed frustration with her overbearing father and a desire to learn to blur in hopes of escaping his watch and enjoying a more typical rebellious teenager life. Understanding the urge to want to escape from parents and hoping to grow closer to Linda Carter, she told her what she was doing and offered to bring her along to teach her how to get her sneak on. She refused, but Belt felt certain she understood the importance of the investigation and the need to keep quiet about her activities.

  • October: Belt was too trusting. Linda had grown in her training as a cub and had different feelings on the topic now, so did what she felt was right and reported Belt's transgression to the Alpha. Following this, Stag came to Belt while she was out scouting and warned her. He expressed his anger about what he felt was a betrayal and assured her that he'd made a deal with the Alpha for her not to be killed (as he seemed to have been intending to do originally). The following day, Linda called Belt out in front of the Sept. Her punishment was the Rite of Satire, being reduced to the rank of cub when she was just one renown away from her first rank challenge in ten years. The things said to her, angry and scathing from the entirety of the sept broke her down.

Stag had spoken to her of seeking retribution for the betrayal, but it seemed the world was working in that direction on its own. Now a cub, she joined the other cubs including Linda in one portion of a raid on a BSD and Vampire laboratory/underground fighting ring they'd been watching. Several of the javalina test subjects mauled Linda to death while Belt was blurred, dropping off bombs in her part of the raid. By the time she got back to the cub, she was dead. Unblurring, Belt picked up Linda's body and managed to make it out again so it could be returned to her father.

  • Coming to an end: her former packmate Jameson's Lament, informed his sister Misery's Fury of what had happened. The timing couldn't have been worse, as a willing Fianna metis like Belt was... a rather important part of something the Fianna were preparing to do at the end of the month. As a cub, she was no longer recognized as a member of the tribe and therefore wouldn't count. Misery's Fury informed Jameson to send Belt, now simply Kelly, to her in Boston. Against the will of their current Sept, Jameson opened a moon bridge to send the cub off, remaining behind to try to keep anyone from following.

Jameson paid for this role with his life. RIP.

Update - October, 2013

She considers herself blessed. For a Fianna metis to accomplish so much and to earn such respect amongst her Tribe as well as in the eyes of Stag himself, well, it's more than she could ever hope for. Her role has been played for the betterment of the Tribe, a Tribe she was informed she has always and will always be part of. Before she went, she was renamed: Unbroken Hart. Even if she never sees this world again, she is happy that she could do this duty for her friends, family, packmates and fellow Rovers.

Goodbye. And thank you.

Never Doing the Deed

Geas - must remain a virgin/never have sex

She swore it before her former sept in Boston and she swore it to the White Hart aspect of Stag himself. This is not some promise ring or some empty words to seem more righteous. There are Bad Things waiting should Belt break this one. How bad? She's not sure, but she doesn't want to find out.

But then, what counts as sex? The traditional way? The Big Three? Where is that line drawn? It's something some have debated in terms of the litany as well, another reason that Belt is so adamant on a strict interpretation of "Garou shall not mate with Garou." She isn't certain herself, so has decided to stay away from everything even remotely close to it. She's a bit naive in that area as a result, but these days the thought of sex terrifies her anyways so she doesn't mind so much.

Having a Black Spiral Dancer ritual be her first viewing of such acts might have given her the wrong impression of things on top of her ignorance, but then after seeing what was done to those kinfolk she has absolutely no intention of asking questions of those that do have mates. Maybe... they just like that sort of thing, and she's weird for being horrified by it? But then all the better to keep her oath.



  • Sense in Chaos Fianna Theurge, also known as Cockblocks For Gaia among the Roadrunner sept. Unbroken Belt saved her as a cub during the major attack on the Ratkin that the sept launched in 2003, dragging her and another cub from the fray.

  • Folding Chair Former Sept Alpha, Bonegnawer Ahroun, licker of her face and one of her biggest supporters in the Sept. She appreciates his sanity and straight-forward approach to things.

  • Mustang Sally Another Ragabash and a good friend with an awesome sense of humor

  • Jameson's Lament Pack member and that close friend of yours that you just kind of hate sometimes, but not enough to override the awesome.

  • Misery's Fury Jameson's sister, way better at the woojie stuff than Belt and another that puts up with Belt's metis butt. They're the same age, but she's almost like a mother to the far more innocent Belt. Recently she's been a literal life-saver in the wake of the events at the sept of Roadrunner's Promise. Together they will mourn the loss of their family and prepare for... well, that's a secret.

  • Stalks the Lost Ragabash gotta stick together! It was Lost that suggested they vote the former Eldest Ragabash "off the island" when it came to light that he was not reporting scandal or discussing failings of his own pack. Lost was also the one that suggested Belt step up to the position. With her insistence, Belt is now the new Eldest Ragabash and may even seek to rise in the ranks for the first time in ten years with the Sept.

  • Linda Carter she had been a new Ragabash cub that Belt had grown close to. They had almost nothing in common except their auspice, and yet she was one of those rare individuals that Belt considered a friend and not just an acquaintance. She wanted to help her and teach her what she could, but in the end she was too trusting and misjudged the girl's priorities. Having her friend bring the full force of the sept alpha down on her head hurt, but she still risked slipping out of blur in their last battle together to retrieve her fallen body and bring it back home.

Very funny.

  • "You're all talking about weddings and finding mates and playing matchmaker... and I'm just sitting here, being a metis." - Unbroken Belt
  • "Cockblocks and Chastity Belt. CB and CB. Must be why they're always talking to each other." - FOLDING CHAIR
  • "I didn't really meet very many Metis back home. Parents were a bit harsher back where I'm from. I know my Tribe is on the progressive side - but even then, Metis are far and few between. However, here is the trick - Belt knows what she is and its her armor. It is the one thing that cannot be taken away from her. She has accepted things and because of this - she is just as much if not more a Citizen of this Nation because of that." - Defrags the Spiral
  • "I think she maybe wants to be punished. Like if she isn't in pain she's a bad metis or something." -Linda Carter
  • "Go on little rainbow cub.. I will be right behind ye.. Make this count." - Jameson's Lament
  • "Redemption is available to all who seek it...the Fianna are full of such stories. I like this one and I hope I will be able to like her again...though respect will be much harder to earn." - Returns the Faith
  • "I'm left now here between to ends of my life. One for the sake of the Fianna, and one for the justice of Roadrunner's Promise. I'm not afraid to die, I just want my death to do the most possible good. No matter what happens, Stag saw me. He took time to speak to me. For him, and for the Fianna, I will gladly sacrifice myself. It is what I was born to do." - The cub formerly known as Unbroken Belt


  • Belt came out to Phoenix because she's albino. That sun is just part of her self-punishment.
  • Seven years with the sept and she's STILL only a cliath? Sometimes you have to wonder if she's trying NOT to raise her rank.
  • She thinks she's better than other metis just because of that vow of chastity she took.
  • After Jameson tried to convince the cubs that anal wasn't against the litany, Belt started thinking about just how true that might be...
  • If she was ever to have sex, she would die instantly.
  • She's far too obedient to be a proper Ragabash, bowing and scraping even to other Cliath.
  • That mule seems way too obsessed in taking down Cipher. Is there something there we're not seeing?
  • She was trying to corrupt that Silver Fang cub Linda.
  • It's no coincidence Linda died just hours after accusing Belt and bringing the Rite of Satire down on her. Those two were fighting in the same part of the building. Some accidents aren't accidents.
  • Stag? Stuck his neck out for that mule? That's gotta be a lie.
  • Stag approved of her actions and still the sept punished her for it. Without Stag saying anything, they probably would have killed her.
  • The Fianna are playing the shell game with the metis cub now.
  • She said she had some duty to perform for the Fianna... what would they want with a metis?

Songs for the Road

  • Again - Yui: "Sins don't end with tears, you have to carry the pain forever."

OOC Information

Player: Amy Williams

Location: Phoenix, AZ Character Model: Nastya Zhidkova