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Member Information
Player: Brian Baker
Member Number: Incomplete
MC: 10
Nation: US
Region: North West
Domain: WA-073-D
Chapter Bitter Jade
Coordinator: Orion
Storyteller: Kevin Millard
GTalk: thebrimo


Name: Brian Baker


Quote: Can't sleep, plaid will eat me.

General Info: Games in what free time is left after sleeping and eating. Takes Mookie's idea and no longer counts age in years. Just dinged 30, and moved to Seattle. Married, no children. Still easily distracted by shinies.

Cam Work:

Current Positions

  • CC "The Bitter Jade" WA-047-C

Previous Positions

  • DST Seattle "The Outlands" 2013-2014
  • ARST Genre Support (NWoD) 2013
  • VST Vampire, 2002-2003
  • ACST Character Creation, 2002-2004
    This picture makes me look buff!  I has new fav camera!
  • VST Changeling, 2003
  • ICC 2009 AVST Forsaken
  • VST Requiem, 2009-2010
  • ADC Web and Wiki Presence, 2009-2010
  • ADST Game and Plot Development, 2009-2011
  • ICC 2010 Forsaken ST Second
  • SE ARST Lost 2010
  • SE ARC Wiki 2010
  • US ANST Lost 2010-2011
  • VST Lost 2010-2011
  • Global Lost Project Lead, Custom Pledge Guide 2010-2011
  • Photo Team, XX Convention Seattle (Google+ Album)
  • AVST Vampire: the Requiem 2012
  • iVST Mage: the Awakening 2012
  • Global PL for Awakening: Development Rules 2012
  • AAMST Lost Settings 2011-2013
  • NWRE Awakening Storyteller Lead, 2013

Wiki Resume

Contributions listing: Recent Cam Wiki Work
Example Wiki Pages Created: Southeast Forsaken; SE-Requiem Venue Template; Template:Baker Test Requiem;Goblin's Bounty
Currently Developing: Template:SEPlayerInfo/Template:AltSEPlayerInfo; Template:GideonPCSummary_Requiem; SE Wiki Beginners Guide

Current Chronicle

All IC and OOC e-mails go through unless listed otherwise.


  • FILO, Iron Master Rahu member of the Lodge of Arms.


  • Higgins, Wizened Chantelaine and member of the College of Worms.


  • Art Blanchefort, Proximi of the Blanchefort Dynasty, Weapons Trainer of the Silver Ladder

Previous/Retired Characters

  • Lee MacRooney, Mortal (Fae Touched), police officer and Regional Council member. Head chopped off by corrupted Changeling.
  • Talc, Tzimisce Koldun and Pack Priest, Self-Proclaimed Scientist-Sorcerer.

Previous Chronicle:






Retired Characters

Retired before End of Chronicle.