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Member Information
Player: Cris Hundley
Member Number: US2002022255
MC: 14
Nation: United States
Region: South Central
Domain: VIR-SC-D
Chapter South Central Regional Virtual Chapter
Coordinator: Jeannie Starcher
Storyteller: James Foster
IRC: cris
OOC Livejournal: none

Name: Cris Hundley

Born: October 4th

Currently Reside in: Jonesboro, Arkansas

First Joined the Camarilla: March 1997

Favorite things about the Cam:

  • The people I've befriended.
  • The people I've grown to love as my family.
  • The assistance in discovering that I have the strength not to sell out my ethics for popularity.
  • The roleplay!

Body of Work:

  • Global IRC Admin, US AANC IRC, US AANC IRC Admin/Legacy, Venue SuperOp, Assistant Op
  • DST - Four Winds
  • VST - Four Winds Awakening and Mage (OWoD Chronicle)
  • AAMST Settings - Vampire
  • GSA - Ventrue Antitribu
  • AGSA - Ventrue
  • RC - South Central Region
  • AARST Admin - South Central Region
  • DC - Shadowed Towers
  • CC - Sept of the Silver Moon
  • ADC Prestige - Four Winds
  • ADST Wiki - Four Winds
  • AVST Requiem - Four Winds
  • DC - Four Winds
  • ADST Admin - Four Winds
  • MES Communities Manager
  • iCC - South Central Regional Virtual Chapter
  • Assistant Virtual Mid ST - MES Virtual
  • Virtual Mom

Current Characters:

Apocalypse -- Reveka Sings from the Soul, Adren Homid Shadow Lord Galliard

Apocalypse -- Caitlin, Fianna Kinfolk

Awakening -- Lucia_Vazquez, Mastigos Silver Ladder, Deacon of San Juan and Magister of the Vox Draconis

Requiem -- Celestina Mercado, Daeva Invictus

Lost -- Genoveva, Fairest Air Dragon West Court Pilgrims of the Endless Road

Forsaken -- Aine Conway, Wolf-Blooded

Accord -- Sydney, Changing Breed Rajanya, Miami

Accord -- Marielle Belanger, Vodoun Thamaturge, Puerto Rico

Masquerade - Cam/Anarch -- Persephone Gangrel