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“Beware of those who speak fairly but think falsely."
- The Saga of Bjarn of the Hitdoela Champions

Uror-VikingSmall.png Uror-Known.png

Name: Uror
Aliases: Unknown
Camarilla Position: Archon to Justicar Cole
Clan Position: None desired
Clan Faction: None (formerly Virkaar, left in disgust due to spies among them)
Status Traits:

Acknowledged (Accepted by the Camarilla)
Established as an Elder (Abiding)
Privileged as an Elder (Abiding)
Confirmed as an Elder (Abiding)
Favored by Socrates Whisper
Favored by Lochlann Macallan
Honorable by Angelique Graves
Loyal by Prince Graves

“The nights of blood are the nights of most impatience."
- Viga Glum's Saga



  • In his most recent return to Atlanta Uror seems to have caught up with American west late 1800's/early 1900's style dress. Often wearing a crush-able western style hat and a drover overcoat Uror prefers rugged wearable clothing that weathers most anything. Uror still sports a braided forkbeard but has cut his hair most often in a shorter look to go with current sensibilities and to avoid gathering too much attention.

“Boldly do men talk from a distance"
- Heitharvega Saga


Quotes from Others

  • "You think I am the monster? You see dimly what your ancestors saw clearly." - Wieland Þórarinn
  • "We walked once across the continent, through a landscape of blooming desert and unraveling tales. I have not forgotten those nights, but I may only hope they live in his memory, as well... We all hope, I suppose, that we will not be forgotten." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "He keeps his word, and I want to trust in more than just that, but his brood mate reminds me of the monsterous nature of kindred kind the moment I start to forget." - Sydney Faust
  • "He seems pretty nice. Makes me terribly unnerved in the same way you might think a calm grizzly bear might be nice, too, because you're pretty sure if you're not really attentive, you're going to be really dead... or something equally unpleasant. But nice, and I'm looking forward to begging a story or three from his travels." - Rosalind Hawthorne
  • "Older then clans and time is the blood that binds. The loss of my brother is what led me to the sword. Finding him on the other side was worth every death. The Gods will have no mercy to those who stand between us." - Roane
  • "It's been a pleasant surprise to work with the Elder. I'm fond of his manner and amazed at his speed and skill. I simply hope he forgives me the enthusiasms of my youth and nature. To not be forgiven by such as he would certainly keep me from getting any older." - Jillian Renard
  • "How did 'e manage to be uglier than me?" Scratch
  • "A Kindred of few words unmatched in sobriety, pragmatism, common sense and low tolerance of fools. He is everything I've never wanted to be. Probably why we get along so well. Goodman Goring
  • "I have only encountered the man once and in that time, I suspect I have seen all that I need to know: There is loyalty there the likes I have seen only rarely. There is strength of both body and mind. There is passion to drive all of these things. I believe I will like this Viking. Citadel
  • "In a time and culture where liars and braggarts are as common as a cheap whore, it is refreshing to know that not all have forgotten the purpose or practice of honor." [[Victor Graves]]
  • "Your quote here" Your Character here

Stories and Rumors

  • Uror was created for a very specific purpose. That purpose has not yet revealed itself.
  • Member of a Gangrel bloodline that has all but died out.
  • Members of this lineage have an upbringing that could be called unusual for the Gangrel.
  • Uror is cursed to die the true death should he ever knowingly tell a friend a falsehood.
  • "Rumor here."

“The longer the vengeance is drawn out, the more satisfying it will be."
- Ljósvetninga Saga



Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
Class: Elder
Domain: Atlanta, GA
Player: Brad G.
VST: Franny M.

Name: Brad G.
Member Number: US20002021658
Domain: Atlanta, GA

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